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Avatar f tn Thank you. So, I go in for another liver enzyme blood test in a month. I guess I should stop taking both omenprazole and zantac until then? Is that what you would do? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Take swedish bitters 10 minutes before you eat. It will make the liver produce bile and help your body to produce more of its own digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes break down your carbs, proteins,fats, starches,cellulose etc.This will stimulate your digestive system to move. Digestive bitters may be all you need or you might need to do more than this.I would take it one step at a time. You can find swedish bitters at the health food store.
Avatar n tn My husband was recently admitted in the hospital for liver damage. I am so upset because I wondered what happen. The doctor stated to my husband and I that the damaged would not register on the machine it was so high.
Avatar n tn I also had numerous blood tests to rule out H Pylori and issues with the Liver and pancreas. I recently had an ultrasound to check for Gallstones and everything was normal with the exception of a 9 mm Liver Hemangioma. Could this be causing the symptoms that I am having? I had an ultrasound done 1 yr prior and the Hemangioma has not changed. The only thing that currently helps is taking Zantac. Also, should I be concerned about a future pregnancy with the hemangioma?
14102276 tn?1440792529 Thank you for your response. Fibromyalgia was mentioned, and my rheumatologist only looked at my hands for literally a second... only the briefest of a glance but didn't even touch my hands, which are becoming weak and stiff, almost worthless, even at age 53. But no specific tests have been ordered other than the blood work and urine tests. My primary Dr. and rheumatologist seem only focused on the liver issues.
Avatar n tn I had very similar symptoms two years ago. I was diagnosed with "GERD" and was given Ranitidine (Zantac). I was examined and blood work was done. I had elevated liver enzymes. I was told to repeat the tests in two months but did not. About nine months went by and my symptoms changed. I had a physical one year ago and got the results of my blood work which, again, showed elevated liver enzymes. I was told to repeat the tests again in two months. This time I did. Same results.
Avatar n tn So far they haven't really changed much so it's just a wait and see approach. I have met with a liver surgeon and my GI doc has discussed this with a hepatologist at a larger institution. Apparently, they see this so often that they think the risk of surgery is greater than the risk of the tumors being cancer. The hepatologist recommended a liver spect scan as well. My surgeons and GI Drs. here do not recommend doing a biopsy because there is a risk a bleeding.
Avatar n tn Doctor, I just got the results of a second abdominal ultrasound from my gastoenterologist (first one Dec. 2002) which shows a slightly enlarged liver and spleen. I've suffered from upper back pain on and off for over 20 years (47 yrs. old). The pain has always been related to food. In the past 5 years it's become more frequent, sometimes chronic. I've had three ultrasounds, three upper endoscopies, and three colonoscopies, along with numerous blood tests.
Avatar m tn I also have mental health issues. Its not helping reading zantac can cause all of these cancers colon, kidney, bladder, lung, liver etc etc etc.... So anyone who took this medication gets tested for all these cancers how? This is ridiculous!
Avatar m tn I am a 43 yr old male with a long family history of cancer (colon, liver, and non-hodgekins lymphoma), but no occurances of my own. I recently had a urine sample taken because I am on high blood pressure medicine and they found trace amounts of blood in my urine. After which they ordered a CT abdomen scan W&W/O contrast. The results were just mailed to me which stated that an ill-defined lesion in the left lobe of the liver was noticed. Is a Lesion the same as a cut or bruise?
Avatar m tn Acetaminophen has been known to cause liver problems and I, for one, can only use it sparingly, due to liver conditions. I would try to eliminate or moderate alcohol consumption and I would eliminate the Tylenol PM. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any liver friendly pain or sleep remedies. Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Naproxyn, etc., all tend to have negative effects on the liver. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn My GP said he thought I might have a fatty liver but was not sure, but when I saw the specialist and my liver function tests came back to normal he said not to worry about it. I have had so many tests done, including a gastroscopy, colonoscopy, 2 CT scans, a labelled white blood cell scan, dozens of x-rays and a lot of blood tests. Everything is normal now.
Avatar n tn I have had an endoscopy and they saw large amounts of bile in my stomach and just some irritated lining throughout but nothing serious apparently...My wieght has decrease and I just dont know what to think?
Avatar n tn I have diagnosed GERD, hiatal hernia, gastritis and reflux that aspirates into my lungs. I take either Zantac or Omeprazole, depending on how I feel. My liver doctor says that many hepatic patients take them and with my diagnosis I need to stay on medication. I worry because I do not want extra stress on my liver, but also know that I have another health issue that needs medication. Believe me, I have tried every and all non reflux medication options and they do not work for me.
Avatar f tn If you have cirrhosis it is best that your doctor is a hepatologist associated with a liver transplant center. These experts can best answer you questions and guide your care.
Avatar m tn I believe that your albumin and bilirubin are better indications of how well your liver is functioning and your test results are normal so that's a positive sign. Your elevated liver enzymes - ALT & GGT - suggest some inflammation and perhaps slightly increased liver cell death - the ALT primarily. 2. Do you think the long term omeprazole use could have caused the elevated liver enzymes? I have no idea. 3. Do you think the low vitamin D & high B12 are related to liver function?
