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Avatar n tn I develop numbness and tingling in my hands (right is much worse) at night, or if my hand is elevated for too long - e.g., non-ergonomic work station or driving). I use an over-the-counter (Futuro, I believe) wrist brace at night, which pretty much alleviates the symptoms. Because of the palmar rod in my brace, I am unable to use it for driving, and am wondering if anyone can recommend a good wrist brace or gloves to alleviate the tingling and pain that occurs when I'm driving?
Avatar m tn And make the lady wear gloves and also wear gloves. Now my question is can you catch anything?? if you touch her with gloves on and not touch her private but everything ls? I also noticed I have a cut on my wrist. But for the time I was touching her had gloves. Only time I took them off was in the end. And I was not wearing them as I entered the room.
Avatar m tn After a recent heavy-lifting right hand strain with pain, I now have wrist-crease and adjacent forearm pain on the ulnar side, mostly with is done when throwing a football. this has persisted since approximately 5/11/2013. I've also been doing extensive work on my new laptop, especially since 12/25/12, working on researching ancestors, literally for hours at a time, with breaks.
Avatar f tn I talked to the OTL doing my treatments and she thought it could be the protective cloth put on under the wraps. Nope with or without the same. Last night after wanting to find a bridge, I realized that cool lessened it. So I got wraps you put ice packs in and laid it on the bed so my legs made contact. Worked better than anything else but when they thawed back to square 1!
780665 tn?1239026549 hello, i began working part time in a meat counter, and am required to wear plastic gloves, however in recent months my upper hand and wrist have become very red in colour which is being caused by contact with the gloves.
Avatar f tn Wraps help with stretch marks too fyi :)
Avatar f tn I sleep with mines straight out. Try not to sleep on them. Also drink lots of water. Hope this helps. I also had carpal tunnel during pregnancy.
Avatar m tn I saw a nurse with dried blood on her finger blood for me, I call her in a pair of gloves, she said have already done, I will call her poison, she is using alcohol onto the palm rub a few hands, painted with iodine volts on my wrist, again with just with blood fingers touched my veins, and the needle, so will the virus into the blood vessels, HIV infection leads to me?
Avatar f tn Oh, and also, in the meantime, try some ice to see if it helps and perhaps even getting one of those wrist wraps or braces tat you can buy at Walmart or any pharmacy and see if that addded support helps.
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and the doctor used local freezing on my wrist. He wasn't wearing gloves and didn't use an alcohol wipe before he injected the freezing into my hand. If he had dry blood on his fingers and felt my wrist where the puncture site was on my skin, could he push bacteria like a blood borne pathogen, HIV, HEP C into my bloodstream? he then scrubbed up after when he started to perform the surgery.
Avatar m tn I have been working out and about 2 months ago I started punching the heavy bag... And I was punching harder with my left hand with no boxing wraps ... A few days later I started feeling a sharp mild pain on top of my left wrist but only when I would bend my wrist forward/ down towards my palm... It's been on and off like that for a month and that gets me worried because I don't have medical insurance so I can't see a doctor...
Avatar n tn s office (by a nurse I hope - no gloves or uniform) and when she inserted the needle I felt like I had been electrocuted with severe pain on the under side and thumb side of my wrist. She said that has never happened before and I just let it go but it bothers me. There is soreness in the inside of my elbow and I get that sharp nerve pain when I use my hand in a way .. writing, picking up things etc. Should I see a doctor? Should I be patient and give it more time or will it get worse?
Avatar m tn it hurts when i do bicep curls when i workout. i can barely lift anything in my hand with my palm facing up. Can you please help me figure out what it is, i cant deal with this anymore it has been hurting for about four months.
Avatar m tn I saw a nurse with dried blood on her finger blood for me, I call her in a pair of gloves, she said have already dried up, and painted with iodine volts on my wrist, again with just with blood fingers touched my veins, so will the HIV virus into the blood vessels!
