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98010 tn?1305903335 I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good workout vidoes for at home exercise. Having young children at home makes it difficult to get out to a gym or aerobics class, but I really want to start exercising more. Are there any videos out there that offer a good cardio workout, are easy to follow, and fun? Thanks for any suggestions.
636152 tn?1227224171 I need to workout a little more. I avoided caffeine today and my pants don't feel as tight.
Avatar f tn Anyone have suggestions on good workout pants? I usually wear fitted spandex pants, but they don't fit my belly anymore.
Avatar m tn to left testicle). I FEEL PAIN in left testicle ONLY when lifting left leg (walking, putting my pants on etc.) The pain is really undescribable. After a 2 month break, I felt renewed ! No pain at all while lifting leg/walking except this small feeling in left leg-abdomen connect area like something is "connected" and holding but still is still weak and about to break. I slowly started running and everything was ok. Next time I went sprinting, after a fast move with my legs.....again.
925700 tn?1243983081 It is time for my size 6 teatering on a size 8 *** to get back into a workout routine, no matter how challenging to get back into my fit size 2/4 pants. Yes I am almost 30. Yes I do know that I am not fat now. But I also know how I feel and what feels right on my small but long frame. This does not work. I am going to write all the reasons that I do not work out: Lack of Time Running late Feeling gross in my workout clothes/not wanting to be seen in them.
10256645 tn?1443208601 Since muscle weighs more than fat, the loss of only 1 pound is progress. Pants very loose now, Wearing new pants belt. For the past couple of weeks I've felt better than in a long time. Easier getting around for sure. Feeling fit. Pretty much. Except for back. Have overdone everything since feeling better, making back pain worse. Oh, to find a happy medium... Contacted neighborhood consignment shop, Margret said OK to bringing my size 18 pants in for consignment since they are too loose now..
Avatar f tn I was with this guy and I had both my underwear and workout pants on. He had his bare penis out and was grinding on top of me. He was still able to basically penetrate his penis inside me even with my pants and underwear still on.. As much as a person could with clothes on.. I hope that makes sense.. It was basically dry humping or sex with clothes on... Is it possible to hiv through this?
Avatar f tn Hi! So today I was at Marshalls, trying on workout pants. I was wearing this jumpsuit and I didn't wear underwear. I'm very paranoid about the possibility of having an std. I know it's not right to not where underwear, I know. I've never done this before so please do not scold me, just answer me :) thank you.
684736 tn?1315548941 ( I decided I needed to workout since I had to leave Zumba early. I hope I can still move tomorrow, but I will workout any way.
Avatar f tn A lot of it could be water bloat weight. I'm 11 w 4 days and have gained 6. I also rely on my scale more than the doctors. He weights me at 4 pm after lunch and stuff!!! Lol. I find that getting in a small workout removes the bloat and the weight. Even just walking 20-30 minutes each day. You'll beokay.
Avatar f tn My question is , I wanna to go back (all time low) 118lbs, but no matter how hard I workout and control my portion and fat intake, I gain back few pounds, and go up to 126lbs. Although I can fit in the same dress and pants(when I was 118lbs). Do you have any idea for my problem? I always feel sad, if I am tired to workout twice a day, or 6 days a week. But if I am going to relax, not really care and control the food and workout, I still can keep the weight not gain too much so.
4665306 tn?1358515341 I bought two stability balls last year, but couldn't really figure out how to get a good workout with them using just the wall chart that came with them. Now that I am using a workout app on my cell phone I decided to try one from there. It was so hard, yet also fun! I look forward to sticking with this workout for awhile. My strength workout days are on M-W-F. I try to fit in a bit of high intensity cardio on the in between days.
Avatar n tn There are great battles to get his pants and shoes just right. When he gets home, he wants to take off his clothes and only wear his underpants. He can't stand to sleep in any clothes, only underpants.
Avatar f tn bought two new work out dvds to add to my workouts and some other workout gear. i'm really going to do it now! i'm tired of my pants not fitting.
