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Avatar f tn ive been using EVERYTHING hypo-allergenic for 7 months, hand light therapy, anti-biotics,pure vaseline...all of this in 10 months and still wear gloves to do dishes, bath,bath my children, change diapers,clean,,,and wear cotton gloves any other time with somekind of cream lathered 10 months i can count on 1 hand the amount of times ive been able to go without gloves on ...
Avatar m tn Hi i wore some rubber gloves(yellow type for washing plates) and as i have bad excema some blood might have got onto the inside of the gloves, a member of my famil used them about 20 mins later and she had a cut on here hand(she was using the gloves to protect her cut) would my blood have been a risk to her. the reason i ask is because the gloves are airtight and some air would have been trapped inside the glove maybe preserving the blood.
Avatar m tn i would use bag gloves...those heavy bags can get pretty bloody...funny...this is the first time i have thought about the blood on a heavy bag....our bags years ago always had blood on them...and of course its so nice to take the raps off to toughen up the skin...i was always bleeding at least a little blood got spotted on the since hep c can last for days dry..and since your hands may be bleeding a little..i guess i would use raps or bag gloves...
Avatar f tn Contact dermatitis to rubber or latex is my impression.Try doing your workout with cotton gloves if possible.As of now zinc paste should help applied.
Avatar f tn How does everyone workout everyday to stay fit? I am a FTM and I want to stay fit and not lay around the house everyday gaining weight. So can y'all help me ? Please .
Avatar f tn I really recommend pregnancy yoga in your 2nd and 3rd trimester, before that aqua aerobics, swimming, normal yoga and Pilates, gym workout, light jog, stationary bike and cross trainer, anything really as long as you are feeling well and comfortable doing it.
Avatar f tn I was in construction site this morning, my coworker allowed me to use his personal gloves ( waterproof, windproof) because my hands are freezing, i had a small wound in my hands that time and it is not actively bleeding, and i noticed that my coworker have a small wound in his hand, I would like to ask if i put my risk to contract hiv virus in my case, the gloves is windproof so no air should penetrate inside the gloves,
Avatar f tn I am wondering if any one has had a reaction on their hands to wearing nitrile gloves? I started wearing blue nitrile gloves slightly over a week ago and am seeing whitish blisters break out that are prominent after taking the gloves off, but look more like hives later in the day. I used neosporin yesterday and triple antibiotic cream today hoping it would take care of the problem. I have used latex & non-latex before without any problem.
Avatar m tn t see how I could have possibly bled upwards (and there was no trail from the wound to the blood above or anything), so it makes me concerned that the tech may have reused gloves from the prior patient and left his/her blood on me. If the tech directly touched my puncture wound with contaminated blood on his gloves, could this have transmitted HIV? Is there possibly a chance this is just my own blood?
Avatar f tn It is possible you just pushed yourself too hard and your bp went too low especially if you do not hydrate or nourish yourself well before you workout. But the fact you did pass out or if these happened during your workout it is important that you go and see someone to get checked out.
Avatar f tn This is usually caused by the chemical reaction between your skin and the gloves. Before putting on gloves, your hands might come in contact with copper, iron or metal material, such as coins, or you may have heavy acidic perspiration in your hands. This can usually cause brown or yellow stains when wearing gloves. These stains do not affect the barrier properties of gloves.
Avatar f tn I breakout within 2 minutes of putting on vinil gloves my boss saw that I had a problem with the vinil gloves 4yrs ago and told me not to go to doctor[did not want workerscomp issue] got me nitrile gloves no more problems now a doctor told them no such thing as vinil allergy so now they will not provide with gloves I can use even though we are required to wear gloves at our group home and they are to be provided by employer what should I do
Avatar m tn I have just come to test center for HIV blood test, once the nurse go and draw blood from my vein she used gloves. (I knew they are not new gloves) She touched finger on my open vein after blood draw. The test center is crowd. May I get HiV from reused gloves if the prior person have HIV+???
780665 tn?1239026549 hello, i began working part time in a meat counter, and am required to wear plastic gloves, however in recent months my upper hand and wrist have become very red in colour which is being caused by contact with the gloves.
Avatar m tn If latex is the issue, there are also gloves made out of plastic. I wouldn't wear gloves when handling a soapy, slippery baby, it wouldn't be safe. Have you tried Aquaphor or any of the other good skin creams that helps with dry skin?
1688555 tn?1305705515 I went to the hospital for blood, the laboratory had just finished the experiment, ready to draw my blood.I saw blood on her gloves, and I told her to take off the gloves, and her off the gloves, the gloves on the blood splashed into my eyes.She then used her fingers (there may be have blood on it, because off the gloves come into contact with the blood on the gloves) touch my veins, spray a little alcohol, and then the needle. Blood splashed into the eyes at risk?
Avatar m tn I recently was dealing with a crack head and a tiny drop of blood got on my kevlar lined gloves. I immidaitley ran to my car and cleaned it of with a alcohol wipe and then sprayed it was a sanitizer. I was just wondering if I could get anything? I don't have any open wounds on my hand but I do have pleeing hands (due to weight lifting) and 1 old cut that was almost healed.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc, Please help me here - I am going crazy with fear. A couple weeks ago I was opening a box and cut myself pretty deeply with a knife on my arm. I had to go to the local walk-in clinic and get it stitched up. Right after the doctor finished with my stitches, he got called out of the room. Then a different doctor comes in a few minutes later and cleans up my arm where the stitches are and puts the bandage on it.
Avatar n tn m not particularly seeing MS being on the top of your list of possible dx. That could simply be due to the feeling of wearing gloves and or socks is most commonly connected to Peripheral Neuropathy and not so common in MS, though it can be a secondary comorbid issue. Have you had any testing done eg MRI, any nerve testing etc? Cheers.......
Avatar m tn good day I was at the dentist, she removed calculus with hooks before me she had a visitor whose status I do not know, after him she washed her hands with soap and water without removing gloves, then touched my gums, is there a risk if there were remained blood on gloves from the last visitor?
Avatar m tn While a nurse withdraw blood sample from my arm in a governmental hospital in Cairo, she didn't change her gloves, I saw some blood spots on her gloves, she withdraw samples for over 100 persons before me with same gloves, I'm afraid if some one infected with HIV, and she had his blood on gloves, and what the possibility to transfer infection to me in this situation?