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2063301 tn?1343836674 My left knee hurts whenever I climb stairs or stand up from a sitting position but that pain is much more better than before. My back ache though, there's this pain in my lower back of the right side of my spine which is only there where I bend forwards, when I stand up from a sitting position, when I change my posture while sleeping and when I sneeze while standing up. Along with that if I bend to pick up something heavy like two or three books from the bed even, it hurts then too.
Avatar f tn And be careful about many ab exercises, since many can cause back problems later on. In fact, most crunches work the lower back as hard as they do the abs, and all that twisting can be a strain. Not that anyone knows how to best work the abs, though, as far as I can tell. For six pack abs, quite frankly, most who have them don't get them through exercise -- it's a sure sign of steroid use, since the belly should have some fat.
Avatar f tn Any suggestions for a full body workout. I want to alternate Monday = upper body / Tuesday = 20 min cardio / Wednesday = lower body / Thursday = 20 min cardio / Friday = upper / Saturday = 20 min cardio / Sunday = rest. The next week start Monday = lower body etc. I’m sorry is this too much info I still new at this thing call sharing. So much inside.
Avatar n tn I suggest buying the following 2 books by Mitchell T. Yass, PHD PT Over Power Pain and Pain Cure Rx.
Avatar f tn M,W,F: Arms, chest, back, abs. Th, Sat: Lower body That doesn't have to be the exact schedule, but you get the idea: stagger your workouts so you're not working the same muscle groups on back-to-back days. You can also do FULL body workouts, just 3 days a week, if you dont' want to be at the gym every day and don't mind longer workouts on your gym days and being completely unable to move on your off days. There are things you can do to reduce DOMS: --Decrease inflammation.
Avatar n tn I only workout for about 30min at a time on my lunch break but after i stop, i can barely drive back to the office. i start feeling noisous and faint. I sometimes have to lay my head down for about 20min before i start feeling ok again. if i drink water durring this time or durring a workout it makes me feel even more noisous. any ideas?
Avatar f tn Balance out your ab workout by doing lower and upper ab exercises as well, such as leg raises, knee pull-ins, crunches and stability ball sit-ups. Do 15 to 20 reps, three to four sets and work out two to three times a week. As for the six pack It takes great discipline and a bevy of sacrifices to bring this to fruition. With that being said, it takes even more of a sacrifice to bring a six pack to reality.
Avatar m tn Hello. My girlfriend has been experiencing sharp, throbbing pain in her lower right back around her ribcage for the last two days. This pain radiates to her stomach, causing nausea. The pain isn’t constant, it’s sporadic. She feels fine when the pain isn’t occurring. Lying down versus sitting up seems to make no difference. This pain is something she hasn’t experienced before and she’s not pregnant. It’s not as bad today as it was yesterday.
Avatar f tn I have a herniated disc in my lower back. I'm starting to workout, again at the gym. I'm wondering if there are any ab exercises I can do? Also, what should I avoid? I'm specifically focusing on weight training. Thank you!!
Avatar m tn Hello. My girlfriend has been experiencing sharp, throbbing pain in her lower right back around her ribcage for the last two days. This pain radiates to her stomach, causing nausea. The pain isn’t constant, it’s sporadic. She feels fine when the pain isn’t occurring. Lying down versus sitting up seems to make no difference. This pain is something she hasn’t experienced before and she’s not pregnant. It’s not as bad today as it was yesterday.
Avatar m tn About 4 months later, I started playing badminton, which immediately brought back the lower back pain, except this time it was far worse. I had trouble getting into the car, because the pain from bending over was to much. After a couple of weeks without treatment, the pain was still there: however after I came back from a vacation, it seemed to get a lot better.
Avatar f tn I also do Tae Bo, I don't think it's helping me at all, szome parts of the workout have you do twisting where you twist your waist, and only your waist to get rid of the love handles, it works great and i do not have love handles anymore, but i think it's irritating my lower back too much. I've been doingtae bo for two years on and off.
Avatar m tn I really require urgent help, I am really desperate now... I felt sharp pain in lower abdominal muscle area 3 months ago after working out my lower back on Extensions on a Roman Chair.(known also as a Hyperextension) excercise. The pain SPREAD to my left abdominal area including testicles. I visited many doctors and professionals (sold my bike and spent alot money on them) desperately seeking their aid.
Avatar m tn Hello I am a 19 year old male. I have had arrhythmia's for years now and mine ONLY occur during exercise when the heart rate is elevated. Mine are also not described as what most people call "skipped beats", instead they are like mini episodes of tachycardias or "extra beats" although they don't last for more than a second and is only about 1-2 extra beats following a normal beat.
Avatar m tn Ive injured my back in football working out and stuff and it would heal right up. Does anyone know about stress fractures in lower back? Do they ever heal all the way up or do they always give problems? Did I keep re-injuring to the point where it won't heal? It's just depressing I am to young to be having back problems. any information would be greatly appreciated thank you very much and sorry for the long story.
