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Avatar f tn My last period was Feb 15 and I haven't got my period yet. I'm two weeks late. I think I'm spotting but not sure what the difference is? There isn't enough for me to use a tampon so is it spotting? I haven't taken a test because I'm too nervous to find out..
Avatar f tn there is a great differnce betweent spotting/bleeding and a full blown period! ones a period with the cramps. lenght. flow....everything that happens when you have period and when you spot/bleed. (its mostly spotting if even that) its in no way similar to a period. its a few drops of blood here and there. not filling a pad or tampon. etc theres a differnce and you would know yes if your so worried your pregnant than simply take a test.
Avatar n tn one day spotting--done by the 4th day.) 18 days later... 02/02, period arrives. strong... lasting 5-7 days. (initially, i thought... new cycle.) another 18 days pass... 02/20, period arrives. stonger... also lasting 5-7 days. oddly, possibly on the 4/5th day... period runs dry. within 15 minutes (possibly less), period starts up again--HEAVY!!! having rushed to the bathroom, a large clot was discharged. at this point, i felt very weak and lightheaded.
Avatar f tn says PCOS. My question is I keep having very light this spotting or a period. I experienced this for a few days in the beginning of around the 7th for a few days and am now having it again. I took a HPT this morning and it was negative. I'm not sure how to record this on my calendar. I'm trying to keep track as best I can, but i'm confused! I have been also having nausea, constipation through the day waking up during the night with diarrhea.....
Avatar f tn If you are over 35 is normal it called early menopause my mom went through kind of like the same situation she was 34 always got her period on time and then one time she started spotting during her period with blood flow on and off she though she was pregnant turned out it was just early menopause there is nothing serious about it except the hormone changes and the side effects that come with the menopause
Avatar f tn Im not overly stressed, Ive gained no more than 10 lbs, my diet(though not great) isn't all fat, and Im not due for another period till the 26th. With this spotting, theres been no cramping, clotting, nothing like a normal period, or even one that's trying to wrap up. Ive been taking ibuprofen not aspirin. Ive only had one scare (about 4 mo ago), but I had reg periods after, and my sig other has never "released" in me since then.
Avatar n tn I will but I'm sooo impatient and worried. My actual period isn't due till the 7th, and I'm bleeing.. more like spotting... mostly when I pee then nothing. Am I gonna get my period again? I have no normal or as usual symptoms as when I am about to gt my period. I get painful periods and take anaprox otherwise I go crazy. I have no pain whatsoever. What is implantation bleeing? could I have that???
1467985 tn?1289781046 My period was due two days ago. Normally I am very regular. Just this morning I am having some light spotting. Is it possible that this could be implantation bleeding? When is the normal time implantation bleeding occurs? How can I tell the difference between the two? It was 11 days ago that my husband and I had unprotected sex.
Avatar f tn All it did was shorten and regulate my period and get rid of my cramps. Recently I moved and the new clinic I get my birth control from doesn't carry Yaz. Today is my second day on my new pill, Alesse. I was just wondering if there's anyone out there who's taken or is currently on Alesse, and what your experience was/is with it? Are there any side effects, mild or severe? Yaz shortened my period to 4 days, presumably (I thought, anyway) because it has the 4 sugar pills instead of 7.
384150 tn?1399908416 This month when it ended I started spotting on CD14 for 4 days. Just drops. 1 pad a day at the most. I never have mid cycle bleeding. My real period was due 4 days ago. I have backaches, ovarian pain - you name it. Obgyn believes it to be the begining of the end and that it was low estrogen that caused the spotting. I do too. But I wonder if I will have another period or how long I'm going to have wait.
Avatar n tn but it only lasted till sunday (about medium not heavy, but i did have cramps) monday no spotting, wednesday about 2 times with spotting, and thursday and friday i only noticed once or so of spotting. I had this test laying around last night and decided to pee on it and I have again a faint second line but it didn't show within 3 minutes but not longer than 10 i would assume.
