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Avatar n tn 00a.m. this morning left leg pain, bad chest pain (had three glasses of red wine and a lot of chips) when I could not go back to sleep I took a baby aspirin and two tums. Never really got back to sleep. then it feels strange to swallow like something is in my throat, slight pain in my back, headache. I feel a little better the pain in my chest is now under my right breast - I've also been under a lot of stress lately - so I'm thinking this all may be stress related?
1814992 tn?1316890851 Then at night I felt burning sensation in the upper chest which was spread to throat and jaw , the discomfort last 15minuites or so, and then I felt burned chocking feeling inside the throat, with bit cold sweats . In the morning I looked pale . Im not sure if it heart attack or heartburn or something else. I didnt experience any shortness of breath, dizziness , fainting . I even think that it could be nerve demage . I dont know...
1547952 tn?1293907781 The symptoms you describe are what I felt leading up to another heart attack. Throat discomfort is always my first symptom and my warning. I remember my first time feeling this symptom, everyone kept telling me it was to do with heartburn. I was 46 years old, and was pretty sure I knew what heartburn felt like. This was totally different, it was a horrible sensation, nothing like a burning. Another clue as to whether or not this is angina, is when it occurs.
Avatar n tn My Dad had a Stent placed after a heart attack one week ago. He has been having jaw pain all day. Should we be worried?
Avatar n tn now i get up in the morning with a chest pain in my heart side and i feel weak because my whole body hurts. i am scared i am having a heart attack. i went to the doctor he tested and he said i did not have anything and he thought it was a muscle. he gave me some medecine and said only take it when it hurts. oh also when it hurts i feel something in my throat like someone is grabbing there to keep me from breathing and it hurts really bad in my throat too. what do you thinki i might have?
Avatar f tn Is it normla to feel pain in my throat/chest. Now its nit acid reflux i know what taht feels like. It hurts to swallow even water.
Avatar m tn i had a DES placed in heart artery 8 weeks ago, (70%) plaque blockage - 61 yrs of age female.after what dr called "mild heart attack.. woke up at 2.30 this morning, severe pain in shoulders, took axnax, and it helped me go to sleep. now 12 hour later i have a cramp like pain in my most upper chest against my throat, radiating into my throat.
Avatar n tn I had an episode that masked as full blown heart attack for which I took nitro and it went away. I took nitro the pain went away. I tool a drink of water that caused a slight pain in the side of my neck. I felt like I had to burp and tried to. i became nausiated, then a rush feeling went to my head.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you describe are typical for a heart attack in a woman. Woman will normally feel pain n the back rather the chest and mostly radiating to the jaw. The fact that it only lasted 15 mins is a good sign, but given the nature of your pain along with the timing, 4 am to 9 am is the most common time for a heart attack, I would be getting checked out.
Avatar f tn t come across that issue, lastnight thought my hands and feet got numb and heart pounding thinking I was having a heart attack, went to hospital today for him to tell me it was a panic attack, but I feel I need to be on something that can make me relax
Avatar n tn heard jaw pain part of symtom of Heart attack....I have noticed at times it feels like someone is grabbing me and my throat gets really really tight like a hand is around it....cutting off blood supply to my head...what is that...could it be musular or is it heart related?
Avatar n tn I have been under a lot of stress, no question there. About a week ago out of nowhere and not having eaten I suddenly felt like I had a huge lump of something in my throat, felt lightheaded and odd and tingly and my jawbone started hurting like an absessed a few minutes it started subsiding and after only another few minutes all was gone.
Avatar n tn ) the symptoms are, I start sweating,then get extreme throat pain, followed by extreme pain across the chest, under the armpits the front and back of the upper arm mucles, this lasts normally for anything from 20 to 40 mns before the pain subsides, over the last day 2 days I have been taking nurofen 200mg each time an attack occurs, this helps control the pain quickly, but you are not supposed to exceed 6 tabs inany 24 hour period. I sometimes take 1 tab anywhere from 2 hours to 2.
Avatar m tn If it is, the answer is yes, it could be heart disease or indigestion, musculoskeletal pain of the chest wall or somehow related to the prior cancer and its treatment but, even, after careful examination, it can be difficult for skilled medical personnel, including doctors, to distinguish between the two without further testing. My strong advice is that you seek medical care immediately, either from your primary care doctor or at the nearest Hospital Emergency Room.
