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Avatar n tn it's only during my pregnancy that I have changed to zantac and in severe cases pariet or lanzor. I don't know what to do, and what are the dosage since I didn't find baby zantac it's the same as the one for adults the only difference that this one is sirop.. so shall i try it? and how much do i give her and when before or after feed everyday or only when she seems very cranky after feeds?
Avatar n tn Also, what is the recommended dosage for the Zantac? I am still having some breakthrough with my current regimen (i.e., one 30 mg Prevacid in the a.m., and one 150 mg Zantac in the p.m. Thanks so much and I look forward to your answer.
Avatar n tn I am extremely hesitant to put her back on Propulsid, due to family heartbeat irregularities. Is Zantac dosage appropriate for 55 lb.? After 2 wk. on Zantac, should dramatic improvement be seen? Are we on the right track assuming this is reflux again? Thanks!
Avatar m tn In order to treat Acid Reflux/GERD I have been taking Ranitidine/Zantac per doctors advice. I started developing various side effects several months ago. To verify the side effects were caused by the ranitidine I would stop for a few weeks and use TUMS instead. I repeated this cycle several times. The symptoms would go away each time I was off the ranitidine for a week or so.
11278126 tn?1419308233 Tums or Zantac. I exceeded the daily dosage on Tums so my doctor told me to take Zantac Maximum Strenghth.
Avatar m tn I feel this is dangerous but the doctor thinks its fine. Oh I also take up to 300 miligrams of zantac for acute acid attacks.
Avatar f tn (By the way, do not up the dosage of Zantac. It won't help. Zantac doesnt help with regurgitation, only with reducing the stomach acid which helps reduce pain and indigestion).
Avatar n tn We are not drs here and I am not informed on the topic of meds and dosage.I would leave that to ur dr or pharmacist. Is this the dosage u were rx'd? Everyone will react diff to meds and depending on how severe ur symptoms are will depend on the dosage u r rx'd. Please let us know what u find out...and know we are here to share our experiences and support.
1330108 tn?1333680904 Next step- keep up with the meds, and keep giving it to her regularly. Watch for the old symptoms to creep back as she gains weight- the dosage of zantac is based on weight and needs to be adjusted every few pounds. You will know if it's not as effective, as some of the old symptoms will gradually come back. Also, watch to make sure certain foods you eat don't aggrevate it. It is possible/likely even on the meds.
Avatar m tn Zantac could be one of the culprits. A German study published Feb. 15, 2016 in JAMA Neurology, coming on the heels of a previous study, have hoisted red flags for doctors and patients alike by documenting a 33 percent increase in dementia and 44 percent increase in Alzheimer’s disease among seniors using these acid reducing drugs. Dosage details (amount, frequency, time taken) and 1/2 time elimination (usually prolonged in the elderly) may explain somewhat the timing.
Avatar n tn Have you switched your diet to one that's GERD-friendly? If not you may want to consider doing so. Not everyone is able to manage on meds alone. You're going to need to ask your doc if you can supplement with Zantac. There shouldn't be a problem with that, but he'll need to suggest a dosage. But typically 2x a day on Aciphex should do the job, although it supposedly can take up to 14 days to reach full effectiveness.
Avatar n tn I seem to notice less hives when I take two Zantac daily plus my daily Zyrtec. In fact, my hives are very much improved since I added Zantac to my routine. Also, when my face is red and burning, I use petroleum jelly to soothe. I also use Mary Kay products, like their creamy cleanser. I switched from Avon products, which were too harsh. For my scalp, I use prescription Nizoral. That does the trick. My swelling is much improved since my medication was bumped.
1330108 tn?1333680904 Started Zantac today and baby seems better BF 2x no problem but the last BF she ate until she overflowed. Is this normal? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn My Dr said that zantac was ok just make sure its the lowest dosage you can get
Avatar n tn I guess it was about 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and after I started taking Synthroid and the slowly increased my dosage, I started feeling better, dropped weight, etc. Recently, as I go back every 3 months for labs, they have had to increase my dosage and I'm now up to 200mcg. I was taking 150mcg for the longest time, then 175 now 200 and yet I'm still fatigued, gaining weight and I eat very little and very healthy.