Avatar m tn I have had lower back pain for 2 years nows. It comes in spurts and usually last for a month or so then goes away. Also in these spurts, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a severe pain that makes it very hard to walk or get comfortable in any position. I have seen a chiropracter twice and he said it is just a mechanical failure, but i am unsure of that. I also saw a Neurologist and he could not find anything wrong with me.
Avatar n tn I consider myself in above average shape due a strict workout regime at the gym (weights 4 days a week, cardio 3 days a week). A couple years back I had this horrible pinch in my lower back, specifically on the left side down where my spine attaches to my pelvic bone (the pain was about an inch above that spot). The pain has since then occurred about 3 times all of which were painful experiences. Just today I was at the gym, i ran 20 minutes so about 2 and a half miles.
Avatar m tn I would sometimes in the past feel low dull aching in the lower back after an extensive weight workout in the gym.....the dull ache began to worsen a bit after getting sick for 5 days and began to worsen a little more after moving (lifting a lot of heavy objects)...Mostly..just a little hard to get out of bed in the morning..
Avatar n tn Never had lower back problems in my life until the IUD Paragard insertion. Now, after standing for an hour or any physical activity, both sides of my lower back feel as if I've been bent over weeding the garden for three days straight. Doc tells me the IUD is in "place", and I tried having a chiropracter loosen me up with little relief. I'm in my 4th month with the IUD, and like others on here, the severe pain started after a couple months with it in.
Avatar f tn Press your lower back into the floor and lift your shoulders, arms, head and chest off the floor for one count. Then, lower your upper body back to the floor. Crunch With Heel Push Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Flex your feet and lift your toes toward the ceiling. Place your fingertips lightly on the back of your neck and let your elbows open to the sides.
Avatar m tn I went to an allergist several years back and he wasn't particularly helpful. So for now, my best solution seems to be to exercise regularly enough to avoid the "new exercise program" pain that always seems to trigger the hives and then to have a good supply of Benadryl ready when they do come. I experience this week-long bout maybe 2-3 times a year now. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Back and Cardio - Lat Pull Down 3 x 12-15 - Seated Cable Row 3 x 12-15 - Back Extensions 3 x 12-15 - 35 mins of cardio + 5 min cool down **Saturday Abs and Cardio - Crunches 3 x 20-25 - Leg Lifts 3 x 20-25 - Trunk Twist 3 x 20-25 - Bicycle 3 x 20-25 (this ab workout will vary weekly based on my progress) - 40 mins of cardio + 5 min cool down **Sunday: OFF Keep in mind that my main goal is to lose 100 lbs total of FAT. That is why cardio is still a main part of my workout.
Avatar n tn The only thing I would do is to test your blood sugar before you workout and if it is anywhere near normal or low, I would just disconnect the pump or lower your basal rate for that hour. Your doctor can give you better guidelines on how to adjsut your insulin when you exercise. I have exercised with my pump and I have never had any problem, other than being in lousy shape. Those pumps are pretty sturdy and stay put pretty well.
Avatar n tn Actually I am not sure if I should call this area of pain the left middle back / lower left back. This pain started in 2005 april when I was exercising in the gym. I was doing PULL DOWN for my back exercise and accidently the weight pulled my back fast before I could release it when I was about to stop the rep. I felt a sharp pain in my back in the area that I had mentioned above. I stopped doing workout for 2 weeks after that. I was also playing gold once week during that time.
Avatar m tn This time, I couldn't walk for 2 days from a half hour workout. My whole lower back is hugely swollen. Hard to stand. I got an MRI and the results are below. I want to know if anyone has any experience reading this? Anything I should be concerned about? And most importantly, any ideas on what I can specifically do to repair it? Exercises, yoga, stretching, swimming, sleeping methods, etc? I don't want to reaggravate but I would like to strengthen the area. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn No heavy lifting (over 5lbs), watch the elbows when you sit down, continue the vit B6, arm splints at night or during the day to keep it straight, get some special computer pads to protect your wrists while typing, and finally, modify your workout so you can lay off the arms for a while. Try this for a few weeks and see if your symptoms improve. GOod luck.
Avatar n tn I am 57 and had 5 back surgies and all of those shots that they give you back then 25 years ago for pain. I had know problem with my back until last Nov when I triped over some wheels on a tray at work. I somehow tristed my back and it has been down hill sense. I can't see how that can get this whole thing started but I am not a Dr. Just need to know what I am up against and what to expect. Nice to see there are more out there with this problem at least someone to talk to when things get bad.
Avatar n tn I have had pain in both testicles, abdominal, and lower back for 5 months now. It comes and goes some times I feel great for 5 days and then it hits me again for weeks at a time. As soon as I get up the testicle pains start and then moves to my abdominal area or bladder. Doctor pushed on my bladder and it hurt, he said yeah it looks like the bladder area. Two doctors game me flowmax but it did nothing.