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Avatar f tn Actually, both Nexium and Prilosec block an enzyme that makes Plavix work. Pepcid and Zantac were suggested acid controlling drugs instead.
1270628 tn?1335549593 Are acid reducing medications such as Zantac and/or Pepsid routinely given to patients on a Plaviz and aspirin regimine even if they don't complain of heartburn? If so, WHY?
Avatar n tn In the am I take aspirin, lisinipril, calcium, metropolol, zantac,methimizole, and plavix could any of these be causing it? In the PM I take calcium, metropolol, zantac, and lipitor(40) could this be doing it?
Avatar n tn t take plavix in the morning and in the evening take lopressor 50mg and lipitor 80mg. I had been at least 4 hours since i took these two medication lopressor and lipitor. Is it ok to take zantac 150mg for heart burn .
Avatar f tn I am a 52 year old woman, I have Diabetes 1, and Gerd. For 3 months now I have been dealing with extreme high blood pressure. Avg. 220/123, accompanied by chest pain in my upper left size of my chest. This pain does not move. I have been put in the hospital 3 times within these 3 months. I get stress tests, ultrasounds, X-rays and blood work.
Avatar n tn The untrustworthy Cardiologist requires ALL of his patients to take Plavix and Aspirin, both of which my Primary MD has forbidden me to take with my history of bleeding. I am taking Diovan for marginally high BP (under the new standards only), and Flomax for old-man problems. Sometimes I take Naprosin and Zantac for my bad knee. The Cardio-guy loves to spout statistics that don't even make sense: like "3 million Americans had angio-caths last year" - pure B.S.
Avatar m tn I woke up last night about 2 am with high HR (low 100's and into teens a little) and BP 158/100. I took 1/2 atenolol and this brought HR and BP down (123/80). So I went 1/2 atenolol higher than usual. I called my cardiologist and they told me just to go back to usual administration of atenolol. My question is, can I still expect to feel withdrawal from lopressor, as I just took for this one event, tonight and perhaps later on.
Avatar n tn Warfarin (Coumadin), Clopidogrel (Plavix) and Aspirin. It may also interfere with the action of drugs that reduce stomach acid. Some of these drugs are : Cimetidine (Tagamet), Famotidine (Pepcid), Ranitidine (Zantac), Esomeprazole (Nexium), Omeprazole Lansoprazole (Prevacid), Drugs that lower blood sugar (for diabetes) can also be effected by the addition of Turmeric.
Avatar n tn am meds are isosorbide 30mg plavix 75 mg zantac 150mg coreg 12.5 mg lotensin hctz 20-25 mg pm meds zantac 150 mg coreg 12.5 mg norvasc 10 mg Can you give me a clue its driving me crazy should we not even take his bp first thing in the am??
277836 tn?1359669774 I have had an Ultra sound of Heart almost a year ago and also neck arteries been in drs office every 3 months. I am on 5 mg of lisinopirl and I take 300mg of zantac I take a b12 shot every 3 weeks and I am taking a shot fot testosterone 100mg a week along with .05 mg of Klonipin that's all I take. Should I be worried about a tia or stroke after yesterday??
Avatar m tn Cardiac dr doesn't want to be involved though he needs to be with the heart meds I'm on. He did take me off coumadin last week. But still on Plavix, aspirin and Toprol XL. Plavix apparently is rough on the stomach. Can't see a GI or ENT here until end of April at the earliest. Live in a college town. Too many people and not enough drs. Closest big hospital is 100 miles. Insurance may or may not cover depending on a number of requirements. Feeling helpless.
Avatar m tn took the priolosec away because it will not interact with my heart meds Plavix. My irrigular heart beats are still there and are worse when I eat the foods that cause reflux. I am starting to run out of food groups that don't affect me even drinking water will make me burp. Anyone have any ideas what might work?
Avatar f tn I am on blood pressure meds and Plavix every day. I have severe nausea and extreme fatique. I still have leg pain at night and I am in the bath tub about 6 times a day!! Does this just keep going ? Are my other meds interfering with the B6 and L-trosine. And where is Thomas when you need him anyway! The nausea is so intent I could not even think about taking another pain pill nor can I eat....
Avatar n tn Remeron, Clonazepam, Levoxyl, Westhroid, T-3 S/R, Estradiol, Gabitril, Mestinon, Valtrex, Plavix, Zanaflex, DHEA, Oxycontin, Amoxicillin, Progesterone, Provigil. I have Lyme Disease (Babesiosis) and also have been diagnosed with: HSV-1, HSV-2, CMV, HHV-6, HHV-7, HHV-8, Rubella, Toxoplasmosis, Campylobactor Jejuni, Candida Albicans, Bartonella Henselae, Bartonella Quintana. I also have Antiphospholipid Syndrome. I was treated for HCV in 1998 and have been in remission for 3 years.
