Throat pain when sneezing

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Avatar n tn My daughter has been complaining of throat pain for the last 3 months. we have taken her to her pediatrician and she couldnt figure out what was wrong with her. We took her to the ENT and he didnt find anything wrong with her. She complains every day and wakes up crying during the night that her throat and ears hurt her. Could this be allergies? we have a dog and a cat in the house. We need some answers im tired of seeing her in pain.
Avatar f tn I have held sneezes most of my life. After this sneeze I noticed a severe pain in my throat. I feel it all the time, eating, drinking, swallowing...but when I sneeze it hurts like heck! When I have to blow my nose and air is forced into that area it really hurts! If I have several sneezes in a row it hurts for a long time after. If I go for a few days with no sneezing or coughing, or blowing my nose then it subsides a little...but it comes back.
Avatar n tn I used to have sever throat pain. After being treated for multiple things and taking every antibiotic and pain killer in the world the doctors finally gave me a steroid shot. Within an hour I was feeling much better. You could ask your physician to take a look at your sinus, as that could be the cause of your problem.
Avatar f tn n today I m suffering from heavy cold.badly running nose, sneezing n now throat pain.very hight throat pain.i m alletgic to dust so u thought its I took allegra120. But now I realized its cold with throat pain..n very bad cold.pls help.i donnow whether i i can take medicine or not.what to do.
1451427 tn?1303205628 i am 33 years old recently i am getting pain in between lungs and stomach when sneezing. this is particularly left or right corner of lungs and upper part of stomach. please suggest if this is serous.
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2083688 tn?1334601661 not only that but they are so satisfying when you do! they actually say that sneezing is close to a tiny orgasm! i always figure you are sneezing for a reason. i don't understand why you would hold them back every time. so i challenge you to let the sneeze out and see how it feels.
Avatar f tn When I know I'm gonna sneeze I get prepared, it hurts my nose, my throat, it sends this pain from middle of my stomach to my cha cha and bottom. Does this happen to anyone else?
Avatar n tn I have a bad cold with soreness on both sides of my neck. The cold symptoms, including sore throat coughing and sneezing, worked from left side to right side and is starting to break but still have an occasional cough and some sneezing.
Avatar f tn ve noticed when my allergies are bad, i.e sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, cough, i get stabbing type pains under my left ribs which are worrying me, it doe's calm down when my allergies do and it's not severe just really annoying and uncomfortable. I don't think it's normal though, but i thought i'd ask if anyone else has had this? Or am i going to have to make an appoitment with my Doctor, hmmm. Xo.
Avatar f tn I'm 39 weeks and every time I sneeze it hurts my belly when my muscles tighten, does this happen to anyone else ?
Avatar f tn Ugh for the last 4 days I have had this annoying cold, sore throat, coughing and sneezing and it only got worse today when my nose got all stuffy and runny at the same time and iv been sneezing so hard I pee myself, I'm soooooo over this iv taken Tylenol but its clearly not helping is there anything else I can do?
645800 tn?1466860955 I've been having a problem with sneezing for quite a while now. I'll have fits where I'll constantly sneeze for 15 - 20 minutes at a time. The sneezing fits happen for no apparent reason and throughout the year and almost daily. Nothing that I have tried seems to help at all. My doctors have also tried various things to help with this (Nasal sprays, allergy medications, etc.).
Avatar f tn A few hours later grabbed a gatorade and when I swallowed i felt a sharp pain on the left side of my throat. Thought it was weird so I tried again. Same sharp/tightening pain only on the left side. I thought maybe I had something in my throat and didn't realize it so I coughed a few times(felt nothing), brushed my teeth, gargled some water, drank some water and am about to have some tea with honey. But every time I swallow it hurts.
Avatar n tn i had two sneezings, before some hours but i closed my nose with my 2 fingers and the air was compressed. As aresult I feel that a point in the midle of my throat is pulled and feel something when i try to drink water etc. Any1 knows if this can be dangerous ?
Avatar f tn Since Saturday, I've been sneezing, I've been having sore throat and a headache. This morning I woke up with a dull pain in my throat. Although it doesn't hurt that much when I swallow, the pain is killing me when I walk or take a deeper breath. Is that usual when having a cold? Thanks a lot!
Avatar n tn The congestion and sneezing have left, however, a sore throat and coughing persists. When I cough, I cough up clear and opaque phlegm. I tried taking Claratin and that seems to help a little. But I'm starting to think that this is beyond allergies and might be a bacterial infection?
Avatar f tn When sneezing I get this quick pain in left side then when I sneeze again it happens to the right side, never both at the same time. It's never happened until yesterday.
Avatar m tn I am a male and had an insertive oral sex with a female partner active with many people.The exposure happend on may 7th and I had no symptom till may 28th when i started sneezing then I started getting Sore throat, and cough with mucus follwed by a temp 98.9. just checked my temp and it was 97.6. I did have tender muscles this morning mostly in legs. Do you guys help me figure out what it is . Are these symptoms of HIV?
484844 tn?1253968693 For the past week or 2 I have had a very sharp pain on the left side of my throat with pain running up to my ear. I is very painful when I swallow. I have a non productive cough that is more annoying than anything else. There are no other "cold" symptoms like fever, sneezing runny nose etc. I was wondering if it could be thyroid related? I was told @ a recent Drs visit my thyroid felt enlarged and my TSH is 4.36. Does anyone have the same issues?