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Avatar f tn n today I m suffering from heavy cold.badly running nose, sneezing n now throat pain.very hight throat pain.i m alletgic to dust so u thought its I took allegra120. But now I realized its cold with throat pain..n very bad cold.pls help.i donnow whether i i can take medicine or not.what to do.
Avatar n tn My daughter has been complaining of throat pain for the last 3 months. we have taken her to her pediatrician and she couldnt figure out what was wrong with her. We took her to the ENT and he didnt find anything wrong with her. She complains every day and wakes up crying during the night that her throat and ears hurt her. Could this be allergies? we have a dog and a cat in the house. We need some answers im tired of seeing her in pain.
Avatar f tn I have held sneezes most of my life. After this sneeze I noticed a severe pain in my throat. I feel it all the time, eating, drinking, swallowing...but when I sneeze it hurts like heck! When I have to blow my nose and air is forced into that area it really hurts! If I have several sneezes in a row it hurts for a long time after. If I go for a few days with no sneezing or coughing, or blowing my nose then it subsides a little...but it comes back.
Avatar n tn I used to have sever throat pain. After being treated for multiple things and taking every antibiotic and pain killer in the world the doctors finally gave me a steroid shot. Within an hour I was feeling much better. You could ask your physician to take a look at your sinus, as that could be the cause of your problem.
Avatar n tn I have a bad cold with soreness on both sides of my neck. The cold symptoms, including sore throat coughing and sneezing, worked from left side to right side and is starting to break but still have an occasional cough and some sneezing.
2083688 tn?1334601661 thank you factorymomma for clearing that up! i was reading and thinking someone had to stop the madness! i don't understand why you would resist a sneeze at all? its not like its impolite to sneeze or anything. not only that but they are so satisfying when you do! they actually say that sneezing is close to a tiny orgasm! i always figure you are sneezing for a reason. i don't understand why you would hold them back every time.
Avatar f tn When I know I'm gonna sneeze I get prepared, it hurts my nose, my throat, it sends this pain from middle of my stomach to my cha cha and bottom. Does this happen to anyone else?
Avatar f tn I am starting to get a small cold. So far its just burning eyes, I've been sneezing, my nose is runny & my throat is so sore. The sore throat pain is the worse. Since I cant call my Dr right now, what can i take for the soreness? I read that honey, lemon & water works but that sounds nasty right now & i dont want an upset stomach on of it. I read cough drops are ok but then that they are not. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I have a slight cold too, runny nose yet blocked at the same time, dry sort of itchy throat and sinus pain. Not enjoying it at all. I just have a warm shower,hot enough to steam up a bit as the steam will help loosen congestion.
Avatar f tn Me too...
7649706 tn?1396014742 I have a soar throat,ear pain,runny nose and sneezing. Is it allergies or cold! And what is safe to take?
697772 tn?1228060328 Two weeks after my sexual encouter, a terrible pain on the right side of my neck developed. My sore throat got worse one week after that neck pain. I also had this mild fever (37.3 C), nasal congestion, watery eyes and sneezing. All of my symptoms gradually disappeared in a few days, all except the nasal congestion and the neck pain. Five days later I was with a sore throat again and also productive cough, mild fever (37.3), nasal congestion and this neck pain that never disappeared.
Avatar n tn I have a sore throat, sinus headace, sneezing and stuffy nose....I believe its allergies, since its happend 2 times in the past 2 weeks....
645800 tn?1466860955 Hi Dennis, I can relate a little, I´ve had a different sneezing than usually. It is like I can´t control the muscles in my mouth, and my sneezing is very "messy" instead of me usually sneezing very quietly with closed mouth for all my live (mom sneezes the same way). My sneezes changed last fall sept-oct when I was in some kind of flair (alot was happening, but begun with tight throat) and then I´ve been having a very simular kind of flare, last for over a month now.
