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Avatar m tn I have been sick since around Saturday afternoon, I knew I was getting sick because my throat began to hurt badly. I haven't had a voice for the past couple weeks because I have been on vacation and there has been a lot of yelling/singing involved. When I woke up two days ago on Sunday morning I noticed that at the back right side of my throat there was large red patch of irritation, very sensitive. It hurts to swallow but this is not what I am concerned about.
Avatar f tn Something that I did notice last Friday. My throat was exceptionally and immensely itchy/dry. I'm a bartender and I found myself yelling some, which I do quite often, but that day I wasn't yelling nearly as much as I do yet in one hour my voice was almost gone, which i knew was because of my dry/itchy throat. Again, the question remains what could be causing my throat to be so sensitive. I feel my throat closes up, feels more itchy when im active.
Avatar m tn I lost my voice about two weeks ago from yelling far too much at a party. Since then, I've been able to speak, but I get pain in the left side of my throat and my ear when I talk for more than a minute. In general, I feel discomfort/a small lump in my throat when I swallow which is really what hurts. My voice sounds totally normal, though.
Avatar f tn If its yelling and only yelling, maybe your bf is not used to being around a pregnant woman. Sit him down and let him know how you feel about it. If he is domestically violent, nothing will change that and its best to leave, specially for the childs and your own safety. Dont look for counseling in those situations. Just leave. You control your life not some man.
Avatar f tn I just finished a stressful, crying, yelling match with my husband. I had a sharp pain in my stomach for about thirty minutes afterwards that came and went. The baby was moving around though. Is she ok?
Avatar f tn Breathing, growling, moaning, yelling, roaring... Anything that opens your throat up is actually helpful for birth as it also helps to widen other openings subconsciously... You go with your body and you do what you feel works best! If that includes loud primal noises then good!
Avatar n tn Since chest pain comes with yelling, is there a chance you have high BP. If yes, then LBBB could be due to the high BP and when you are yelling, the BP rises. Go for a 24 hour holter and see if this is the cause. Was a ECHO done to fine the cause of LBBB such as aaotic stenosis and dilated cardiomyopathy? Conduction defect can also be due to coronary artery disease and this can be diagnosed by angiography. I think you need a more extensive cardiac testing. Take care!
455051 tn?1255826518 also can yelling and verbally fighting be harmful if pregnant. It is so hard to talk to an alcoholic, they do not listen so after asking and telling one in a normal voice so many times you have to eventually raise your voice.
Avatar f tn Hello, I just had a miscarriage, 6wks into pregnancy. My question is, could extreme yelling & screaming several times a day at my family cause my miscarriage? Stressing over unemployment? I would really like to know. Would greatly appreciate a response. Thank you.
10221785 tn?1410990458 My fiance even went out and bought a $100 humidifier and it helped me sleep.. for a total of four hours and then I was up due to the pain from my throat. The ER wouldn't do anything for me and my next doctors appointment isn't til Friday but I really don't think I can make it that long. Im in a ton of pain, not eating as much as I should, and I'm so sleep deprived!!! What can I do??!! My poor little man hasn't moved much so I hope whatever I have isn't affecting him.
Avatar n tn 5, but has been as high as 100.5. When I woke up this morning and took a look at my throat using a flashlight, I noticed that it was quite swollen. I do have allergies, and the pollen count is fairly high, so that may be the cause. I am taking Allegra 180mg daily, along with Flonase 60mg daily to help with my allergies. After checking my throat about an hour after seeing the swelling, I noticed that it didn't look as swollen as before.
1448748 tn?1312956208 For instance, tightness in the throat or a sore throat can be just that........ a sore throat, as mine ended up being an acute infection that had nothing to do with my thyroid at all. I often suffer from severe fatigue that has nothing to do with my thyroid; it's pernicious anemia, which can also cause quite a few of the symptoms listed above. I also have several other symptoms that are attributable to other medical issues I have; I sure this would hold true for others,as well.........
Avatar f tn Your symptoms could be due to Vocal abuse, which is due to excessive talking, throat clearing, coughing, inhaling irritants, smoking, screaming, or yelling. Vocal misuse is improper voice usage such as speaking too loudly or at an abnormally high or low pitch. Frequent vocal abuse can cause temporary or permanent changes in vocal function, voice quality, and possible loss of voice. This can be diagnosed by a throat examination.
Avatar f tn Hi, hopefully you can help me with a query. For the last four weeks I have had a strange sensation in my throat. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like I've been screaming at a concert or shouting and that tingling you get afterwards....well I got that! Two things spring to mind....I had Gonorrhea two months ago and got treatment and got cured of it. But could it still be that? They never said I had it it the throat but I've heard you can get it on there...
1180329 tn?1645919480 I was talking and yelling on six flags and it felt very tight on my left side of my throat, almost sort of a paralysis from my jaw to the middle of my throat. I was very happy that day I didnt care too much, but I remember it very well. Then I started to feel tightness after talking too much on that same side and also when smoking cigars. I have also felt a globus sensation, and tightness on the same side of my neck when eating, not always but sometimes.
Avatar m tn hello, im having a little trouble yelling or singing loudly. before, i used to yell and sing loudly for as long as i could without any problems, but now when i try to do that it feels like my throat gets fatigued or i have a bit of disconfort. speaking in a normal volume i have no problem with. All this began when i tried to lift a really heavy object and as i heaved i flexed my neck muscles with too much force. thats when i felt the change.
Avatar m tn my 3 yr old daughter suddenly stopped eating 10 days ago. She ate great before this- anything & everything. She ate breakfast fine that day, eggs & some homemade cake. She had a lollipop before lunch with no issues. At lunch she started to gag on her bologna. She screamed and gagged & spit it out. I figured she ate too much but when she tried again she did the same thing. She won't eat since then. Her pediatrician checked for strep throat. Nothing.
Avatar f tn I think it is, however, a bit of two sides to say he yelled at you so you yelled back because no one yells at you in your house. You both ended up yelling. But if there is a lot of yelling going on, that's not good for anyone. Might be time to reconsider this living arrangement.
Avatar n tn Several months ago, I had a sore throat from screaming too much that turned into a nasal drip. Went to doctor, he gave me medicine, and I recovered, but my cough remained. I got sick several more times but my cough never went away. It's a mucus cough, and I have to clear my throat regularly or it'll go hoarse. I puke regularly (PMS) and I cough out mucus sometimes.
Avatar f tn BTW---No recent injury or anything. Just woke up yesterday and felt a little "tight" and as the day progressed so did the pain. Going from sitting to standing and standing to sitting is almost unbearable. Literally cannot keep from yelling the pain is so intense.
Avatar f tn Another question. I got mad at my boyfriend and was yelling at him, and I tightened up my stomach to yell. I was about 3-4 weeks pregnant last week and my stomach started hurting me, so I just went and laid down. The pain went away but I slightly increased the spotting. Did I mess up?
Avatar m tn Any one have a bad experience with endoscopy? had it done earlier this week with sedation, but sedation didn't work right. I was really nervous, so my adrenaline was high. I felt like a brick that couldn't move while I was moaning, yelling, and gagging with the scope down my throat. It was awful and I remembered most of it. I think they like you sedated, so you can't fight them if you're one of the ones that doesn't respond to the sedation.
Avatar f tn My six-year-old daughter yells at her father a lot. They both have similar personalities, in that when they get frustrated or feel put-upon, they lash out quickly and loudly. I usually have to rush to the scene and smooth things out. This is getting old. Any advice on how to quell her yelling, and help Dad deal with her on a calmer level? I'm afraid they're developing a bad, unloving relationship. She doesn't want to kiss him or sit on his lap.