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Avatar f tn It eventually turned into a sharp pain in the bottom of my throat, and eventually into a sore throat then went away without knowing what it was. This lasted about a month and i forgot about it. Today i noticed a sharp pain while i was breathing. It hurts my whole chest but starts in the sternum. I thought it was a continuation of pain through the knots in my back (minor scoliosis) but i noticed by the end of the day that this is exactly how that strange sore throat felt like last time!
Avatar f tn It feels like something is stuck in my throat. It is not constant but it causes my throat to tighten and it is extremely hard to swallow at times. It is either on the left or right depending on the day. It causes pain by my ear and jaw line. It is also painful to drink or eat. I have also had an excessive amount of drainage, which causes me to hack up the Flem, and have to clear my throat quite frequently. I don't have a docs appt for another week but this pain is killing me.
Avatar f tn I'm 17 weeks 5 day and have a sore throat. What can I take to help with the pain. I drank hot tea and its not cutting it. I heard I can't take liquid children's tynole to coat my throat and help with pain. Is it true? And if so how much?
Avatar m tn i have a sore throat i have had for about 3 and a half weeks, it is not strep throat no patchs and but my md gave me a antibiotic just to be sure, that was 2 weeks ago, i have tryed taking alligery pills just incase, and a bunch of other things, i take 10 mil loracets that help the soar throat pain during the day, do u have any idea what the problem could be, or something i could take to help the pain, i have halls and a throat spray that help for about 5 minutes
Avatar n tn I had a sore throat and I went to ER they gave me antibiotic and I just finished them . Now 3 days later I feel pain in my throat again.what should I do now??
Avatar m tn my throat is killing me and it hurts to spit stuff out and im not coughing my ears hurt too wats the matter with me !
Avatar m tn Sir, I had sex in africa, i have sore throat and headache and body pain with no fever for now. I am talking antibodies for 1 week it is not going.
Avatar m tn If you had low white blood cells and absolute neutrolphils a soar throat could be serious while on treatment. I suppose it could be a reaction to your first injection also, Since you only started 3 days ago it is unlkely that this is the problem. You might have picked up an infection from someone having nothing to do with treatment.
Avatar m tn I am a 31 year old male that has had a sore throat for over 2 months. My tonsils are swollen and it appears to be white patches in the very back of the throat behind the tonsils. My doctor diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and my ENT diagnosed me with acid reflux. I am currently taking 10mg 2x per day of Omeprazole. The ENT stated that it would take up to 3 months of taking the medication to see any change in the throat.
3142113 tn?1343379632 hi. my throat remains sore n while looking through mirror i find rednes inside my throat. At the same time i am suffering from hypothrodism. Is sore throat a symptom of hypothyroid or other infection or allergy as i had antibiotic n allergy med bt it z nt getting away.
Avatar n tn Started out 15 days ago with a sore throat, vertigo, off and on with plugged nose every day and pressure in the ears, itching in ears. Yesterday the back of my tongue became very sore to the touch. Eyes watered to swallow it hurt so bad (glands not swollen). Didn't sleep last night from pain. Went to clinic as walk in and they did strep test, WBC, listened to my breathing and looked at my throat and ears.
Avatar f tn t any pain nor have I experienced fevers or fatigue during this sore throat. I have seasonal allergies and was wondering if this could be the possibility of what's causing my sore throat.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had a sore throat on my left side for just over 2 weeks. It started as a cold, I ended up with Pink eye. I thought I was getting better but the left side of my throat is very sore. I can get through the day as long as I am sipping something hot but by bed time it hurts to swollow and to talk. Tylenol will help so I can get to sleep but it is still uncomfortable. My question is how to know if I should go see the dr. I do not take antibiotics unless it is absolutely needed.
Avatar f tn I am 28 weeks and have been experiencing a really bad sore throat along with a small cold. What should i do to get rid of the throat pain because i can't sleep or barely swallow anything. Any suggestions?
1380573 tn?1279131602 Hi, For a few days now have had pain in rt. side of throat and ear area when swallowing . Had the sniffles couple of days ago. Would like to rid the pain. Energy level has been very low.
Avatar f tn day after woke up with pain in pharynx and on antibiotics but doing no good. throat very sore esp after being on phone. no pain in vocal chords. any tips? virus?
Avatar n tn I have had a sore throat for the past few days. I have also had as high as a 101 temperature. My head aches and feels stiff in the back. I have recently given my boyfriend head after having had sex on my period. He said he washed his penis before allowing me to give him head. I am freaking out because i have been in pain and am scared to go to a doctor. Should i be worried about this being some sexual infection? Thank you!
Avatar f tn the other day i had a sore throat, and my neck glands were pretty sore. i used some throat spray twice, and the next day my sore throat was gone, but the excessive neck pain seems to be getting worse, not better. hiccuping, swallowing, chewing, it all makes me wince with a pain level of a 7 from 1-10. i've had mono in the past, and i feel like it's almost that all over again... but it's just the outside of my throat. internally when i swallow, my throat is fine.
Avatar f tn What's good for sore throat? Since im pregnant I can't really take anything medicine. I took a tylenol aceteaminophen extra strength 500mg. It says adults take 2 every 6 hours . But I only took one. I'm afraid ,I might take to much since I'm pregnant. Didnt took the pain away ,the pain kept me up all night long.:( Any remedies that I can make at home??? Or any advice? ? My doctor appointment is on the 19.
Avatar f tn My throat is so sore that it actually physically hurts rather than just being a little bit sore. Anyone know of anything that might help take the pain away that I can actually do?
1079987 tn?1258040916 But everytime my neck gets extremely bad and I have an awful headache (like today) I get a horrible sore throat. I was just wondering if anyone else expirences this or knows of anyone who has. Thanks, any suggestions on how to make it feel better would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I am starting to get a small cold. So far its just burning eyes, I've been sneezing, my nose is runny & my throat is so sore. The sore throat pain is the worse. Since I cant call my Dr right now, what can i take for the soreness? I read that honey, lemon & water works but that sounds nasty right now & i dont want an upset stomach on of it. I read cough drops are ok but then that they are not. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Have had sore throat for 3 months now. No itching or coughing. Saw ENT DR. Sent me for barium swallow test . Came back normal. Changed my acid reflux medication to dexilant-that seems good. Next he sent me for a CT scan of head and throat. Sinuses looked ok-only thing they noted was to check for vocal cord paralysis. Dr. thought it looked ok when he scanned me in office. 8 weeks later, throat is getting worse. I try not to talk too much because that worsens the pain in the throat.
Avatar m tn You have multiple negative tests, thus conclusively you do not have HIV. I do not doubt that you have a sore throat but to expect it to be due to HIV with multiple negative tests is unrealistic. Furthermore, had you had the ARS, the sore throat, accompanied by other symptoms would have come and gone by now. My advice is to stop worrying about HIV an see a health care provider to get their assistance in sorting this out. If a GP is not helpful ask to see and ear, nose and throat doctor.