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485620 tn?1208683839 I am a big weight watchers fan myself and I do it online... But, for a free website, you can go to (self *******) and join the challenge! It is free! It gives you exercises (cardio and strength training) and helps with making a food diary...I am combining that with Weight Watchers......
1815251 tn?1316819004 Two days later during a light workout i experienced the same 'fight or flight' feeling, my heart was beating so hard and fast it made my throat hurt and i had dampened hearing again. had to sit down and breathe and then went on about my business. I am in shape, eat reasonably healthy foods, teach at a fitness center, and this is the first time i have had any signs of a heart problem.
Avatar f tn The one I bought had suggestions of what workouts to do with your baby wrapped on you. There are many workout options for mothers. Maybe you can do video workouts when your baby is sleeping. About baby workouts, all I do with my 6 month old is make sure she is active. I have a walker for her so I place her in it for a while. She walks around a lot in it. I also put her on the floor where she rolls everywhere.
Avatar n tn I am a very active person who works out and also watches what I eat. I don't know what to do. I have gotten off of the Amitriptyline fully as of a week ago. I no longer take Topamax(wow it can make you stupid!) I have been off of it for two months or so. I stopped taking Lexapro two weeks ago. What is going on?? Does this seem normal? Thanks so much for you input.
Avatar n tn Congratulations slarso on getting through your first tx workout. I think it's a good sign that you felt good after it. My personal experience was the first two weeks were ok but my ability to maintain my intensity has slowly been dropping off without any major changes from week to week. I've been kind of tracking mine by doing roughly the same workout every Saturday after my Friday night shot(workout has been a 10 - 12 mile run).
Avatar n tn I am in love with Ethan. I think he is gorgeous. I just wondered if I was the only sucker out there who watches that ****. Myah's Mom - I like those 2 names you mentioned. I like Aiden a lot as well but that is such a common name now it seems. I agree with the post that gave you the baby name site. Look at that and it should give you an idea if you will have 10 kids with the same name in a classroom. I have a DD named Katelyn McKenzie and a DS named Christopher Randall. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn The most annoying is the rash I get after a shower or workout. I have read the post listed on your site concerning this subject, however, my issue is a bit different. The rash appears as red, itchy blotches along the hairline, on the neck, chest, and back. (About 17 years ago, I had the same reaction to hot water and sweat and it mysteriously went away over time.
439903 tn?1380141482 my hubby is really nervous, he kept asking if i was ok, if i was ok to be there and so on, he watches my every move like a hawk!! so yesterday when i said my back was killing me he was like, thats it right, nothing else hurts? nothing else does, i feel fine, feel good, i got some exercise!! afterwards, we went and got some water and just relaxed, it was really nice. we went bowling too but i didnt really try and had the lightest ball i could get (an 8) and only played a 47 game HAHAHA....
408795 tn?1324939275 I stopped wearing the patches right away as I didn't like the feeling they gave me. I hope to get off my tired butt and start a small workout program prior to tx. Any other ideas of positive reinforcement, or anything physical or mental that I can do to help my self out during tx? Oh I don't have a start date as of yet, but my hopes are high as my initial bloods did not exclude me, I've been told that much.
360318 tn?1340396963 Okay, something that stands out is that it hurts your feelings when he watches porn, but you do it with him?? And having a threesome is NOT a good idea if you have self esteem issues. IF you decide to do it anyway, it would be best to tell him that you will pick out the girl, not him. I still strongly feel that you shouldn't get mixed up in all that because of your low self esteem, and even more so if it's only to make him happy.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm 27 years old and have been battling with hypertension for about 3 years (that I know of...). Anyway, I'm a pretty healthy individual (workout 3 days a week and don't eat too bad). I recently just got on Benicor HCT (sp?) and it seems to be dropping my blood pressure to normal. When talking with nurses (I work in pharma sales) they insisted that I take a closer look at the actual causes of the hypertension.
Avatar m tn ( i seem to get any and all side effects from anything) one more thing start her on a routine. do i workout she is able to do with my experience the best thing was the true friends like yourself who stuck by my side whether sick or fine. Trust me it means a lot. And it only made me mad if people offered me help or pity. All i wanted for months was to sit there with a good friend and laugh and bs and forget about it for a little...
Avatar f tn No wonder, Depakote and Seroquel and the top two bipolar weight gainers! I told my Pdoc, no way was I going to take it due to weight gain. I got lucky with Lithium, it works great for me and little to no weight gain. Mine comes from depression. Have you tried taking the magnesium I recommended yet? If you take it morning and night at 250mg each you should notice a great difference in two weeks. That is when I noticed. I wonder if that liquid diet aggrivated your headaches?