Avatar f tn Now it is day 13, and I'm having very light red spotting, which I never have. Assuming I ovulated in the past 48 hours or so, I'm guessing it's too early for implantation bleeding, but does anyone know when implantation bleeding usually occurs?
Avatar n tn funny the first time I had a yeast infection the doctor was drilling me about the possibity of being pregnant (this was nmaybe in 1987?) he was adamant that I should entertain teh possibilty. (so tehy must somehow be related?
Avatar f tn Braxton Hicks are more uncomfortable then they are painful like regular contractions.
Avatar f tn She said everything seemed fine so I was content. I woke up this morning with cramps. Period cramps so it's consistent pain. Everyone says contractions are on and off so I assume it's not preterm labor or anything. I don't want to be a hypochondriac and call the dr over normal cramps. I just haven't had cramps at all this pregnancy and then I get them after yesterday. :( I'm still feeling baby kick like normal so I don't know!
Avatar n tn I have a varierty of problems lately during my period since last year ranging from heavy bleeding to spotting in between periods, to shorter cycles (21-23 days from what used to be 30 days), to light yet painful periods. One of my OB-GYNs monitored my cycle duration last year and was ready to perform a D&C if I happen to have my next period within less than 21 days which never happened. I'm not sure whether your sister neeeds to see a doctor.
Avatar n tn So you are 3 weeks meaning you are only overdue for your period by 1 week? Is that right? When was your last period? Or are you 3 weeks from when your period was due?
Avatar f tn It was weird because I had my cycle feb 24- mar 2 and it was normal than 5 days later I started spotting and cramping for about a week and It stopped
Avatar n tn I had heart palpatations, and started spotting. They told me at the hospital that I would spot for about two weeks after a hysterectomy, but had not bled since Saturday and then started taking the pills and it started back up. I also have a burning sensation when urinating....mainly toward the beginning and also toward the end.
Avatar n tn I have had a little brown spotting periodically, probably around the time I should be having a period, but no cramping, vomiting, bleeding, etc. I have had one previous normal spontaneous vaginal delivery in '05. No other pregnancies. I am aware of the risks of a molar pregnancy incl malignancy. However, I would like to pass the ovum naturally without a D&C. Is this reasonable? Should I get a second opinion? Is it imminently necessary to have a D&C? Please advise.
Avatar n tn I had no implantation bleeding (as the poster above's actually quite rare to have spotting...the majority of women DON'T, but there are the exceptions) As for pain during implantation...I wouldn't know the difference between that and regular "pregnancy" pains. Most women feel crampy during the first few weeks of pegnancy anyway, so it would probably be hard to tell if any pain was due directly from implantation. But...that's just my opinion! Good luck!
Avatar f tn ( started spotting about 4days ago now im having whats a really light period looks like back to the drawing board for us :-(
Avatar m tn its not as heavy as a usual period.. but its not just spotting either.. Could I be pregnant? or not?? I have never had an irregular period before.. I think there is clotting in the blood.. help! It is day 2 now of the "period" sound familiar to anyone?? All info would be good.
Avatar n tn I read on a CDC webpage that it is as high as 15%. What is the false negative rate for this type of blood test? Is there a period of time after exposure when one could test positive on a culture but antibodies not be present to show on a blood test? (I am researching the availability of the more reliable Western Blot or Pockit tests in my area). Can any test show if an infection is recent versus being a reactivation? (I have never shown any symptoms in the past, neither oral nor genital).
Avatar n tn (i'm two days strong; one day spotting--done by the 4th day.) 18 days later... 02/02, period arrives. strong... lasting 5-7 days. (initially, i thought... new cycle.) another 18 days pass... 02/20, period arrives. stonger... also lasting 5-7 days. oddly, possibly on the 4/5th day... period runs dry. within 15 minutes (possibly less), period starts up again--HEAVY!!! having rushed to the bathroom, a large clot was discharged. at this point, i felt very weak and lightheaded.