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Avatar m tn Help ! I had surgery 6 days ago for removal of a mass from my knee. Was given general anesthesia. Since then I have had hiccups non-stop along with excessive (and I mean excessive) belching. Can't sleep for more than an hour or so at a time. I do sleep better sitting in a recliner as the hiccups/belching seem to worsen (if that's possible) when I lie down.
Avatar n tn Keep an eye on the hiccups. Something I didn't know was hiccups combined with sneezing is actually a sign of reflux in infants : ) I had mentioned it to my son's pediatrician (his constant hiccups and frequent sneezing) and sure enough, he was suffering from GERD.
Avatar n tn My 64 year old father has been plagued with a gastro-intestinal condition for 1 1/2 years now with little relief. The attacks, which occur every 6 or 7 days and last for 1-2 days, begin with severe, painful spasms (worse when laying down) under the upper, right chest-area and hiccoughing. This is followed later in the attack by deep belching and gas, nausea and sometimes vomiting. After several hours, he sometimes has difficulty swallowing and a tightness in the throat.
Avatar m tn ppis and pepcid/zantac do not work and maybe even make it worse. Don't know what to do for relief and doctors have no clue. they say if endoscopy is negative then nothing else for them to do.
Avatar n tn I don't believe the medications are attributing to his gas/burping and hiccups. The Zantac should be helping him with the gas/burping. I am also interested in knowing the results of the upper GI scan and colonoscopy.
8537342 tn?1403345583 45am trying not to wake my hubby idk what to do, any ideas?
3062924 tn?1350417709 Yeah, my ob has me taking zantac for my heartburn and reflux. I started it in the second trimester and its been a daily medicine for me since.
Avatar f tn My two year old had reflux really bad was less than 5th percentile until she hit about 15 months...luckily Zantac worked wonders for her at 10 days old and she was on it till about 15 months...we just had to get her weighed regularly to adjust the doses. Abby is a month old...has the same reflux issues except the Zantac hasnt worked and now the Previcid isnt working. We have to take her monday to see a pediatric GI dr. WTF?!?! I was hoping my first was a fluke thing...
Avatar f tn This happened to me and doctors kept saying it was hiccups (obviously not hiccups). They'd last for an hour and a half though. She'd shake and then it looked like rocking back and forth. And just kept doing it for long periods of time. Once I started a B complex vitamin and stopped taking zantac twice a day (gallstones), my little girl stopped doing it. They think she was having seizures due to lack of B6 as I have issues absorbing B vitamins. But we'll never know for sure!
Avatar f tn I couldn't take a nap today because of this symptom. Lots of lots of lots of burping n frequent hiccups. I can't tell if this cough is related to heartburn or actual cold (my family member has a bad cold...) I've been very careful not to catch with frequent hand washing, hydration, eating balanced meals n so on. I don't have problem with appetite although I usually regret with the portion even when I had very small frequent meals... Help!
Avatar n tn He should be on one for the next couple of weeks. May I ask , what did they give him to help with the hiccups?
Avatar f tn I can actually feel myself burning which I know can’t be good. I went to the hospital and they gave me Zantac for one week to ease it becuz I was having trouble eating but its actually come back worse. I have decided I’m going to go the hospital again and try get more help becuz I cant stay like this for another 19 weeks.
1988837 tn?1328797613 My baby has been throwing up also and it comes out her nose. But she will throw up from getting the hiccups. I feel so bad for her. But I talked to the dr and he said that if she continues it could be a heartburn thing or acid reflux and that if it continues that she would need to be put on the baby zantac...
Avatar n tn You can get medicine for him. When my son was a lot younger and spit up a lot the doctor gave me tablets that I ground up and mixed with a drop of water to make a paste and put it in his mouth before a feed and it helped.
Avatar m tn it only happens once in a while, and it can be disconcerting, because you have no idea why you are feeling like this - are you taking pills for the GERD? I went on Zantac 150 for 8 weeks twice a day....I have been off the pills for about 2 weeks...last night had stomach gnawing so took one.....about 2 hours later was sitting on the couch and had that feeling again...then today at work had that feeling too (only for a couple of minutes).....I am beginning to wonder if the pill are the cause....
Avatar n tn I can just see his dinner or late snack laying there in his stomach, not sure what to do or which way to go, up or down, and it usually comes back up and wakes him out of a sleep just to throw up! For 2 days now it's been hiccups bothering him. So we can relate to your story too, believe me.
