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Avatar n tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise you that not everybody has their period after taking the first pill. Sometimes it doesn't come for a few days. Sometimes you won't have much of a period at all. If you think you might be pregnant, you should take a test if you don't have a period by the END of the placebos. Good luck!
Avatar n tn last month my period came on around the 17th my period usually last a week but this month im expecting it around the 15-19... but still no period my cycle is about 30-31 days long.... and now its 7-9 days late.. i'm crampin like my period is about to come but every morning i wake up and still no sign of my period. I had entercourse wit my partner about 2 weeks ago with no protection but i was not ovulating.. He supposedly nutted in me 6 times but i dont know..
Avatar f tn Alright well I've been spotting a brownish colour for maybe a week, or a week and a half, but I haven't gotten my period yet. There's no possible way that I could be pregnant or anything like that, I've never had sex. So am I just being anxious and I should get it soon, or do I have anything to worry about?? Sorry if this sounds silly!! Thanks for any answers.
Avatar f tn I spot during ovulation, when I'm about to get my period. And sometimes for NO reason at all. When is your period due? When it's due and you haven't gotten it yet, take a test.
Avatar n tn usually period starts about day 23-25 but hasn't started yet, just a couple of spotting/day. got really bad cramps on day 21, no period though. what could this mean? could i possibly be pregnant and these are just weird symptoms?
Avatar n tn i have not got my period yet after my sons birth (about 4 mo. ago). now im spotting does this mean im pregnant again or could it mean my period is going to start again?
Avatar f tn I never been pregnant before so I believ I'm pregnant but I got this pink spotting is that a good sign or a bad sign
Avatar f tn My period was due 2 days ago and never came...but now i have no spotting and my period hasnt came. Ive had bad heart burns and been very tired and getting lower back cramps and leg cramps and breast are somewhat tender! Any thoughts? Anybody else had this and actually been pregnant? I havent took a test yet!
Avatar n tn Hi Im just wondering what are the symptoms well I had unprotected sex the next day i had my period but I didnt bleed alot like i usually did my period was ending in 4 days with some spotting it stoped then I started spotting, so I wated until august to get my period i got my period but late i have some spotting before my period and after my period and now september im still having some spotting i wonder why i never had spotting before? can anyone help me why?
Avatar n tn No not yet either but then again this is the first day soon I'm hoping it does stay thus way . :) yay!!! Good luck n babydust to u.
Avatar f tn I got my period on the 30th of november and it went till about the 7th of december so it around the normal 7 day time period.. but yesterday when my partner and I had sex I had blood and this morning when I went to the toilet and wiped there was a pinky coloured discharge but there wasn't enough for it to reach my underwear its purely when I wipe.. any ideas on what this could mean??
Avatar f tn i ovulated on the 4th, i had egg transfer on the 10th august (ivf) and ws due to have bloodtest on the 21st but before period due i got light period, just on my nikers, and then only when i went to tiolet and wiped, lasted from 16th-18th then just stopped, bloodtest on the 21st NEG, but yet i still have backache, headache, nasea, and no bleeding or cramps as i ussully have, i rang my dr today and she said to have another test done, but im inclinded to wait to see if period cames, as ivf is ha
1772607 tn?1325959386 I got my AF on august 4th-7th, which was normal flow, but i have been spotting ever since then. not alot about a tampon a day. And its brown, which i know means "old blood". I have been tired alot lately. And i would really like someone to shine some light on why this could be, Why do i keep spotting??
Avatar f tn Yeah spotting is supposed to be normal. I am also six weeks and it seems like every time my husband and I have sex I get a little spotting. Stress is no good so just take it day by day. Congrats!
Avatar f tn This time I had spotting from 2 days before my period was due up until week 7! The difference was I had no pain or clots. Mainly it was brown but did have some that was bright red, which scared me. I am now nearly 33 weeks. Mention it to your doctor when you go to get your pregnancy confirmed and they can check it out for you. Hope everything is ok for you.
Avatar n tn What day are you in your cycle? Anytime you have unexplained spotting before a period it means you're dying! hah no just kidding ;) sorry, haha couldn't resist. Anyway anytime you have unexplained spotting it usually means your pregnant. You know your body? you know what happens before, during and after a period so anytime something weird happens it's a sign. So hang on a few days and take another test. If you are 7-10 days post ovulation it was most likely implantation.
Avatar f tn I was supposed to start my period today but the spotting started on the 5th. Has anyone gone thru the brown spotting and your hpt came out positive?
Avatar n tn im 23,married and have no LMP was march 6.last april 7 i thought i already got my period.i had few drops of blood im my undies and thinking i was menstruating.but then after these few drops nothing discharges folows.i suspect that i am pregnant but the thing is that my breast arent sore,i got a milk like discharge but its it possible that im pregnant?its been 6 days with no bloody discharge after that minimal spotting.pls help.
Avatar f tn They tested for everything it came back fine, but now i have a lil cramping but no Blood clots at all just when i urinate & wipe i see blood, but it stops thrn returns so idk what to think...
Avatar f tn Its not alot its just when i go to the bathroom its a little on the toilet paper but its always brown and i have no pain.
3100848 tn?1354613513 Not like an average period. Then it happened again yesterday...and once today. But its not flowing. Should I be freaking out? I have a doctors app tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Sex yes and I think his bh cuz I feel the tightness but no pain or anything like that.....should I call the doc and let them no or his wait till tomorrow....