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Avatar f tn Thank you for your help :)
Avatar f tn Walk after every meal , squats , lift 5 pound weights (no more than that) its easier said than done..........I tried to stay in shape I failed lol I have been extremely tired and craving sweets like crazy!
1379770 tn?1283906677 i did get my meds and they take up an entire shelf of my refrigerator. so i know what you mean hey the thread moved to the cycle buddies september 2010> there are i think 6 of us on there and we would love to have you. i start my lupron injections on this friday morning then i begin my fsh and lh on the 4th with lupron still projected er is the 17 of september with a 5 day transfer planned for the 21st or 22nd.... so how far have you gotten do you have your calendar?
1003723 tn?1306252350 I am trying to do a current post for all the September 2010 due dates, since by now almost everyone should have found out (if they wanted to) what gender their baby/babies is/are going to be. Just thought it would be fun to view everyone whos due around the same time =0) So if you would like to join just go ahead and send me a message with your due date and baby/babies gender. I will post this in a few days, so get back to me ASAP.
Avatar f tn Hi, My last period was August 6 th 2010 and it was suppose to come again on September 3rd 2010. It has been late for 5 days now and I took a dollarama pregancy test at 4 30pm and it came back negative??Is the test wrong??? Im not stressed and Ive been having light head aches since the 3rd of september.
Avatar f tn NOW heres the strange part of this pregnancy my baby was born june of 2012 but he looks like this guy I had sex with only once may of 2010!?!? Why is this? Couldnt of been possible I was pregnant for months! helpppp Another thin does working out cause my stomach not to grow?? Once I started workin in august I worked so much and ate alot at work I would be so sleepy when I get off i.never had time to workout.
Avatar f tn abs, legs, biceps, chest, or back). So every day I'm doing machines for one area plus the cardio (jogging or eliptical). Like I said I've been disciplined and going every day, but I'm getting discouraged because I don't see my body changing.. I realize its only been a month but I am at it every single day, shouldn't I be seeing some results? My diet is healthy too, I have low blood sugar so I eat tons of protein.
637356 tn?1301924822 We Cheer 2 and since my daughter loves to cheer I thought why not. I played the game with her and realized for every cheer you master you open new songs. We played for two hours last night and today I am sore all over. I used muscles I didn't even remember I had!!! Plus it has a workout routine that will tell you how many calories you have burned by the end of the routine! I loved this!!!
898040 tn?1284036509 ) I might check in from time to time but as of now, I am officially done TTC! :) I wish you all the best and hope 2010 is better than 2009!
Avatar f tn I just wanted to stop in an give an update... today is day 10 for me! So excited ot reach double digits - LOL I didn't even realize yesterday was day 9 - bearly even thought about it all day! And yesterday was a HUGE test for me.
Avatar f tn Today is November 1, 2010. My last menstrual period was September 10-15, I believe to have had ovulated sometime between September 21-26. I was very sexually active between those dates, September 26, I do recall having sex with my partner using the pull out method, and he just wasn't quick enough pulling it out, this may be TMI, but I was on top when this happend. I was expecting my next menstrual to start October 19, 2010.
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2207301 tn?1340990867 Had my 28 week dr appointment today and my boy is already head down and measuring perfectly. Heart beat at 142 & I am soo excited! September 30th Dallas William Lee will be here! I just got a tonnn of baby clothes for him and can't stop looking and playing with them. He loves playing the flashlight game too :) if y'all have any cute pregnancy stories please share!
2114766 tn?1334496749 I had the morning after pill yesterday. I also had it around September 2010, these were both due to a condom issue. In 2010 I never got told I couldn't have sex until after my next period, but I got a leaflet with the one I had yesterday and it said that I 'shouldn't have sex until my next period'. Does this mean unprotected or protected or both?! Why can't I have protected sex?
Avatar f tn Well I thought she forgiven me for my mistake but she didnt...she was cheating as well but wont admit to 2010 I find out I was hiv positive and she always threw it in my face which it hurted me. Now she wants to be back with me but Idk cause she still like to talk to her exes....should I take her back?
266539 tn?1281402152 It depends on what type of music your into and what you dont like :)