392430 tn?1382908381 ) She has started to roll over from tummy to back..not quite mastered the back to tummy yet. She is all smiles except when I get the camera out! She just stares at it no matter how funny I try to be to distract her! She is soo fun though. I love her more each day :) At her two month appointment (which was two weeks ago) she was 11.8 lbs and 24 1/4 inches long. I am sure she is much bigger now. Yesterday I picked her up and I was like "ok you have gained weight since yesterday!
11165184 tn?1429572982 Come to find out he would look at it if he got out late from his first job and didn't have time to workout, but it wasn't quite time to go to his regular job yet. My problem is that he never gets into it unless I'm pregnant. It makes me feel like it has to do with the way I look even though he INSISTS 'it has nothing to do with the way you look' and 'you are so beautiful'. I feel so awful about myself and I never really got over it the last time he did it.
Avatar f tn This will not cure you, but if your Hub or Family watches or reads they might give you more support. Do not beat your self up, it is a Disease and like all others we need help & support.
Avatar n tn I told my doctor it made sense to me since I stop watches and change radio stations when I walk by a radio, he laughed and said sure. Well knowing he didn't take me seriously, I told him I would revese my polarity and stop the drainage.. he smile and said see you in a month. well for the past 3 months the battery has not moved. It stopped the drain. I just smile and said good because it is real hard work reversing your polarity you know! Doc finally laughed and told me to keep up the good work.
Avatar n tn Don't leave her for another relationship that you won't know wheater it's gonna workout or not. Sit down and have a serious talk with her. Tell her your problems and tell her what you've done, about the part you cheated on her is up to you, you can tell her if you think she's going to be your soul mate (you don't want to have any secret with them) but if you think otherwise then it's better to keep some secret to yourself... Good luck keep posting.
187799 tn?1219613173 We have seen them a couple times in the past month and she says she watches him watch me and assures me that he loves me completely. He, as many of you have said, is either in denial, angry at my pain, helpless or all the above. She has helped me see that he is very confused as am I and has helped me relax a bit where he is concerned and that, in turn, has made him a bit more compassionate (although that's a rather strong word to use on him - LOL).
Avatar m tn Laughing is also one of the fastest methods of relaxation, know to quickly reduce stress and the physical and mental illnesses associated with stress. Additionally, laughing is a great form of exercise that burns calories just like a workout." There's a whole lot more.....but that's just a taste. I "binged" medical benefits of laughing and read for hours. And since my hubby has next to "zero" sense of humor....I'm on a new mission hahaha! Anything that is free...
380309 tn?1246471340 i don't think so...but she is very savvy and watches news like me....CNN...and states the economy and the political BS is the worst she's ever seen!She is reminsicing about xmas's past..and being with my dad and the kids grandkids great grandkids.....and knowing she physically can't make a party.....she is such a role model to me on battling demons..this and a very strong woman whose overcome a lot of adversity in her life!Such a gift she was and is!Speaking of dogs...
Avatar n tn I got this in an e-mail and thought you ladies might find it interesting at least the parts related to heartburn, morning sickness and temperature control. I don't know how accurate it is. Sorry it is so lengthy! > After reading this, you'll NEVER look at the Banana > in the same way again!!! > > Doctors - Home Remedy > > If you want a quick fix for flagging energy levels > there's no better snack than a banana.
1247529 tn?1313499931 We use to love sex 2-3 times a week and it was passionate. Now he never seems interested and says I want it too much. He also watches porn and I thought that was the problem as well. I try not to let it hurt me but it does deeply. I miss the intamacy and closeness we once had. I wish he understood my feelings more. He wont talk about it and gets very defensive when I bring it up. He is overweight and should loose 20-30 for his size.
Avatar f tn Debbie, I hope you find a way to relax today and let go, even temporarily, of the stress. A workout, a bubble bath, shopping... Have a DEBBIE day! You deserve some peace. Our drama continues. She is still denying she's using and ignoring my questions why she's hanging out with people who do drugs and last night we saw our credit card had been used to purchase things we did not authorize (small charges at that point thank goodness).
Avatar m tn Anyway here's why triggerd me,, i was watching the rugby and mum had said the person next to my dad in the hospital room was married but realised he was gay , it didnt bother me , went to bed with too much energy ( I need to exercise or I can't sleep) that night watching predator and excited about waking up at 5 am to workout but then that thought entered my head out of nowhere the.
Avatar n tn probably not as it gives your germ cells a good workout to replenish new sperm every time the previous batch is used up! might result in retarded babies if you don't make new sperm, as it sits there and degrades. however there will definitely be a bunch of new sperm which can have a chance of producing offspring with disabilities. on this subject... i wonder how celibate monks deal with not wanking/masturbating for their entire lives...
Avatar n tn Sex is a 2 way street. I have also started to workout a lot more and run a lot more recently and found my self confidence has gone up significantly. This in turn made it so I can get an erection pretty much just making eye contact with ma woman. TALK TO EACH OTHER AND LET THEM KNOW YOUR CONCERNS!