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Avatar f tn Anyone have suggestions on good workout pants? I usually wear fitted spandex pants, but they don't fit my belly anymore.
Avatar n tn 40 year old woman, controlled hypothyroidism, discovered recently that she has high cholesterol, taking levoxyl and fish oil daily I am not but maybe 5-10lbs overweight and am not in a good exercise routine. I try to do the cardio workout once every 2weeks. Yesterday my legs started itching and then my torso. It was itching so bad that it hurt. I immediately got off of the treadmill and within a minute or two it stopped. I am going back today and see if it happens again.
Avatar f tn I've done A LOT of reading and this doesn't sound like herpes, primarily because there are no blisters AND outbreaks typically don't last 3+ months, but wanted to ask here. I wear leggings/tight workout pants a lot, which seems to irritate the chafing. Maybe it's related to that? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn They're too lose for me even in the 3rd trimester. so I just stuck with leggings. you can get the fleeced leggings for extra warmth! and I just bought the belly band and wore my pre-prenancy jeans.
Avatar n tn You would have to research, I suggest looking on the American Board of Plastic Surgery to see what they say about the various procedures. If you cannot afford these procedures, I suggest you do two things. Begin a workout program targeting your legs, search the net for best exercises. AND Start looking now for long, surfer type shorts that hang well below the knee, they are very popular in California with most young males.
Avatar f tn Being that I am not used to the hair down there it is entirely possible that that is what it is.I also have been on a two-a-day workout regimen lately running on a treadmill wearing leggings. The skin that has chapped raw is not scabbing and does not really look like a blister, just looks chapped. Mostly the chapped areas run along the bikini line, but there are also spots above and below the vagina. The rash is sometimes itchy and sometimes painful.
Avatar f tn Before I knew it I had dropped 8 -9 lbs and my kids and friends are joking about the flatlands. My rear seemed to disappear overnight. My jeans and workout leggings are now baggy in the rear. I no longer have a shapely, perky butt. My question to you is: Can I get back what I had 2 months ago? And is there a specific diet to put back on the lost weight in my glutes? Besides squats, what other dedicated exercises do you recommend? My husband is not happy with my new shape. Help!
Avatar f tn can't get warm anyway with the fibro, always doubling up on leggings during the winter. The winter air just makes me freeze up, get anxiety in my chest and middle of my back.... My appetite for lunch/dinner was weaning to later in the day and less food...but at times, I would come home and just gorge myself with food....My weightloss! I was a good size 12, went down to a 10, bought a new pair of slacks, my other slacks and shirts aren't tight at all....SWEET!!!
8526246 tn?1405605476 Could take her because rright now there's no way Mama and a tent in this heat would ever workout lol
1742220 tn?1331360327 its SO hot out its SO hot its been over 105 the past three days OMG I can't hike I have to do another workout cuz I just did my kickboxing dvd and my weights I have to do something inside! what can I do? I was like, I will try to find a zumba class and later on I can hike or walk so alls morning I am googling and hitting these zumba class sites but medhelp they all in Sherman its like those studios Those Women I knows them!!! little La women!! omg those figures those gals have!
1742220 tn?1331360327 ok after working out I put on my boots and went hiking at my home hike. for both the workout and hike I was reeeeely tired. I didn't sleep well and I was all worry about how mh react to my j abt Another Relapse God Meegy you are SO Weak and so I was like dragging my azz ... but it still felt good and I was in my Nature. I promised myself I would not laugh out loud when I glimpsed the little cholla cacti but I did anyways! ha ha ha!
Avatar f tn i honestly have been looking for a solution to this stupid problem forever, i hate wearing tight workout clothes because it sticks out and its so embarssing, i am only 16 years old and im afraid to get close with any guys because of it, i honeslty and sitting here and i am SOO relieved that i have finally taken the courage to look up this problem online. but i do have a question, will this effect my sex life or pregnancy???
Avatar f tn Taking the Benedyl before walking does help, if you remember but it also makes me tired after my workout. I've also used the Bendryl cream which is okay. Can someone out there please get the word out about this and maybe someone could come up with a more permanent solution? This even happens to me if I try to walk in the mall on my lunch hour and I have to find a corner to dig at my legs due to the itching. Aarh! It is frustrating.
Avatar n tn I have to wear very soft leggings under my slacks because I simply couldn't walk if my leg sleeves simply rubbed against my lef when wlaking. Only VERY soft shorts too or else everything burns/stings. As well, only in the last month (this started last April, a year ago) my feet and left hand are very tingly like they are falling asleep or have cobwebs between my toes/fingers. I nearly died from pnuemonia and took Levaquin because no other antibiotic was working. Wish I hadn't.
Avatar n tn It sucks buying pants, and i definately cannot wear leggings without a long top. But i still feel like a woman!!my breasts and my hips make me feel like a woman. i would NEVER consider plastic surgery, i think its just how you perceive it. If people bring it up then f**k them, they're not worth it. It still works! theres nothing wrong with it! I get conscious about sexual contact, but i think whatever..... a p*ssy is a p*ssy, he isnt gunna complain because hes getting some!
Avatar f tn I wondered if it was something to do with the fact that I wear tights or leggings all the time, or if it was to do with circulation. My mother suffers from Reynauds syndrome, a circulatory problem that means blood doesn't reach her extremeties very well when it gets cold. Apparently it's hereditary, and although I haven't experienced any of these symptoms , I wondered if they could be linked - she too gets the "itchy legs" (as does my sister, though less often).
534800 tn?1217170959 I have found that once its happened, doing a strenuous workout doesn't necessarily make it worse, it just doesn't start to go away until you've stopped the activity for a few days. I can be out walking for 8-10 miles (I live in Boston and we can walk everywhere) and if its hot and super humid, I'm guaranteed a nasty bout of it, but I can go run for 8 miles in the evening and it won't get worse.