Avatar m tn I am not sure what you mean by elevated liver levels. Many a times AST (SGOT) and ALT OR SGPT (both are collectively called transaminases) rise without any cause. Because AST is found in many other organs besides the liver, including the kidneys, the muscles, and the heart, having a high level of AST does not always (but often does) indicate that there is a liver problem. For example, even vigorous exercise may elevate AST levels in the body.
Avatar f tn He has already stopped the painkillers/stool softeners given by the hospital. Ultra sound showed a fatty liver. Liver enzyme levels are fine. Not diabetic. He has oily/fatty/bile diarrhea 10+ times per day. He is on a VERY low-fat diet. Doesn't matter what he eats - he is so sick :( No signs of jaundice. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE throw them out there. He's so sick and in pain. Every day. Has only been 9 days since surgery; doesn't see surgeon for follow-up for another 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn New symptoms- Chest pain behind right breast through to shoulder blade and pain and numbness in left leg lasting a few hours. AST and ALT levels slightly elevated over normal range (recent bloodwork) Going for MRI this week to rule out hemagomia (spelled wrong Im sure). My concern... in the past week my left leg has had an aching, burning feeling with numbness. This has happened twice. Im wondering what may be causing this.
Avatar n tn My 22 month old son had chronic hives when he was 14 months old and lasted three months. During this time (July-September 2007) he was placed on Zyrtec and Zantac. The medications did keep the hives from forming as noticeably. However the doctor ran some blood tests in the end of August 2007 and they showed an elevated liver enzymes. The test was repeated weekly for about six weeks. During this time I took him off Zantc and was trialing the Zytec.
Avatar n tn In January 2001, I underwent liver resection surgery resulting in the surgeon taking half of my liver and my gallbladder (apparently it was in the way). Since the surgery, I have felt horrible. The pain was almost unbearable for the first 6 months. Then I felt okay for the most part until about 4 months ago. I have been having a burning sensation, more like an ache in my right side under my rib.
Avatar m tn also mildly raised liver ALT and AST ( for many years), ultrasound shows no gallstones, ultrasound of the liver shows simply fatty liver (due to recent uptake of alcohol drinking i have stopped it) ultrasound showing no bilary obstruction. ALP is normal levels, cholestrol is high, which i have been able to bring down through diet and exercise, so getting there slowly.
Avatar n tn Reasonably healthy overweight inactive 58 year old F with long term IBS Allergies GERD and ankle arthritis. I have never used drugs or alcohol. I take Tylenol, Zantac 150 and Zyretc D and 4 Way Nasal spray conservatively every day. In January after a fall in which I struck my abdomen and broke a rib with muscle strains my ALT level was 131, AST 88 and ALP 458. Retested 6 mos later now enzymes increased ALT 254, AST 199 and ALP 199. Abdominal ultrasound showed 1.
1391312 tn?1421090593 Well the DR put me on Dexilant a newer PPI and Zantac 150mg 2 X a day.....He said it was really bad in there, he thinks it's due to this stress over the HCV & other family issues. I asked him about the Riba and Reflux he said I would not know if that would be a problem for me unless I started on it.---Same answer for Riba-Rage.--It's like a dog chasing it's tail, talking to him. I see another Dr. on Thursday, that question will be on the list.
1517808 tn?1290817390 Over time, I stopped taking the Zyrtec and Zantac. Now I am only taking the Doxepin. This seems to control everything pretty well. My doctor also told me about Plaquenil, which was a medication for lupus patients but also works well with my condition. However, the Plaquenil is known for some side effects that could lead to retinal spotting, so regular eye exams are required and he recommends not taking it for extensive periods of time. I hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Make sure you take the ribavirin on a full stomach. I also use PPI's like prilosec, H2 blockers like Zantac and reglan(metoclopramide) which is much cheaper than Zofran.You can take them all together as well. The ribavirin also alters your taste for food and nothing tastes good either sometimes confusing the issue with nausea. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am taking Lipitor 80 mg, metoprolol 100mg / twice, asprin 325 mg, lisinopril 20mg /twice, plavix 75mg, gemfibrozil 600mg / twice and just started taking Ranitidine 300mg/twice instead of the zantac I have been taking for heart burn. I'm six foot weighing about 230 lbs. What can I do to get my liver count down and reduce the number of pills i'm taking each day. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/235767'>acid</a>.
Avatar n tn The only diagnosis I was given was Colitis. I am only on Lovan and Zantac, my doctor has preferred me to stay off medications for the fibromyalgia, so I have never taken corticosteroids for this problem. I am very allergy prone and don't tolerate medications very well. My doctor has told me that my antinuclear titre is not high enough to diagnose an autoimmune problem, but he still suspects it.
Avatar n tn She is now 19 years of age (thank God)and has exacerbations every year or so with jaundice and elevated liver enzyme levels with itching, bruising etc etc. She returns to normal - this set of symptoms is now called benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis (BRIC). My only point in this lengthy history is, be sure of the diagnosis, if you havent, get another opinion. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Recently a nurse from Roche told me to eat a high fat content meal when I take my Ribaviron because it absorbs better. On the other hand, I went to a liver seminar last week and asked a hepatologist who was giving a lecture on "fatty liver"; he said what's most important is to take Ribaviron with CALORIES. I know for our livers low fat is better, so should I pay attention to what the Roche nurse said about high fat meals when I take my Ribaviron? What do you guys think?