Avatar m tn Sometimes even simple things like the smell of perfume and dust causes sneezing. Also once the sneezing starts it goes on continuously till i take some anti allergy medicines like cetzine.This has been going on for the past 10-12 year. It is always followed by a throat infections which gets relieved after a dose of antibiotics. But now the problems are getting worse. After even one sneeze i get to feel heaviness in breathing and start getting a pain in my upper back and neck.
Avatar n tn i had two sneezings, before some hours but i closed my nose with my 2 fingers and the air was compressed. As aresult I feel that a point in the midle of my throat is pulled and feel something when i try to drink water etc. Any1 knows if this can be dangerous ?
Avatar f tn Hey my first pregnacy I had a flu like symptoms sore throat sneezing ect and I also got cold sores I had a mc at 5 week's in november. These last few days im feeling pregnant again I have 2 cold sore on my lip my throat is sore and im sneezing alot. Also iv been having pains cramps pressure in my belly. This is how I know im pregnant again every one is different tho .
Avatar f tn A few hours later grabbed a gatorade and when I swallowed i felt a sharp pain on the left side of my throat. Thought it was weird so I tried again. Same sharp/tightening pain only on the left side. I thought maybe I had something in my throat and didn't realize it so I coughed a few times(felt nothing), brushed my teeth, gargled some water, drank some water and am about to have some tea with honey. But every time I swallow it hurts.
Avatar n tn The congestion and sneezing have left, however, a sore throat and coughing persists. When I cough, I cough up clear and opaque phlegm. I tried taking Claratin and that seems to help a little. But I'm starting to think that this is beyond allergies and might be a bacterial infection?
484844 tn?1253968693 For the past week or 2 I have had a very sharp pain on the left side of my throat with pain running up to my ear. I is very painful when I swallow. I have a non productive cough that is more annoying than anything else. There are no other "cold" symptoms like fever, sneezing runny nose etc. I was wondering if it could be thyroid related? I was told @ a recent Drs visit my thyroid felt enlarged and my TSH is 4.36. Does anyone have the same issues?
Avatar n tn Woke up with now mild throat pain and runny nose in left nostril only. No cough, or Fever or Aches. Wednesday: Woke up with to throat problems, now fine. Runny nose got worst and a lot of sneezing. Headache only in mourning for a few hours which has pasted. Dull ache by armpit and chest. No cough, or Fever or Sore Throat. Im thinking its the flu? I could run a for hours if i wanted to.... Just my nose and head are like mush....
Avatar f tn Hi i have been sneezing, n sneezing i have a blocked nose really irritated ears enoying itchy throat ive had cough medicine but it dont work .. i have head aches ,chest pain on n off. ,ive got dry irritated itchy skin with dry. Rash looking spots on top of my stomach and under my arms it enoying ...
Avatar f tn Since Saturday, I've been sneezing, I've been having sore throat and a headache. This morning I woke up with a dull pain in my throat. Although it doesn't hurt that much when I swallow, the pain is killing me when I walk or take a deeper breath. Is that usual when having a cold? Thanks a lot!
1100851 tn?1345729474 With sinus infections you should have facial pain or pressure. It could most probably be tonsillitis and a throat infection. Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics.
Avatar m tn sneezing, sore throat,'ve got a cold...NOT to be confused with ars symptoms.
Avatar m tn Iv been dizzy with vertigo and can't control my symptoms.. All day I'm sneezing and have trouble breathing from the nose.. But the sneezing is filled with runny nose and the need to blow out. I also have vertigo that won't go away and is alarming.. is there treatment out there for this?? I also have fluid in my ears in at night I it causes pain because I feel it way inside my ears..
1399033 tn?1449587779 If anyone remembers, I had a sore throat for a few days that was really painful. It's calmed down a lot to where I don't even feel it. But now I am constantly sneezing! I mean at least 200 sneezes just today. I'm constantly blowing my nose and when I'm not sneezing I have the urge to constantly. I do cough but I think it's just getting over the sore throat I did have. I literally just broke down crying earlier because I'm sneezing so much.