Throat pain when running

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Avatar f tn I am 21 and i am not the fittest person ever, but i am not awful, i have recently started running again (as the weather is nicer) and i have found that after a shorter and shorter length i time i start to get a stabbing pain in the right side abdomen area, once i stop running then the pain stops but as soon as i start again it comes back. I am easing myself back into running quite slowing i don't run too fast but the pain is really starting to get annoying.
Avatar m tn Again last week, I caught another throat infection and was put on Amox. This afternoon when i got home, i started feeling the same pain in my shins as I had in early December. It is beyond me how my shins and Amox are linked that way, but unless it's some crazy coincidence... My symptoms are pain in BOTH shins, similar to shin splints.When running my fingers over the shin, it is sensitive to my touch and almost feels like there is a bruise there.
Avatar n tn e smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc) and check any tests that may be needed such as an ECG. In any case, I would not push yourself to the point of pain when you exercise but instead aim for a longer duration at a lower workload. Information provided here is for general educational purposes only. Only your doctor can provide specific diagnoses and treatments.
Avatar n tn I am a 17 year old male. I have been having a sore throat and running nose for the past 5 weeks now. the running nose only occur every time i wake up so i suppose its from my allergies. 2 weeks after i had my sore throat i went to see a doctor and she said it was inflamed and told me i should gargle with salt water and that i did not need any medication. Now its been 5 weeks and i am beginning to notice a metallic taste in my mouth whenever i cough.
Avatar f tn Hey folks I'm a professional singer, I was 2 weeks into a tour when I started getting a sharp pain on the left side of my throat when swallowing. It started to the left Adam's apple and ran up & down my throat. I went to a clinic and they did a test for strep throat & it came back positive. They gave me a 10 day course of antibiotics (penicillin) to take; which I did. After the course I still felt bad, I went back to the clinic and they ran the same test and said it had gone.
730826 tn?1317943334 I am not sure what other symptoms you may have, or what correlation there is to running, but when I put tongue pain into the new Medhelp symptom tracker, the 7 possible causes were: tongue problems, Glossitis, iron deficiency anemia, folate deficiency anemia, Pernicious anemia, Megaloblastic anemia, and Chlorine Poisoning. Most of these are one form or another of anemia. You may want to see your doctor about checking levels in your blood.
Avatar m tn I cant sing anymore except in a lower tone without going up. I find my self running short on breath as I talk at times. Im not in pain, just curious about whats going one.
Avatar f tn n today I m suffering from heavy cold.badly running nose, sneezing n now throat pain.very hight throat pain.i m alletgic to dust so u thought its I took allegra120. But now I realized its cold with throat pain..n very bad cold.pls help.i donnow whether i i can take medicine or not.what to do.
1277632 tn?1327594715 s not a sore throat, but it feels like muscle pain along the main muscle running from my ears, down to my collar bone. The pain is not sharp, but its uncomfortable. I thought it might be caused by my sleeping position, but I am scared it might be a symptom of Throat cancer. If I do have it, what is the prognosis, and should I go see a doctor? The pain as mention is not really pain, but an uncomfortable feeling its been there since 4 weeks. Its the worse when I wake up in the mornings.
Avatar f tn OK, so I've had this pain in my throat for the past two days and I have an idea of what might have caused it but I'm not sure. 2 days ago I started running again after a long vacation that I ate a lot on and got pretty out of shape. After running for about thirty minutes I stopped because I was struggling more than usual. I also felt sick and I sort of threw up except nothing came out (it was in the moring before I ate breakfast and had only had water) when I went to throw up.
Avatar m tn My main concern is jaw pain. After short periods of running I am experiencing pain, specifically around my joints. After doing some light background research I saw this this could be linked to heart disease. Before anyone responds a few points should be made. -I was tested extensively for heart issues when I was 4 due to a benign heart murmur. - I have scoliosis which causes one of my legs to be approx .25 inches shorter than the other. I require the use of a lift in one shoe.
Avatar f tn m not an expert on this subject, but I reckon that the blood supply to that area above the voice-box increases at a high rate and causes that pain sensation when you run at a fast pace. Maybe you should see a doctor or wait for an expert doctor to reply to this post, as you said it's been happening for years, I don't think it's an emergency.
Avatar n tn Today, in the middle of my run, I felt a very sharp pain in my lower right stomach about three inches in from the top of my hipbone and then not long after I started to feel the same pain on my left side. The pain was very intense and it felt like something was about to explode. The pain slowly reduced after my run and was completely gone after about 10 to 15 minutes.