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Avatar f tn t really like kanyes attitude, but a few of his songs are pretty good. And I love pinks just give me a reason too! And I do like rock and roll too lol...i told you my tastes in music are all over the board lol!
518031 tn?1295575374 I went to the mall today, to buy a Pink Floyd Cd my son figured he would enjoy more then me, but that's ok . At least he is listening toi good music. Anyways, i was looking around the store, and all theses new artist out the price is like $10 to 15 dollars. Well I bout Pink Floyd,"Aniamls" which was released in 1977. it cost me almost $20.00 ucks. Now my question is is our classic rock that much better , or is todays music just bad...
Avatar m tn I deeply encourage people, even those not into rock to listen to this. Simply go to and search the songs I named and even watch the videos. It helps me so much and like this site, lets me know that theyre are others going through the same thing. I MEAN IT!!! Check em out, you'll be impressed. If you really like the music than search "Behind the Pain" which is a documentary in 4 parts, which you can view all, that talk about his struggle with drugs.
Avatar m tn Sleether songs called fake it. Try white stripes songs called icky thump. Can't wait !!
Avatar f tn So I'm not the biggest fan of generic, old school lullabies. I have a few songs picked out that I'm gonna be singing to her, but I'd love to hear some more suggestions and what you ladies plan to sing to yours or already are.
Avatar m tn BTW...reason why i love deep classic cut station is you hear songs that didnt get a lot of air play back in da day..
599170 tn?1300973893 I tell you what, they don't make them like they used to. Nobody can replace Elvis, the King of Rock. He had the most beautiful voice. It's so sad how he went downhill towards the end. I try to just remember him from his good days.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to stop in an give an update... today is day 10 for me! So excited ot reach double digits - LOL I didn't even realize yesterday was day 9 - bearly even thought about it all day! And yesterday was a HUGE test for me.
Avatar m tn music has helped with this addiction for sure. if you guys have any good songs, especially those u can relate to using or songs that have helped you i would love a list, im gonna make a cd this weekend.
1156346 tn?1294166094 Another good Kid Rock song is "only God knows why" "It's not my time" by 3 doors down is a good one too. I crank this when I have a craving and as sara said "rise above this" is a great tune, one of my favourites.
884770 tn?1244472251 see its working. I knew it. Songs do help! and posting them here will only help those of us who want to hear music as a way to pass time, and think. It does help. I am listening to most all songs listed here to see if they belong on my new ipod, under detox songs, heh. Lets keep this thread running. Its catching on. Thank you for all your help. Im on day 2, ready for 3 and music actually helps me a tad.
Avatar f tn Walk after every meal , squats , lift 5 pound weights (no more than that) its easier said than done..........I tried to stay in shape I failed lol I have been extremely tired and craving sweets like crazy!
908392 tn?1316522899 I love this question. *songs that fuel anger... well, I find Rap music to be very annoying. *songs that make me happy... the earlier Beatles songs, prior to the Rubber Soul album. *songs for self esteem... I can't think of any songs that have that effect. *song that makes me sad... "Without You" by Harry Nilsson and quite a few songs by the 70s rock group, Bread... many of their songs (i.e.
7290973 tn?1403777469 Lucky!!! I'm from Alaska and we didn't even have snow on Christmas! :\ We got to bring our daughter out only 2 times this winter to play in it. We also couldn't go ride our four wheelers after Christmas dinner because there was no snow.
Avatar f tn As for me I took a wonderful hot shower, sat in the lounge, watched TV and tried to style my new hair cut. That was enough workout for me. I had a good time, and I really needed it. One of these days I may even attempt a more traditional workout.
Avatar f tn all of these songs make me a good way! What a great subject to bring up. I am singing away to myself now...
Avatar m tn Well its a brand new day, must get my mind right.....does anyone know of any good music or uplifting music that can help me raise my mood? I usually Jam some christian rock when I feel down, today is another day one of being sober, my tolerance is down so low that there will be little or no W/D thank god! last weekend was HELL!!!
Avatar f tn My baby isnt developed enough to hear good just yet(18+3) but i swear h/s is kicking to Pour some sugar on me lol.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if it is safe to workout while being pregnant I already have gained a lot of weight and I am only 14weeks I just starting going to the gym and then I found out I was pregnant so I stopped I'm already overweight and I am worried about gaining to much weight and not being able to lose it!
454863 tn?1208306979 I don't have this happen really where music "sets me off" so to speak but I only experience anxiety in terms of mood issues and no depression or mania according to the hospital when I was there a few weeks ago.