Throat pain after running

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Avatar m tn I am a healthy 32-year old male, work out regularly in the gym, and run for about 40 min. to 1 hour once a week. Twice in the last few months I experienced fever few hours after running. It felt like a beginning of the flu (muscle aches, fever, lack of energy), but with no cough, sore throat, etc. Fever lasts for about a day, and I feel lack of energy for one more day, but after 48 hours from the start of this condition I feel absolutely healthy.
Avatar n tn He complains more of pain in his throat more than the sockets. He complains of pain on the left side and upon examination he has several white spots on his right side and possible one on the left but I think it may also be a stich. He is not running a fever and has been taking all his meds, including antibiotics. Strep throat comes to mind first, anything else possible here?
Avatar f tn OK, so I've had this pain in my throat for the past two days and I have an idea of what might have caused it but I'm not sure. 2 days ago I started running again after a long vacation that I ate a lot on and got pretty out of shape. After running for about thirty minutes I stopped because I was struggling more than usual. I also felt sick and I sort of threw up except nothing came out (it was in the moring before I ate breakfast and had only had water) when I went to throw up.
Avatar n tn Seeing a dentist to take care of the cavitity is advised.If throat pain persists and no ent pathology identified, seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn Yesterday afternoon (room temperature 30 degree celcius, summer) after sneezing continiously for 7-8 times i was having pain deep in the nose. It was like in case of cold, but with little running nose. I turned on the A.C. and room temperature was 22 degree C, the pain in my nose increased. After that i gave steam to nose for 15 minutes, after 1 hour i had Avil. Before sleeping i again gave steam to nose and had avil. Today morning around 7.
Avatar f tn n today I m suffering from heavy cold.badly running nose, sneezing n now throat pain.very hight throat pain.i m alletgic to dust so u thought its I took allegra120. But now I realized its cold with throat pain..n very bad cold.pls help.i donnow whether i i can take medicine or not.what to do.
Avatar m tn My main concern is jaw pain. After short periods of running I am experiencing pain, specifically around my joints. After doing some light background research I saw this this could be linked to heart disease. Before anyone responds a few points should be made. -I was tested extensively for heart issues when I was 4 due to a benign heart murmur. - I have scoliosis which causes one of my legs to be approx .25 inches shorter than the other. I require the use of a lift in one shoe.
3190984 tn?1344941837 I asked my surgeon about it, and he said that at about 12 months after surgery (if all went well) that I could start running again. He said there is no predicting when another disc rupture might happen, that I should try to be careful, but I should continue doing the things I enjoy. I'd LOVE to run more, but it is so much more difficult to get back into it. I am obviously not in "running condition" anymore, but it is beyond that.
Avatar n tn For a couple of hours after eating a meal i have to keep clearing my throat moving a small amount of light flem.
Avatar f tn It really hurts when I run, and it's not even like a lot, but like a minute after i start, it happens. It worstens and my throat gets dry, but swallowing doesn't help. Water only helps a little. Happens indoors and otudoors, and more at the top like above my voicebox? When i run fast or for long periods.... but jogging i just have a couple of short breaths and altitle trouble breathing and has been happening for years...
Avatar f tn t feel any pain during oral sex, only great pleasure. Unfortunately, my throat get sore 99% of times. My tonsils get irritated and grow. Sometimes even my voice change for a few days. This would be still acceptable compared to the great pleasure me and my lover receive from those moments. Unfortunately, these symptoms often develop in fever that only antibiotics can cure. Usually, after a pleasant deepthroat I spend one week in bed with running nose, headache, sore throat and tiredness.
Avatar m tn Hello, when i am running or sprinting i feel like my throat closes and i can't breath properly and my i feel like my lungs are burning and sometimes i struggle even to breath, but after some time this problem goes off and i can't run properly. Can someone help me?
Avatar n tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Generally, one sided headache & orbital pain (eye pain) with numbness symptoms could be suggestive of migraine. The mainstay of the migraine treatment is always to identify the triggering factors and to avoid them. Triggering factors could be different foods such as cheese, chocolate, alcohol and even few fruits. Other factors that may induce your migraine attack may be contraceptive pills, stress or depression, bright lights, loud noise and traveling.
Avatar n tn I feel really fatigued and fuzzy headed today as well as some rib pain on the right hand side. I was running a temp in the evening around 101* but not running one currently. I just feel really sick all of the sudden. Should I be concerned about this or will it pass in time? What could be causing the recurrence? I am an asthmatic with a tendency to get bronchitis and pneumonia easily.
Avatar m tn I am male 25 year old . I have sore throat on 8 th day after exposure followed by running nose. no fever is this acute hiv symptoms. I am worried.
Avatar f tn It also hurts (throat area again) to breathe in very deeply, and this can become a very sharp burning pain after exertion in sports like tennis and running. Please help! this has been bugging me for years.
Avatar f tn Ok so for about a week I have had a server soar throat. I went to see my doctor Wednesday and he did a quick look and just told me to keep taking my Tylenol cold well I have took a whole box of Tylenol cold and just have gotten worse I can barley swallow. I haven't been running a fever its just my throat. Should I just go ahead into the er???? Cause I think I might have more than a just a lil cold soar throat!!!!
Avatar n tn I was at the end of a 5-mile run yesterday and I got a "stitch" in my diaphram on the left side, just under my rib cage. Since I was at the end of my run, I started walking. The pain was not intense and went away. Later in the afternoon I got a nagging pain in the area. Just prior to going for my run I lugged my summer tires to my car so I could get the studded tires changed out. I got up this morning and had no pain, but a couple hours after I got up the pain returned.
Avatar m tn i have pain in my scortum which starts a few hours after running. it is on the insides of my legs and is moving pain..started on the right side and now is on my left. i am a bit worried about what it is. there are no lumps on my testicles. would appreciate the help.