Zantac use during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Um o cant remember if this is fact bit i do believe it is not ok. But double check. They usually say just drink milk. I forced the acid up n out then drank milk....that usually helped.
Avatar n tn The 1998 Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) still lists ranitidine (Zantac) as a category B drug, which means that not enough studies have been done to recommend widespread use without a clear indication. Antacids are also considered safe during pregnancy. I hope you find this information helpful. This response is being provided for general informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or consultation.
Avatar n tn My question is, can I continue to take the Zantac and/or Rolaids during my pregnancy? And as well, if I cant take it, what can I do to help the GERD? I assume symptoms will get worse as I get bigger? Any advise? Dear Tammy: Zantac is a class B drug: studies done in animals have shown NO bad effects on off-spring and there are no trials in pregnant women. This is as positive a recommendation for use in pregnancy was we can have.
Avatar f tn but I always wondered if having to use Prilosec during pregnancy caused part of my daughter's reflux? I am only 12 weeks and already have heartburn...I'm suffering but scared to even use Tums! Did anyone use heartburn medication during their pregnancy and have HEALTHY NON-REFLUX babies?
Avatar f tn ewww baking soda water i can't imagine drinking that my husband does though he has bad heartburn but most over the counter antacids are safe during pregnancy as long as you use only as directed tums,and zantac are a few if your symptoms are more severe then normal you should take to your doctor about getting a prescription
Avatar f tn rantindine is safe during pregnancy, i have been on it with this one and with my son, dont know about the others but rantindine is basicly generic zantac and is safe=)
Avatar n tn is it normal to get a negative pregnancy test 24 hours after embryo transfer?
Avatar f tn If GERD is the cause, then it is possible for the symptoms to worsen during the course of your pregnancy. You can discuss these options with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D.
Avatar f tn u can take rennies
Avatar f tn I use roliads and they work wonders!!!
2006603 tn?1331332927 Ranitidine is just the generic form of Zantac and I am on the same thing, also 150mg, and it is considered safe during pregnancy. I believe my doctor said it was like a Class B (for pregnancy) which is one of the safer things to use, anything below Class A or B is considered a little less safe, if I understood him correctly lol. Hope it helps you, I know it's helped me with my acid reflux.
Avatar f tn Milk won't help for very long and I read chamomille may be harmful during pregnancy. Any suggestions? I has an antacid and helped for an hour then the relief was gone...desperate!
9038886 tn?1402129326 Is rolaids safe during pregnancy, I asked my husband to get me TUMS. He couldn't find it so he got me these..
Avatar f tn Zantac. I take one 150mg before bed and one during the night if needed.
Avatar f tn Zantac is safe throughout pregnancy. If that doesn't work, or stops working like in my case, Prevacid is also safe during pregnancy and works like a charm. I had it real bad this last time and Prevacid was all that would help me.
Avatar f tn My doc said follow the label on tums if tums don't work use over the counter zantac...
Avatar f tn I use zantac or prilosec. I have acid reflux and heart burn. Had it before I got pregnant. The best way I have found is take one in the morning and one at night. Don't lay down for two hours after eating. And avoid spicy and citrus foods. It ***** I know but it should help.
Avatar f tn u can take prilosec its safe during pregnancy but there are special mommy to be teas and remedies ate your local organic produce stores or herb shops that do wonders. Don't eat anything high in acid or spicy foods obviously :) no fast food! No Mexican or Italian, nothing with tomato sauce, no oranges, melon fruits will not give u heartburn. Green veggies can reduce heartburn if u eat with din. Goodluck!
Avatar f tn I use tums. I get acid reflex from anything I eat and its so random. I never experienced it before pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Reflux has many causes, depending on the person. During pregnancy it's generally caused by slower digestion, and baby pushing your organs up which causes the stomach acid to rise into your throat. Eating too soon before bed (you shouldn't eat 4 hours before bed), spicy foods, exercising too soon after eating or lying down can all cause it as well. Eat small snacks frequently to keep the acid from building too much, and maintain a good diet.
Avatar f tn I suffer from gerd before and during my pregnancy and when I don't have any meds I just chew mint gum
Avatar f tn zantac works like a charm and it is safe during pregnancy you take one a day i also drank lots of milk and tried not to eat or drink anything for a few hours before bed
Avatar f tn I've read mixed reports on using ACV during pregnancy, but I'm of the opinion that it's likely safe (I'll run it by my OB, tho). Has anyone used ACV to manage your heartburn? If I don't figure something out this is going to be a long pregnancy!
Avatar f tn I think gaviscon is also pregnancy safe but talk to your doctor to be sure.
Avatar f tn There have been questions raised in the past regarding the use of Zantac in pregnancy when carrying males and future testosterone issues, so my doc put me on Tagamet for my other two boys. When I was pg with Jonathan, Wrigley has an antacid gum called Surpass. I LOVED that stuff. It paired the stimulation of the salivary glands with soothing mint and an antacid. Not enough interest in the product so they pulled it. I cried!!!
Avatar n tn Just wondering if anyone has had a cold or sore throat during pregnancy and what can you take? I had a IUI last week so I am waiting for the results-won't be until next week. But I don't want to take anything if I'm pregnant. Any do's or don'ts would help. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I try to tums first & if that doesn't work or it's really bad, I use gas x. Both are okay during pregnancy. I like the chewable gas x, in case I'm not near a drink to swallow a pill.