Avatar n tn I had a heart attack 9 yrs. ago and had a stint put in and all was well until this fall where I blacked out from pain in my chest. Taken to the hospital and had several tests run and all was clear. 2 monts later expierienced pain in my throat and chest while in a cardiac excersise program while on the treadmill 7 min.
Avatar n tn Are the symptoms of heart attack similar to first attack. Can they be entirly different. Can someone please share such information or guide to such source of information Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn wife, 58 years old, was admitted to OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY MC WITH SEVERE CHEST AND MANDIBULAR PAIN RADIATING TO ARMS. Diagnosis CHF and heart attack. Administered Nitro. Pain relieved. She was admitted NPO. She was not allowed any food or water for over 26 hours. She did not receive any IV NACL for the entire 26 hours. After 12 hours admission she suffered another coronary event. After 26 hours NPO I complained to the Nursing Supervisor, who contacted Med Service. Water was allowed.
Avatar m tn Hi, The other day i gotten a really bad pain in the right sick of neck then the pain traveled down in my throat and then chest. I went to the hospital and the test showed I had no heart attack. Could I have a blocked or clogged artery in my neck?
Avatar m tn I recently had a heart attack and had a stent (LAD) put in. I have experienced pain in my left shoulder ever since the surgery. I have trouble discerning if this is related to a heart attack or to bursitis. I find it hard to articulate pain to the doctors. They recently gave me a nuclear stress test. Everything checked out well. I am going to have ultra sound test on my upper extremities tomorrow. Just today while taking a nap I felt this gurgling in my heart.
Avatar m tn About two years ago I woke up in the middle of the night with great pain in my left arm and it felt like my throat was closing, It passed after about 10 mins. abot a month later I was walking up a hill checking out my hunting grounds before deer season cut a few branches and the pain was back buut much worse this time I laid on the ground for an hour in great pain until it passed again.
424634 tn?1277857528 Luckily he could sense something wrong and got my BP and ECG. I was having severe heart attack. I survived that attack but with reduced heart function and a stent in one of my arteries. This was about 15 months back. I do not want to scare you but want to let you know that in my case the heart check did not indicate any heart problem.
Avatar m tn I had my first heart attack back in May this year which resulted in my having a stent fitted. I cannot shake off a continuing feeling of chest discomfort radiating to my throat and also accompanied by on/off nausea and dizzyness/light-headedness but no actual chest pain like the attack. Does anyone else have this? I have been blaming it on the cocktail of drugs that I am taking but dont know if this is correct. Can anyone advise?
Avatar f tn Just to add. You say it can go on for about three hours. If this is due to the heart, I don't think you would experience it this long if eating is the cause. Once emptied from vomitting, the stomach calms down and requires less oxygen and the heart relaxes. I had this problem with my heart attacks. Everytime I ate something, within 5 mins I was sweating with pain in the chest and vomitting. It lasted about 15-20 mins and then stopped.
Avatar n tn Last sunday while sitting in the boarding room waiting for my flight, I suddenly have a very bad pain in my chest, followed by pain in my throat and sharp pain in my teeth and also my head. It was so painful that my tears also come out. Few years back I ever did ecg test but the result is good. Few years back I also experienced a sudden change in heart beat. The heart beat suddenly very fast and normally i will not move myself until it back to normal. If i move i might collapse.
Avatar n tn I'm 34yro and for the past week have been experiencing chest pain. It starts from my throat to the middle of my chest (more towards the left side of my chest). I have a lot of tension in my shoulder blades but I think it from running the way I hold my arms and posture. I'm afraid of a heart attack. I'm also a runner and on my last run, I felt some tightness in my chest to the point of putting my hand on my chest.
Avatar n tn * Heart Palpitations, tachycardia (racing heart) heartburn or chest pain * Numbness or tingling of the mouth, hands or feet * Dizziness, faitness, lightheadedness, poor concentation, blurred vision or a sense of losing control * Shortness of breath, choking sensation * Difficulty swallowing, lump in throat, stomach pain or nausea * Tension, muscle pains, shaking, or muscle spasms * Sweating, anxiety, fatigue, weakness, poor sleep or nightmares.
Avatar f tn I actually went to the ER about a year ago because the pain was bad enough to make me think that I was having a heart attack. Please help. I thought it was just the Fibro but I hate to think this is something that I will have to live with the rest of my life. I also don't want to have something more serious happening and miss it. Could it be my thyroid?