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Avatar f tn I agree with the above posters. The bouncer is good to have because it's convenient for feeding baby baby food (I never used a high chair). But the swing will keep baby quiet when you need to get things done.
614343 tn?1258045119 Yes, I have one and I love it. The only thing I don't like about it, is that once you get used to the routine, it's pretty slow paced. I do like being able to track my weight and "Wii Fit" age --- because it always shows that I'm "younger" and in better shape than my 60 yrs would imply. It's good for starting out, but once you get used to the exercises, it's not much of a challenge.
Avatar n tn It is good that you are drinking the Gatorade. Good job. Keep up the good work!!! We are all pulling for you!! Read this board as much as possible, watch TV, keep your mind off of the clock.
Avatar n tn I'm 47 years old needing a breast biopsy. I had a routine mammogram that showed a spot (no lump is felt)and then I had a spot compression with magnification . The findings were: Presence of cluster of microcalcifications in the left outer quadrant. They are somewhat pleomorphic. Possibility of intraductal carcinoma. Bi-Rads Category 4. Is cancer probable with these findings and a bi-rad 4 ?. What is the % that it's cancer? I just want to be prepared for the biopsy findings.
1647691 tn?1363727302 Well, Saturday evening the Doctor's office phoned to say that they were sorry, I only had 2 good follicles and the doctor wanted me to go to do an IUI. That just didn't sit well with me because I had only begin the stims 4 days earlier. Why would my doctor just give up on me that easy without letting me continue the stims and be able to gro the 17 and 14. I have been thinking about it since then and that was just not right.
162948 tn?1205256292 i just had the iud out 1 wk and im really want another baby how long will it take before i can get pregnant .. ?? also i heard lol i think its kinda wierd but if u had sex right the day before or the of ur removal u can get pregnant right away .. so how true u think that is..
1294995 tn?1330666336 I shall be here with you and supporting you all through your BFP's. Some good news from my end, I ovulated in this cycle from Clomid....Last cycle was a bust but this cycle seems hopeful. Keep me in your prayers. All the best and thank you for your support girls.
Avatar n tn I actually start being scared and afraid when it comes to making a move on a woman and I know I'm good enough to go out and have a good time but the thoughts of what will happen if this moves forward start to plague me! The last two times was embarassing... I even faked/pretended to be afraid that I have testosterone deficiency and underwent a lot of stress with the doctors! I started thinking maybe this happens only with me! So I started trying to control my masturbation a few weeks back...