Avatar n tn It may take until 7 mos to start seeing a decrease, it may be 8 mos. Also, are they modifying the dosage to accomodate her weight gain? Sometimes that is missed as well.
Avatar n tn I started taking Zantac 150 and it seemed okay but I started have occasional nausea and sharp pains in the stomach area. My Internal Medicine doctor advised the ulcer is being aggravated by the acid which is causing nausea and pain, the Zantac was not strong enough. She prescribed Protonix 40mg twice a day, I have been on that and feel great; no fatigue, no nausea, no pain!
Avatar f tn The dosage is low for me so I take one in the morning with breakfast and the next one I take it for dinner. Tums does not work for me either. Milk helps me when I run out of my meds. Just be alittle more cautious with what you eat that way you can monitor what gives you heartburn.
424634 tn?1277861128 You may need to speak to your doc about increasing your dosage. (It took increasing my dosage from 30mg 1/day to 30mg 2/day for Lansoprazole (Prevacid) for this to stop in my case.) DGL 20 minutes before eating may help, but that seriously depends on how bad your GERD is.
Avatar m tn My OB said to try Zantac for the possibility of acid reflux. The pain is just tremendous. There has to be something stronger then Tylenol to take and is taking 6 to 8 pills of Tylenol a day even OK?
Avatar f tn 275mcg About two weeks ago I had symptoms of acid reflux and took Prilosec and Zantac for about 10 days. I noticed that I became progressively more fatigued, resembling the feeling I had when my Synthroid dose was too low. Is it possible that due to the antiacids interaction my hormon level has dropped too low? How can I recover? Should I increase my dosage for a few days?
Avatar f tn I've been on Protonix for several years, recently my dosage was upped to two 40 Mgs per day. Still not totally asymptomatic at night. My doctor has repeatedly assured me of the safety of this class of drugs..said people take them, safely, for years. After reading the latest research, increased risk of fractures, lack of hydrocloric acid increasing the risk of infection from certain types of bacteria, etc. I've tried taking myself off this drug, but to no avail.
877337 tn?1249848050 I went back on my Zantac and after a few days it subsided. Now my Meth. dosage has been increased to three times a day and I have noticed that feeling come back/increase. Its odd though. It only happens shortly after I take my Meth. Truthfully it makes me wonder if it is working instantly on the thyroid, since I am only having this feeling in this area. Additional antacids aren't touching it. Has anybody else experienced this? Maybe its just a form of heartburn from the med. Hmm...
Avatar f tn The pressure in my chest hurts really bad when i eat like theres a big block of wood in the middle of my chest, and sometimes it hurts enough to where I could cry!!!!! I also tried taking Zantac and it again did not work! the pain\pressure gets worse everyday. it ownt go away. What might I have?????????????????
Avatar f tn I have been having the same symptoms and i am also 22 female, but i do not take birth control. I am going to see my doctor hopefully this Wed and i'll be sure to post back here with what he says ...
Avatar m tn I would recommend empiric treatment with an over-the-counter antacids such as Prilosec or Zantac. If you have not had laryngoscopy by an ENT, this would also be helpful in such an evaluation.
Avatar f tn Buy people who have gone through similar situations. Reflux is common with pregnancy. I had it really bad. I talked to my Ob and she let me tale zantac in a lower dosage as of end of second trimester. Talk with your doctor...they have tricks and tips that ate safe for you and baby.
Avatar f tn Made me feel even worse anxiety, etc. I am currently on Carafate and Zantac (which I think may be making me feel kinda bad too). I have gastritis and acid reflux. Here is my current lab for thyroid (total thyroidectomy 5yrs ago) TSH 0.14. (0.27-4.20) FREE T4. 1.45 (0.93-1.70) Lab a couple of months ago TSH 0.22 FREE T4 1.36 I'm currently on .75 levo and Dr. just lowered it to 50. Said I'm a little hyper.