Avatar f tn She is on several meds for high blood pressure, beta blocker, lasix and plavix and Zantac for gerd. She has a pace maker and is on oxygen. She has shortness of breath and fatigue. She is burping a lot, but says she doesn't have chest pain. What do you think is causing her to burp? Could it be gas, or is it caused by her congestive heart failure?
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar f tn Well after that procedure and lots of medicines later I had to go back to the hospital because the Plavix was making me feel not well at all and lots of test were performed as well. Now that I am on Ticlid I feel a little better have more energy but I am still having some chest pain here and there. But not all the time. I am only 44 years old and I am shocked on how this has come out. I am very scared and wondering if there is something else going on with my heart. Or am I just anxious.
Avatar m tn A part of the heart was not getting enough blood flow at rest and and stress. He said that it could be a false positive, but recommended angiogram and said that this is the best way to find out for sure what is going on. I agreed to move forward with the angiogram. My Left Anterior Descending, one other branch of the LAD, Circumflex, and Right Coronary Arteries were are over 80% blocked.
Avatar n tn Also had 3 coronary stents placed in Oct 2010 and 2 more coronary stents placed in Feb of this year. I take Bistolic, Plavix, Aspirin, Ranexa, Protonix, Zantac, Crestor, Tricor, and Niaspan. Went for a Treadmill stress echo today, was only able to complete 75% of the test and was told I had a V5 abnormality on my EKG. I am so frustrated that nothing seems to be helping....Does anybody have a clue!?
Avatar n tn I am taking Lipitor 80 mg, metoprolol 100mg / twice, asprin 325 mg, lisinopril 20mg /twice, plavix 75mg, gemfibrozil 600mg / twice and just started taking Ranitidine 300mg/twice instead of the zantac I have been taking for heart burn. I'm six foot weighing about 230 lbs. What can I do to get my liver count down and reduce the number of pills i'm taking each day. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/235767'>acid</a>.
Avatar f tn Well after that procedure and lots of medicines later I had to go back to the hospital because the Plavix was making me feel not well at all and lots of test were performed as well. Now that I am on Ticlid I feel a little better have more energy but I am still having some chest pain here and there. But not all the time. I am only 44 years old and I am shocked on how this has come out. I am very scared and wondering if there is something else going on with my heart. Or am I just anxious.
Avatar n tn now i have a stent. i'm now taking cholesterol lowering medication along with aspirin plavix toprol and altace. the pain that brought me to the hospital has gone away. but the chest pain i have felt since 4 years ago still persists. it is in the middle of my chest. sometimes it is slightly to the left. i feel weird numbness in the left shoulder and left 4th and 5th fingers. sometimes i have the similar sensation on my jaw as well. i have been in close contact with my cardiologist.
Avatar f tn Pain in left arm, shoulder and jaw. Definate weakness in left arm. Taking Plavix and asprin, couldn't stand taking the Crestor and Tricor and refused Niaspan after reading the side effects. Stress test re-done and doctor unconcerned about chest pain, basically stating "it's in my head." My head couldn't make this up! Pain has now created onset of anxiety/panic attacks and need for even more medications- Xanax and Zoloft.
21064 tn?1309312333 I am on Atenolol...and a healthy dose...50 mg in the morning..and 50 mg at night. I have read posts here where people really have trouble with it, but I just love it. It keeps my heartrate down---and (most...well...some..) of the time it helps with the palpitations. I had some dizziness when I first started taking it, but thats it. Not one other side effect. I was also on Lipitor a year ago...It really worked, and I had zero side effects from that. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn I think I/we can guess or prognose just as well or better than they can at times particularly if we know something about health and or ourselves and our own health. Never be afraid to speak up because I feel strongly that digestive tract problems are real and translate into other real nasty symptoms like this. Fortunately we can prevent much of this & need to prevent it from happening.
Avatar n tn I am having extremely debilitating anxiety right now. Mild chest discomfort but I focus in on it so much that it becomes unbearable. I am always aware of my heartbeat and like above I focus in to it where it just drives me insane. I am expereincing undescribable levels of discomfort and I just dont understand whats wrong with me. My heart rate throughout the day is 90-100 bpm resting, and it shoots up even when I do simple tasks such as walking.
Avatar n tn Any way I also would be interested in what anyone might have to say about it and or what they may have learned from this if they know or even think this to be the case for them and would also like to correspond with others to trade stories and info on what they've learned and done. Be well. Sincerely, Rich - ***@**** This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/337994'>Stomach Gas and Arrythmia</a>.
Avatar n tn ) My ex-wife has an uncle who is a physician across the border in Mexico, so I might visit him for a presciption for a blood thinner and stop taking the vitamin E and garlic, unless he says otherwise. I already take 10 mg. of Plavix and 3,000 mg. of garlic a day, so I bought some vitamin E this morning and will take 400 i.u per day as recommended. Time will tell. If anyone has gotten any confirmation from a physician about these symptoms and the possible causes, please post that information.