Avatar n tn I couldn't get rid of the hiccups for 3 days, so I went to the Dr, and he said that it was simply because I ate too much fatty or spicy foods right before going to bed. He asked me to take one tablet of Zantac 150 before bed along with 4 teaspons of milanta. Two days into the treatment my problem got better and then finally my hiccups went away. Hiccups as he explained to me, are caused by irratability of the diaphragm, which makes it spasm. This treatment calmed the irritability.
Avatar n tn He then prescribed me prevacid in which I took for a month but stopped taking because it made me feel weird and uncomfortable. I'd constantly go to the bathroom and it was just something I did not like. After I went off the pill I'd constantly have shortness of breath, indigestion, heartburn, hard time swallowing, hiccups constantly, constant burping, and even sometimes when I'd burp a bit of throw up would come out and burn my throat.
384896 tn?1335297931 I had the worst heartburn with my pregnancy, it is funny because water seemed to give it to me just as bad as something spicy. I even got crazy hiccups from it all the time. The type of hiccups when you are so full, they come out of the blue...really loud and scare everyone around you. I just started eating really bland food and always had my tums with me. It never really worked! Maybe talk to your Doc about it, they can probably prescribe something that is safe.
906115 tn?1344204109 With the first one it was the doc-she had an upper GI also 2nd and 3rd I brought up reflux and doc prescribed zantac 4th I brought up zantac How long did it take for the meds to work? almost immediately for the last 3...a couple days for the first, hers was the worst though. If you did nto do meds and did cereal did it make things better and how? I've done meds and cereal. With all of them except the last one with reflux.
Avatar f tn My doctor refused a referal to a Pediatric GI specialist, and refused to switch from Zantac to a PPI. My doctor pretty much said the reasons behind my childs behavior is due to over feeding....I was not happy to say the least. So in an outrage I packed a diaper bag, made some bottles and flew my hiney to the closest ER with Conner.
Avatar f tn This isn't something that is well researched as it is typically brushed off as hiccups because it's the "unknown", and what research has been done had negative outcomes. However, I've heard of women being brushed off and then have their babies have a couple seizures (they grow out of it) and then their doctor takes them seriously and asks about fetal movement.
Avatar m tn My father (age 76 and otherwise in excellent health) has had puzzling sypmtoms for nearly 2 months (May 29th till present- 7-10-10). Symptoms have included a swolen uvula, headache, a tingly and thick tongue, fatigue, neck pain, pain chewing, uncontrollable hiccups, sore throat. He has seen his primary care doc, his dentist and an ENT. They believe it is a combination of acid reflux and clenching his teeth. He has tried claritin, motrin, benadryl, zantac, afrin.
Avatar m tn The oxygen level goes down to 87 - 88 and stays there for sometime (around 1 minute or more) when she is in deep sleep. Sometimes she reacts by taking deep breath or moving and brings back the O2 Level back above 90. She is being given 0.1 Oxygen via a tube, and with that small amount of Oxygen she is having her O2 level above 90 even in deep sleep. She has no problems other than the number displayed on the monitor for low O2 level.
171768 tn?1324233699 I nurse him and he has the same problem w/ reflux or heartburn, the doc gave me a prescription for Zantac......Im on the fence.....has anyone tied this? The ped. told me that some kids just have an immature digestive system. heres some info I found that may help "Because reflux is usually a mechanical problem, and because babies can't adjust their position as well as you and I can, positioning is an important part of reflux treatment. Sitting usually is the worst position for reflux.
555858 tn?1331991981 My son is now 2 years old. He started this same thing when he was 3 months old. The 1st time he did this week took him immediately to the emergency room. Of course, nothing was found. Over the next several months we had many test ran. EEG, upper GI, Monitered over night in the hospital while have these "episodes", E-rays,,I even recorded my son doing this,,,everything was normal.....the final diagnosis was silent reflux.
795082 tn?1361905518 is it possible for a 3 week baby to have colic/ again she has been up most the niggt crying.
Avatar n tn And it also scares him cause if he not cru=yin he starts cryin then. Sometimes he be gaspin for air when that happens. Is there a way to get that to stop. His doctor dont know why that happens. I guess thats what you get when you have military doctors.
Avatar f tn Brayden burps but then soon thereafter spits up and then lots comes out and then every time he hiccups or burps later after that, more comes out equalling about an ounce.
Avatar n tn I feel bloated, gassy alll the time!!!! I feel as i get sooo bloated that it is very hard for me to catch a full breathe..... i feel as something is hanging out in my chest and blocking my windpipe at time, i can hardly eat anything without making it extremly hard to catch a deep breathe....