Avatar f tn 2.5 years ago I fell of my back and got hit in the wrist. I wore protective gloves so there were no visible wounds but my wrist still hurt. I went to the doctor and got an xray but nothing was out of the ordinary. Since then I have had wrist had hurt again multiple times (only the one that got hurt).
Avatar m tn So tonight I had a woman who says she has Hep A B and C, as her wrist was bleeding badly (I had Gloves on) but alot of her blood got on my open skin and even more on my uniform. So I'm just wondering whats the best way to wash my uniform or if i even can. Is it safe to wash in my own washer and dryer. How long can this live in the open air. How long should I wait to get tested for this?
1336567 tn?1291786348 Technically it may have been there a bit longer, but I usually notice things like this. Anyways, it is on the metacarpal of the pointer finger, and wraps around the side of the bone on the "thumb" side. It's about midway between the wrist and knuckle, making me thing it probably isn't a ganglion cyst. It causes very slight discomfort when I pull my finger toward my palm and is not affected by any wrist movement. Any ideas? Thanks!
Avatar f tn all of this in 10 months and still wear gloves to do dishes, bath,bath my children, change diapers,clean,,,and wear cotton gloves any other time with somekind of cream lathered 10 months i can count on 1 hand the amount of times ive been able to go without gloves on now at a lose, beyond frustrated at the situation,,,and in so much pain, its hard to do just about anything that needs my hands,,,i can actually feel my heartbeat through the tips of my fingers....
Avatar f tn In case of shock epinephrine injections with supportive treatment can help cope with this. While minor allergies can be controlled with antihistamines.
Avatar m tn Sometimes I can put pressure on the wrist without feeling any pain, but then after the excercise I feel intense pain in teh wrist/forearm area. I have done gymnastics and capoeira which include some very wrist intensive excercises such as handstands,handsprings etc... This pain has been coming on and off for 2 days now.I have no idea what this could be.I have been icing the wrist and forearm and resting it also. Does anyone know what this could be??
Avatar m tn And I was punching harder with my left hand with no boxing wraps ... A few days later I started feeling a sharp mild pain on top of my left wrist but only when I would bend my wrist forward/down towards my palm. I continued lifting weights for about 2 more weeks but without the punching bag exercises since I figured the pain came from punching the bag... But I would still feel the mild sharp pain off and on randomly.
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Avatar f tn I've had problems with carpal tunnel for 5 or 6 years because I'm a pianist and used to play for 4-5 hours a day. When it's aggravated, I wear arthritis braces to bed, and they really seem to help. I bought a pair from Wal-Mart for less than $10. They're fabric, tan colored, and have a velcro strap that wraps around the wrist. Wearing them while you sleep and around the house really helps. It's also helpful to massage your carpal tunnels.
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Avatar n tn Yeah, it was only a few days though for me. I find wrist braces at night really help if I have a bout with it.
9798995 tn?1407136289 ve worn these gloves before to clean and stuff too. Well, that same night while my right wrist started to itch. When I woke up I looked at my wrist and it was red, the top of my hand and fingers were also red. The redness stops exactly where the glove stopped. So I'm guessing I've gained a latex allergy. My hand it still itching like crazy, and I've scratched it so much I'm starting to bleed. If anyone else has had something similar how did you the rash to go away?.
Avatar m tn i had my wrist fractured in three places just below the wrist with the ulna and radius bones broken in end nov 2011, and had to undergo surgery with 3 pins inserted to align the bones. I had a full cast upto shoulder for one month followed by a short cast to elbow for a second month. My cast was removed about 3 weeks ago. its now 4 months since the surgery. After removing the cast there was a lot of stiffness during rotation of the wrist (both pronation and supination).
Avatar m tn I've had pain in my wrists for a couple years now without much improvement. I was kickboxing and got kicked in the hand bruising it and tearing my tfcc. While that was healing I developed tendonitis in my other wrist. So now both of them hurt all the time. It's tough to do anything. I can barely drive right now. I'm doing physical therapy and seeing a specialist but I already have an idea of what to do.