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Avatar f tn I dont think its a good idea to take Zantac with alcohol ...maybe take it in the morning before, what do the directions say ,you can always ask a pharmacist where you get the Zantac.
Avatar f tn Mylanta is safe. They have it to me at the hospital one night. Just follow the directions on the bottle. It tastes nasty, but works so well. You could also try plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream or some milk. Dairy neutralizes the acid naturally. That's what I do when I run out of tums in the middle if the night.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, what's a good way to relieve heartburn besides for tums, Zantac and meds. I stay away from meds while pregnant. I usually just fight threw it but it's every night and almost day now :/ never had this much with my first so unsure how to relieve it? Thanks! Btw I'm 30w3days alonge.
Avatar f tn Celery works well as does milk. My doctor told me not to take tums or zantac although zantac works so well. So ask your doctor what he would recommend.
738822 tn?1264912007 Also, what can I do about the sleep? I tried the pillow, warm milk, and etc....Heartburn suggestions? I tried Zantac, Tums, and warm milk.
Avatar n tn I also get a little light headed when I see them. They only last for a few minutes and move in all different directions but it almost looks like the falling pieces from fireworks.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, esophagitis, minor hiatal hernia and esophageal spasms back in April of 2010. I am currently taking Capidex in the morning and Zantac (prescription) at night. My doctor recently told me to start taking Gaviscon in between these times when I have flare ups of acid reflux, which happens still about 2 to 3 times a week.
Avatar n tn The problem is that you would not be able to take antihistamines for 5 - 7 days before the test depending on your allergist's directions. Antihistamines of any kind can give false results. So, if you do have the test make sure that you are very clear on what to avoid. Many people are not aware that PM pain meds like Tylenol PM have benadryl in them and have to be avoided as well. Take care and feel better.
Avatar n tn People get this condition when they take pain relievers like Aleve, Advil, Motrin with just a sip of water. Directions on bottles of these pain relievers say to drink a glass of water with the pills. If not, the pills can settle on a spot in your stomach lining and burn a sore into the lining. Ulcers have the same symptoms, but is more severe that has caused an ulceration on the stomach lining. Hiatal hernia produces burning pain and pressure right under your rib case.
Avatar n tn in the case that tums dosen't work, like when i was pregnant with my son the doc told me to take, i think it was zantac, but the doc can write u a precribtion for it. your baby is probably gonna have lots of hair.
Avatar f tn I have always gotten great advice from the pharmacists, my cousin especially ; ) I was given tagamet and zantac during my pregnancies. Perhaps talk to the pharmacist about using the OTC version of one of those meds.
889551 tn?1416188083 Are you doing all the other interventions like holding her upright during feeds, burping frequently, keeping her upright at least 20 minutes after a feed, sleeping her in an incline, etc...? Did you notice any improvements with the zantac? Before the zantac did she have signs of *acid* reflux (screaming when burping, arching back in pain, etc....?) I ask because some doctors do prescribe zantac when there aren't signs of a problem with acid, only spitting up.
1365474 tn?1277932142 You may be experiencing a burning sensation in your stomach when it's empty, especially in the morning. My suggestions would be start taking over the counter Zantac 150mg and follow the directions. This is the medication the Doctor at the emergency room gave me. Except the dosage was a prescription of 200mg twice daily for one year. I take a digestive enzyme with every meal now. I also have to eat small meals every 4 to 6 hours.
1439185 tn?1286913712 Purchase the smallest container size of OTC Prilosec, 10-mg, and start with two tablets. Read directions on the Prilosec box. I do not remember how many tablets you can take in one day. I also have had GERD for as long as I had the earlier ulcer. I absolutely do not have any pain. Sometimes I forget to take a Prilosec, and I still get through the day with no stomach pain. I do not know whether Prilosec and antibiotics will interfere, so wait two hours between dosages.
877337 tn?1249848050 Ok, just checking. I was put on Zantac after my stomach infection. I took it for a few weeks then stopped. Once I stopped, I only had a few instances of anything similar to hartburn. Now, this week I am noticing it every time I eat. I don't wake up with it though, at least I don't notice it first thing in the morning. It feels as though something is sitting at the base of my neck/throat. I guess I am back on Zantac ... Thanks for the input.
Avatar f tn im 31w preggo with ds, and the only thing ive been able to take has been tums. the directions say chew 2 tabs twice a day. how???? thats not enough, and i dont want to take a dosage not recommended. i even wake up in the middle of the night from it. this is too much for me. i have a 6yo dd, and never experienced this while pregnant with her. any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn Unless you've been told otherwise by a physician, this drug is made to be taken as a 2 week regime. The directions state that it should be taken in the morning before taking any food. When taken according to the instructions, I found it to be extremely effective in healing an ulcer created by long term daily ingestion of a baby aspirin. The post above describes the mechanism behind AVNRT. Odds are in your favor, especially if your female that you may indeed have AVNRT.