553719 tn?1220724188 ) 3) I did not have to use my pants cuff to lift my leg to my knee so I could tie my shoe. :) 4) No one walked into the locker room while I was "au naturel." :) 5) Mine was NOT the biggest *** in the workout room. :) 6) Burned more than 200 calories over all (didn't get an accurate count because of a technical glitch at the beginning, but the last 15 minutes were accurate, and I did 200 calories and 1 mile in that last 15 minutes). Woo hoo.
Avatar n tn I'm 24 weeks and ive only just started showing,my bump seemed t grow over night lol :-)
964234 tn?1331952807 I know this is crazy because I am only 8 weeks tomorrow, but I think I am showing already. I have only gained 2 pounds, but all of my pants are super tight and uncomfortable. I bought a belly band yesterday at Target. Even tried to buy a pair of jeans a size bigger and they are loose everywhere but they belly where they squeeze a little. My lower stomach is very hard and I have a pooch at my belly button.
492921 tn?1321293496 I also just went to walmart and bought several pairs of the danskin workout pants. They aren't maternity but boy are they comfortable and I'll be able to wear them afterwards as well.
Avatar f tn I hated weight and resistant exercise , but recently I add them in my workout about 1 month (2 - 3 times a week). And I can fit in the pant, I have difficult before, but my weight is going few pounds up. I also feel strong and fit, but how can I gain few pounds? And my all time low was 118 lbs, at that time, I even didn't do much of exercise than now. Now I weight 126lbs. But I can fit in the same size dress.
1173196 tn?1292920090 This is a bit embarrassing but I think I pulled a muscle in my groin putting my pants on this morning. I've been having a lot of pain in the groin/pelvis when I walk, and today I lifted my left leg and felt this terrible stabbing in the muscles. Now I can barely lift my leg, I just have to kind of shuffle when I walk. It feels like my belly suddenly weighs 50 lbs. I've also gotten a nasty pain right below my sternum twice while sleeping.
Avatar f tn I know that I got really, awkward after going to the gym because I felt and was fat not muscle anymore, I decided to just workout and little by little I started to tell myself positive things like I am going to get back into shape I don't look good in these pants, so I am going to go to the good will store and buy myself something that I feel good in I am going to lose weight I find these really help me out.
Avatar f tn I dont gain weight easily but I recently noticed that the weight might be going to my stomach. I wake up with a somewhat flat stomach and end the day with it flopping over my pants and poking out through my shirt. I wanted to know if anyone knows why it does that and how to keep it flat all the time.
Avatar f tn I did have a girl on top of me her pants were off. My boxers were on. The bumps are on the waste line of my boxers. There is one that is red I popped that was lower because I didn't know what it was which is why it looks more red. They have no pain. No itching no swelling no pain in urination. They're just there. It looks like it when I look at Google pics online. Have mostly always used a condom except with girlfriends I did not (2 girlfriends).
Avatar f tn I wear leggings/tight workout pants a lot, which seems to irritate the chafing. Maybe it's related to that? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the band fits too high. Sometimes the band fits too low. Ahhh.... I was fine with yoga pants and workout shorts. But it's been getting cooler so I need atleast 1 pair of jeans and boy did I think it would be easy but whew it's time consuming Lol Anyone know of anywhere you can get one size fits all maternity jeans?
1654177 tn?1319842094 I felt very weak this morning, but slept in, then got up and did my pilates workout routine. By the way, if you want good simple strengthening exersise, go to, it's free and amazing. It keeps me strong, and I plan to keep it up, no matter what. Now I feel like an insomniac, I can't seem to get sleepy, it's 11 pm, I feel amped, wierd.
Avatar n tn On January 21st, I went to a stipclub with a couple of friends and I decided to get a lapdance. As the stripper took me to the back, she began to unzip my pants and before you know it, we were having sex! Before we had sex though, she gave me a condom to put on. I am not worried about the vaginal sex but during the middle of intercourse, she told me to give her oral sex. I stupidly obliged and this was not protected. It only lasted a minute or two but this is the part that worries me.