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Avatar f tn ) or do some exercises of they do free exercising videos that will help you loose weight :) even though they pretty exhausting they are only 20 min long and I sweaf they are pretty good :3 Fighting! You can do it!!!
Avatar f tn I use it's a free site and it's really good! New videos posted every day and there are exercise challenges and videos to target certain areas.
Avatar f tn Try p90x ... I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks ! It's pretty pricey but there are pirated videos on the Internet for free . Make sure you follow the schedule though. Also eating healthy has a lot to do with weight loss !
Avatar f tn Lots of walking and a lot of yoga! There's videos for exercises for first trimester, 2nd trimester, and 3rd. You could also check with your doctor to see what works best for you and just a heads up if you start doing this early in your pregnancy it shouldn't be hard as you get bigger! Good luck!
973741 tn?1342342773 ve done are fitnessblender and they are amazing! Kick your butt, but amazing, and there are thousands of videos for free!
Avatar f tn I have used Leslie Sansone in-home walking videos for the past two years with good results, lost 40 pounds so far. In my area, they can be rented from video stores or purchased at big box stores or online. She also has some free workouts on Youtube. I was skeptical at first, but being able to walk 1 to 5 miles in my living room when the snow is flying outside is great. Leslie is very encouraging, some people love that, and some don't, but it works for me.
Avatar f tn Not a DVD but if you search pregnancy workout on pinterest they have some nice workouts to do.
284738 tn?1283106819 so i have found this awesome workout that is very low impact go to and on that page there is a free video for a one mile walk... its super easy and soo fun and you burn 150 calories in 15 minutes...
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Avatar f tn These workout videos on Amazon, they had a 3 dvd pack which incl. A pilates video, a yoga video and a simple workout to slim and tone. Im pretty excited, and im gonna try em out tomorrow! I usually dont take the effort to do anything but this is my 2nd preg.
Avatar f tn So I just found out that I'm having twins so I want to start a light workout. Any suggestions on good prenatal workout DVDs?
Avatar f tn Yea I just started the brazillian but lift workout videos and I super like them.
Avatar f tn There are a lot of exercises that can help eliminate arm fat. Check out YouTube for free videos. Google something like "exercise to lose arm fat" or something like that.
435139 tn?1255460391 m doing the pregnancy yoga, and afterwards I feel so much better.
Avatar n tn I came across a big difficulty to find healthy labor workout on Amazon. All of the videos I found are targeted towards moms that want to stay fit during pregnancy and come back to normal weight after labor as soon as possible. Anybody can give a suggestion about names of the videos for healthy labor you like? YouTube videos count too.
Avatar n tn if you have a smart tv or hdmi cord, hook up your tv and watch some very helpful workout videos from shamaroo, you can burn up to 200 calories and it only 20-30 minutes. I work two jobs and go to school so it helps me a lot and it's convenient.
Avatar f tn I think Brenda strong has some videos for prenatal. I know she has fertility yoga that are pretty good.
Avatar f tn Hi!!! I have a similar problem except I live out in the country and it's freezing. I suggest doing Gilad's total body workout or some workout videos. Running in place is also good. Sit ups in your room. And dieting too! Not a very strict diet but a healthy one with alot of protein and heck treat yourself sometime. And don't get discouraged if you don't lose weight fast. It is a very slow process. I Hope you take my advice. GOOD LUCK!
Avatar f tn What do you do for exercise? I get so bored doing my workout videos and dance videos and strength training in my living room and it's over 90 degrees out lately so I'm too uncomfortable for walks. Before pregnancy I did turbo fire which was great but I'm so out of shape now I'd die of I tried it. So what do you suggest to get moving?
Avatar f tn I think Denise Austin has pregnancy workout videos on YouTube
Avatar m tn Like a diet plan,things we can eat,things we should stay away from,a meal plan or something. A good website with like free workout videos and stuff. We are really motivated and dedicated. Both of us are ready to be thin and get our confidence back. We just need some help. Please any weight loose tips you could give would be great. Any help you could give at all would just be awesome Thanks in advance for all your help.
Avatar f tn So I've been doing the INSANITY workout. But stopped last week when I felt that I might be pregnant. Took a test yesterday & surprise!! I am. Ik that^^^ specific workout is TOO INTENSE to be considered "safe" durring a pregnancy, and in no way would I want to harm the baby or put it at risk. However I would like to stay as healthy as I can. & I know exercising can help make the birthing process go easier. So my question(s) to you is/are: How much is safe?
Avatar f tn zumba, yoga, walking, squats, lunges, dance. Check out YouTube for various workout videos.
1931709 tn?1335833095 I use YouTube videos to work out. Type in pregnancy workout and it will show you multiple videos that are safe to do during pregnancy.
193609 tn?1292180293 Hey everyone!! I think it would be a great idea if everyone shared your workout!! What are you doing to get fit? How effective is it? Would you recommend it to others? I currently workout at Anytime Fitness! I love it and would recommend it to everyone! All the cardio machines have a 13 inch TV on them, and have the Dish Network! I love working out there and their weight machines are great! I also just started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred! that 30 minute video will kick your butt!!
Avatar f tn I am trying to find a workout video to help keep my strength and mobility. I have tried a yoga class. Did not do so well at it and personally didn't care for it. Any suggestions? Thank You.
Avatar f tn I can not wait to get back to my yoga class!!!! At first I was scared to go, thinking it was too early. The instructor said the earliness of the pregnancy is fine, but its currently too hot and that I dont want to build too much internal heat. Id say get to a yoga class. Im a first time mom, so I dont know much, but im hoping staying active will help with labor & post pregnancy body. Its important to have an instructor though, unless youre already experienced in yoga.
10947 tn?1281404252 Health Videos are now available. There are a number of ways to view the videos. You can see a list of most recent videos in communities. You can also see videos in searc. Don't forget to comment on the video if you like it (or hate it) and email it to your friends who might find the information useful.
Avatar f tn Im 38 weeks pregnant and still workout!!:) I do 3-4 mile walks, 40-60 squats and some type of 20 minute cardio prenatal workouts (power walks or dance)..just check with your doctor to make sure you are ok with doing it still..but keep up working out!! Its helps with labor and delivery!! Good luck mommies!!