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Avatar m tn Hi, when I talk normally in a conversation, after about 15 minutes I suddenly feel breathless and need to cough once or twice, then I might be ok for another 10 minutes, then it repeats, any ideas please? My left side of chest feels different to the right, hard to describe how, slight discomfort but not pain, a bit like how your throat feels if some saliva "goes the wrong way".
Avatar f tn I still am swollen and taking my steroids and antibiotics. The only complaint that I have is that when I talk to much (never) and or sing, my throat feels like it swells up, is that possible. I know the choking feeling she said could take MONTHS to subside, (torture for someone with anxiety issues). Oh and the other things was, she wants to wait 4 weeks to ck my levels, should I have them done sooner.. I had a right lobectomy that was Papillary Carcinoma.
Avatar n tn i have a throat pain for three days.i have no cold or problem with swallowing.but while talking i feel pain .i have not yet taken any medicine. i am just using mouth wash and hot water with salt gargle .i feel comfort if i stop talking .what should i do now?
Avatar f tn My father, 45 years old, has unproductive cough mainly while talking for approximately 5 years.He feels on pain in throat. He can't talk loudly, sound of his voice has become slower. He has a habit of snoring for many years. He has diabetes and mild allergic problem. What may the cause be ?
Avatar f tn Deep down into my throat it fell like wine alcool fium. So when I talk or sing it feel like my voice slip like when you loose grip when you walk on ice! I have this condition for years and comes and goes. I can't use a/c at all, it make it worst butdon't think that is the cause! It feel like it is at the base of my vocal cords and always have that urge of coughing it out! After a wile it becomes irritate and inflames to a point that I, sometime loose my voice!
Avatar f tn ve been talking, usually loudly or when i laugh and a very sharp pain cuts me off and it feels like it chokes me. I'll try and make the noise again and it chokes me. It feels like i'm being stabbed through the left side of my neck and cuts me off. It will go away within an hour usually and isn't consistent.
Avatar n tn My voice has came back but for a month i have a sore throat. No swollen glands or anything like that. Feels like a tear in my throat. Any time i talk now for any period of time it gets worse.
Avatar n tn i am 10weeks pregnant and i have pain in the throat during swallowing which medicine should i take
Avatar m tn from the last 4 months I am getting problem to speak because of little pain inside my throat below .Sometimes pain after talking . no pain to eat and swallow . Please give me an advise ..................
1218041 tn?1310337812 ve been having problems swallowing anything, when i swallow it feels like i have a ball stuck in my throat and it hurts all the way down to my chest. The pain is very distracting, it makes me not want to eat. Any idea what i might be?
Avatar n tn It appears that when you speak and start to cough, the throat is aggravated by an irritant. Coughing is the body's natural response to get rid of irritants. The voice needs to be looked after like any other organ. Keeping it lubricated by drinking enough fluids (not alcohol), avoiding irritants (not always possible), not shouting, but knowing how to throw the voice without straining the larynx and resting the voice.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the reply. Both my glands feel absolutely normal. I know what swollen glands feel like when you have a cold, and both mine feel normal. I've found that when I'm eating, the pain usually goes also goes away for a while after a hot shower...weird. If it persists for a few more days, I'll go see the doc at the Health clinic at university.
Avatar m tn A couple of weeks ago I realized that i was having trouble hitting higher pitches when I was talking. It also feels like theirs something in my throat. I cant sing anymore except in a lower tone without going up. I find my self running short on breath as I talk at times. Im not in pain, just curious about whats going one.
Avatar n tn t had anthing to drink in days (but my mouth and throat are not dry). The pain is not in my throat, but more toward my right ear. There is no swelling, and it seems to mostly hurt when I am just swallowing saliva.
Avatar f tn my voice tends to get husky after a day of talking(normally). also if i try to partake in a little alcohol it makes my throat hurt. i feel like i have a knot behind my esophogus. i try to eat healthy and i used to exercise. i get 8 hrs of sleep at night but have no energy. its effecting my parenting, i need to be able to be active and have fun with my children. i have no health insurance and i am afraid i may have throat cancer or something that needs to be seen about! please help!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Almost 21 weeks here having trouble sleeping severe lower back pain and pain on the sides of my thighs from lying on either my right side or left side for hours in an attempt to sleep tell me I'm not alone
1157667 tn?1262528952 So even me being there for only two hours, talking to my patients made my throat hurt. When I bend over I feel like all the blood is rushing to my throat and it just throbs. My gland on the R is just huge ! You can see swelling just looking at me on my neck. What can I do for pain treatment, what may this be ? I do get stuffed up still on occ. but only on my R side. So is this a bad sinus infection ? Im trying to hold out till Monday to see the MD .
Avatar m tn I am also facing same issue. When i speak i start feeling pain. I cannot speak more than 15 mins.. I feel relief when i chew something.