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Avatar f tn After that I started getting pain directly over my heart within a minute of starting to jog.. it goes away after a few minutes but It can get pretty painful. I don't feel tired when i get the pain. I was in for a low heart rate a few months ago and had to wear a holter monitor, but they assumed it was low (between 30 and 40) because I was an athlete. It has risen to the high 50s now and i have even experienced palpitations lately (up around 100 bpm)...
Avatar n tn I have been under a lot of stress, no question there. About a week ago out of nowhere and not having eaten I suddenly felt like I had a huge lump of something in my throat, felt lightheaded and odd and tingly and my jawbone started hurting like an absessed a few minutes it started subsiding and after only another few minutes all was gone.
Avatar f tn Is it normla to feel pain in my throat/chest. Now its nit acid reflux i know what taht feels like. It hurts to swallow even water.
Avatar n tn Three months ago, while bowling, I experienced extreme throat pain. Rather than raise a fuss, I continued bowling. The pain continued into the next day. Since then, I experience periodic throat pain. US 9/10/08, both lobes of thyroid normal, complex cystic area on R & sm. cyst on L, along lateral aspects of thyroid. Could be multinodular goiter. 9/18/08, Iodine 123 nuclear scan, showing severe hypofunctioning but no hot or cold nodules. 6/24/08 TSH 3.36.
Avatar f tn I have heart burn and pain in my chest and the right side of my throat and there is pain in my upper back is ther anything to worried about
Avatar n tn I have been having chest pains, side pains, sore throat, and pain in my stomach for the last month or so. What could this be. I thought it was acid reflux.
1547952 tn?1293907781 artery was 100% blocked and has damaged left side of heart.over past week I have noticed alot of throat discomfort and pain can anyone relate to this feeling and could medication cause some of this. any advice would be welcome thanks .
Avatar n tn 00a.m. this morning left leg pain, bad chest pain (had three glasses of red wine and a lot of chips) when I could not go back to sleep I took a baby aspirin and two tums. Never really got back to sleep. then it feels strange to swallow like something is in my throat, slight pain in my back, headache. I feel a little better the pain in my chest is now under my right breast - I've also been under a lot of stress lately - so I'm thinking this all may be stress related?
Avatar f tn I am a 45 year old female with Fibromyalgia (I have had this about 10 years). I have had throat pain for around 13 years. It started as a slight tickle, then progressed to a frequent "throat clearing". I now have a very sensitive gag reflex so that I have trouble eating sometimes. If food touches my throat, I can begin to cough; this can either lead to more coughing or vomiting. If I have a coughing fit, it causes my head to hurt around the temple area.
Avatar f tn I have had throat discomfort in the form of pain/burning constantly for 2 months. Sometimes my upper chest hurts also. I do not have any problems swallowing. It is not painful to swallow. I was ill when it all started. My throat felt like it had pop rocks popping in it at night time. Also at the start, I noticed heart PVC's. A 24 hr halter monitor showed over 1000 pvcs. I haven't felt any heart palpitations for over a month now.
Avatar n tn I have been having sharp pains in the middle of my chest. The pain goed up into my jaw and ear. What can this be? I have high blood pressure.
Avatar n tn heard jaw pain part of symtom of Heart attack....I have noticed at times it feels like someone is grabbing me and my throat gets really really tight like a hand is around it....cutting off blood supply to my head...what is that...could it be musular or is it heart related?
Avatar m tn i had a DES placed in heart artery 8 weeks ago, (70%) plaque blockage - 61 yrs of age female.after what dr called "mild heart attack.. woke up at 2.30 this morning, severe pain in shoulders, took axnax, and it helped me go to sleep. now 12 hour later i have a cramp like pain in my most upper chest against my throat, radiating into my throat.
Avatar f tn Before which I began to notice pain in my chest that radiated towards both clavicles and upward into my throat. No acid reflux was present. I continued with fatigue, dizziness, general feeling of not being well and the pain continued to radiate - coming in waves and increasing in intensity. Within an hour the pain was widespread throughout my upper body (chest, esophagus, clavicles, both arms, shoulder blades, upwards into the right side of my neck and jaw).
Avatar n tn Cannot sleep well. Take tablets to control pressure. Controllable . Cardiac report normal. Very busy work schedule. No physical activity. Health 60 Kg. Height 5' 2".Feels throat pain . Something pulls in the throat.Is it related to heart? How to overcome if so?
Avatar m tn Sometimes there is associated pain to insufficient supply of blood/oxygen to heart cells that is usually chest pain, but sometimes there is shoulder, back and jaw pain. Your age almost rules out any occluded vessels, and if you had a decrease of blood pumped into circulation with a valve disorder, you almost certainly would have other symptoms such as shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, chest pain, etc.
Avatar f tn I have been having terrible chest pain along with heart burn the only way to describe it is it feels like the pain is around my heart and the burning goes all the way up my throat. could this be a heart issue or just bad indigestion?
Avatar n tn I agree with your doctor and definately would not worry. The chances of you having a heart attack at 18 is probably one in ten million at least. There are very specific symtoms of when you have a heart attack and you have listed none of them really except what you described is pain. Even in heart attacks it isn't pain its pressure so i think you can relax a little bit there. What you have described in your post actually sounds like something all together different to me....
Avatar n tn Discomforts vary from person to person for some reason, maybe it is to do with where the blockage is, which artery. The symptoms can be back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, throat pain, jaw pain, chest pain. You may or may not experience shortness of breath, you may or may not sweat a lot. Some people notice an increase in heart rate, some may notice a drop in blood pressure, and some may feel nauseous or even light headed. A huge variety of possible symptoms.
1161097 tn?1262718792 I think i have a heart problem. i have sudden pain close to my heart when it happen i have to relax for the pain to go away otherwise it will come on stronger. what kind of heart problem is that? do you think i have a week heart?
Avatar n tn m 18 yrs old and I weigh 95 pounds also and I have tachycardia from the viruses that I keep getting and heart desease runs in my family but anyways off the subject of heart desease I had something like this before I had a pus sack in my throat and my ear and my throat and my jaw hurt so bad it made me cry it hurt so bad I couldn't even open my mouth they had to force my mouth open and the doctors cept miss diagnosing me and saying it was allergies I went into the ER everyday until they fou
Avatar n tn s. I do suffer from panic as a direct result from the heart issues. When I feel the throat flutters, I begin coughing and I get hot flashes. I have had every heart test and 3 different doctors have told me that my heart is healthy, I'm just symptomatic with the PAC's. In other words, my condition is benign. Try drinking cold water or coughing when you feel them. I do know how scary it is, and I'm sorry you are having to feel them. Best to you!
Avatar n tn Last night I was laying in bed and my left arm started hurting very bad again and then my throat started hurting, this was the worse pain yet. I would like some idea of what is happening to me and what I should do now. When I got out of bed last night I took 3 Pepto B, 2 asperins,a shot of robintusin and 1 of the nitro pills. With in 2 minutes after taking all this I was comfortable and had no pain at all. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have a catch on the left side of my breast not really a pain, and I have a lump like in my throat like fullness. I do have acid reflex. no shortness of breath though.
Avatar m tn Heart palps (felt in my throat) started about 3 years ago because I was under a lot of stress and consuming too much caffeine. I changed all that dramatically, and my palps became pretty much non-existant. Recently they returned, stress and my big vice caffeine are prob the culprits, but this time the palp was felt in my chest. It was quit scary because they'd always been a flutter in my throat and now it was like I could my heart pumping blood and squishing in and out.