Avatar n tn Tylenol Sudafed (after 12 wks) Robitussin Claritin-D Maalox,Mylanta, Tums,Zantac,Pepcid-AC Colace,Dulcolax Immodium Emetrol Gyne-Lottrimin If symptoms have not improved after 2-3 days call your DR.
2040468 tn?1330993569 I've tried using two pillow to stay up higher at night, but I'm not sure it's helped. I take Zantac occasionally when I get actual heartburn from food, but that isn't helping now. I've had a lot of plegm in my thoat, and I've started to wonder if my sinus troubles and the acid reflux sensation may be related. Is there anything I can take to help since the others don't seem to help? Maalox can help a bit, but I have to take tons of it over and over.
1916673 tn?1420236870 I picked up the generic TOPCARE FAMOTIDINE tabs, 10mg which were listed as the comparable. Following the directions, Darbie gets 1 tab/1hr before meals ( 2 per 24 hrs ). This is the same time the AZODYL has to be administered, so I hope and pray there is no conflict with the combined pills. At this time, Darbie seems very content. I do see less "burping" in the course of the day.
620004 tn?1227828906 I also had H-Pylori a bacterial infection in my intestines make sure to ask for this test. This is my day - Take 75 mg. Zantac morning and evening using directions on box. There are a higher dosage, I only needed the 75 mg. Lorazapem 1/2 mg. morning, noon and evening, loose clothing, watch what I eat and small portions every couple hours, I can not wear a bra because it causes pressure that aggrivates my Herina and that can become very painful.
229760 tn?1291471470 DD has bad reflux, and we have her on zantac. HUGE difference. Zantac is considered very safe, and I am surprised that the ped has him on cereal. Honestly, I think cereal in the bottle is worse than medication in this case.
Avatar n tn Further info: currently 42yo caucasion male active duty Navy; Initial VFL within 2 hours of Anthrax Vaccine initial vaccination; Weakness/fatigue atributed to anemia/out of shape; balance problems attributed to lack of consistent visual fix(confirmed by vestibular testing); fasciculations and pain attributed to steroid side effects; Only objective sx prior to Avonex was progressive optic atrophy amelioratable by steroids; FEB01 anemia cleared, started Avonex; MAR01 small aplitude action tremors
Avatar n tn I can’t eat, can’t sleep and the only thing that takes away the severe stomach pain is red wine. I have been missing so much work, and the stress over the bills not getting paid just makes it worse. The pain first started in March of ‘04. I ended up in the ER, got a prescription for Prilosec and changed my eating habits, courtesy of a book - The Schwarzbein Principle. I took the pills for a year. It worked. Until December of ‘08. The pain came back.
Avatar n tn They do not interfere with riba absorption. You could also ask about OTC H2 Pumps like Zantac (Ranitidine hydrochloride) -- either maxium or regular strength -- or Pepcid AC However, you dont' want Pepcid Complete because it contains an antacid alongside the H2 inhibitor.
Avatar m tn There is no horseness,voice changes or generalized throat irritation whatsoever. Turning my head in some directions causes pain in that area. It seems whatever I do that involves the hyoid bone or whatever it is attached to, causes pain. I've never been injured to the face, neck, head or throat. A barium swallow report showed, "a mild mucosal irregularity along the posterior aspect of the hypopharynx at the level of the piriform sinuses, suggestive of inflammation".
Avatar n tn i can't find much correlation in the gas and foods- or bm except to avoid anything that gives him gas and to stay on the prosobee. we have tried mylocon, levsin, zantac, citrical, kondromel, and karo syrup. we have been working with a doc at duke and his nutrionist but no luck. the doc only saw him once and did no tests but tried different meds and diet. my son had a hernia repair (groin) but no improvement.
Avatar n tn he gave me physical (pressed belly, urine, blood) ended up giving me zantac, said it was most likely ulcer iritated by stress. half joking i asked about stomach cancer to which he said "i was much to young to worry about such a thing". well since returning to school my pain has worsened, i can barely eat anything, and i have been vomitting. also my stools have been much less frequent with the look of a very dark colored paste (not formed).
Avatar f tn I am not addicted to them I just need them medically. I have stomache issues, and I also take Zantac depending on what I eat 1-2 or 3-4 every night. I was trying to explain to him that it is not bad to take over the counter medication because if they were bad in that way then they would be prescriptions. I also do take them occasionally to help me sleep, like I will take 4-6 at night before bed once in a while to help me sleep.