Workout gloves with wrist wraps

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211940 tn?1267884866 This spread then to my shoulder, collar bone and shoulder blade. And then to my elbow and wrist on occasion. With sometimes numbness in my pinky finger and the one next to it but that only happened twice. Now is constant and still excruciating if I move just right. I am having this severe pain, at night mostly in my upper arms that even pain medication and naprosin won't take away and it is only getting worse and now it is in both arms.
Avatar n tn I am thin, 5 ft 99 lbs, workout with weights on a regular basis and still have sagging wrinkled skin on my arms. I don't have it on my inner thighs but I am sure that will be next. I thought about titan or another skin tightening procedure. I order some nourish skin tight lotion. I will let everyone know if it helps at all.
Avatar n tn If you can’t take a shower before every workout try microwaving a pillow case with some uncooked rice for 2-3 minutes and use it as a hot pack (it works amazing for deep penetrating heat and is also cheap/reusable). These techniques have worked for me, but I’m not a doctor so use common sense. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I could really use some help, I just lost my insurance so I don't want to go running to the doctor, also I just was at the doctors and found out I have HPV could this have something to do with all the itching and tearing also?? Please help me I'm going crazy here!