Heavy period vs miscarriage

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Avatar n tn From what I have read from the posts, it sounds rather normal to have a heavy period. I had a miscarriage on April 23, 2009, naturally. I had a period in June but it was rather light. I just got my period again and like you said it has been as if I am miscarrying all over again. A tampon was only lasting every 2 hours if that. I probably soaked through my clothes two days in a row because it was just so heavy. You are definitely right, it is disturbing.
Avatar f tn I normally have 29 day cycles and started bleeding this morning at 46 days. I took a dollar store pregnancy test over a week ago and it had come back negative. I'm not sure if the test was accurate or not. Last night I had sex with my boyfriend again and afterwards got very light cramping, but didn't think much of it. I woke up early this morning with light spotting and cramps. I went back to sleep and then woke up again with heavy bleeding and strong cramps.
Avatar n tn My miscarriage was a "missed" miscarriage. I never had any symptoms at all, I went in for an ultrasound and found out that the baby had died about a week sooner. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.
Avatar f tn And I bled for several days afterwards, maybe a couple of weeks, but it wasn't as heavy as a period.
Avatar f tn I had a little pain after but they gave me something for it.I had heavy bleeding after but its not heavy now.the dr also gave me something for pain to take at home if I need it. it didnt take but 30 mins then they were done and i woke up.i stay in the recovering room for 30 mins then they took me back to my room.i was able to go home as soon as i could pee. it hurts to pee for the first day. then i went home. hopes this helps.
Avatar n tn prescribed to take one more misoprostol orally and the heavy bleeding slowed after 4 hours. The bleeding was there for the next 5 days like a regular period and with lot of back ache. It stopped on the 7th day and went for a scan on the 10th day after taking the medication. It was all clear.
Avatar n tn it started off as brownish discharge then it turned into a really light period and got heavier. My normal period is really heavy but this time it is aot lighter. i have been really sleepy latly whish isnt normal for me. and i go to the bathroom every few minutes. Could i be pregnant and having implantation bleeding?
Avatar f tn IM so sorry for your loss. As for the bathroom issue, im not sure but as for the blood that is completely normal. when I miscarried it was the dark brown which is "old blood, from miscarriage" and then the fresh blood would come and then darken back to the dark reddish brown as period is starting to end.
Avatar n tn I had horrible cramps the night i got my period. then i had my period for one full day, normally. the second full day i had awful cramps again in the morning and a full day of normal period. The next day i passed what i thought was a clot. it was larger than normal (i typically clot) and so i pulled it out of the toilet. it consisted of a red blob looking like a piece of liver, a little bit bigger than a nickel, and attached was a white vein type of tissue that was about and inch long.
Avatar n tn then light spotting...then a wave...heavy heavy bleeding. My last m/c I had no sign of m/c...no bleeding nothing but at 6-7 and 8 week u/s no confirmed fetal pole and no hb....just two images and then what appeared to be blood or fluid filling my uterus.
Avatar n tn Then, I waited one cycle after the 2nd miscarriage thinking maybe I should have waited but I didn't before. Throughtout all this, my cycle has been regular -28 days with ovulation midcycle, but this month after having waiting thru one cycle before, I ovulated late - around day 25 and I still have not gotten my period yet, though it was expected now based on when I last got my period.
Avatar f tn Had two blastocyst transfered day 6 Day 14 HCG only 17 Day 17 HCG then 52, bleeding started day 18 (light), dull pain and continued bleeding day 19 Day 20 HCG huge rise to 332, but bleeding continued and mild cramps started late evening Today - Day 21 woke 3am with acid indigestion and mild cramps, then couple of hours latter severe cramps (had me doubled over) and bright red blood (like a heaviest part of period). Am resting in bed today and have by next blood test on Monday day 24.
1450948 tn?1304729327 So I had a miscarriage Sept 21st 2010 and I bleed for two days..I wasn't that far along...so the question I am asking is it's October 18 2010 and we have been trying to get pregnant..When is the earliest I can take a pregnancy test...after I miscarried I took a pregnancy test to make sure I fully miscarried and the test said no...so should I take one like October 22nd that way it's been four weeks since my miscarriage. Any suggestions on what I should do???
599170 tn?1300977493 Oh, ok, I guess I read your answer the wrong way. Sorry about that. It's is a controversial subject as it should be.
1407098 tn?1287115366 As far as cramping, I've had mild cramps off and on, occasionally a twinge that actually catches my attention but it's generally short lived and not worth taking painkillers for (not that I have a problem with them, Ibuprofen is my friend, lol). I do tend to have more in the way of back pain vs cramps in my normal period. There's been back aches off and on since about 6 weeks or so (when they first told me the baby wasn't growing properly). Some days they're worse, some days nothing.
233053 tn?1321647421 I experienced a good deal of painful back 'labor,' a couple days of heavy bleeding, but not much heavier than a normal period for me. I was alone at home when I inserted the pills and was OK. I could've used the emotional support more than anything. My m/c was complete; I did not need D&C after cytotec. I would never wish this decision upon anyone, but if I had to make it again I would do it the same I think.
Avatar m tn Usually heavy bleeding is a miscarriage. See your doctor to make sure.
615281 tn?1344364609 my 3rd pregnancy i started bleeding at 6 weeks and miscarried just after that, it was more like a very heavy period for me (which i do suffer with) and i had pain with it. i miscarried at home and i would say it was less traumatic than the d&c (pain and emotional wise). it took me 5 months after the miscarriage to fall pregnant again and i now have 3 kids who are 6, 4 and 3.
Avatar n tn I am pregnant 5 weeks and 5 days and yesterday i just got a normal period (heavy period). I bleed a lot. I when to the hospital and i being told to go to an ultrasound. I went. The baby seems ok, but i might need to come back in 2 weeks because the baby is too small it's hard to tell. Then i went home. later i didnt feel good so i went to the washroom and i saw a big pressure of blood coming out. Now, i am scare of losing my baby.
Avatar n tn I dont have the money to get a HPT so i dont really want to waste the money i need when it could come back negative, also 3 days ago i had really bad cramping below my stomach like on top of my vagina, it was so painful so i thought i would just come on really heavy onto my period but still no sign of a period...
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a miscarriage 3 wks ago, they told me to wait until 2 cycles as the 1st one is always not a true period and waiting for the 2nd one can determin the due date better. I had a natural miscarriage and after the scan they told me everything looked bk to norm. I am hoping my period will be here nxt wk and we are not waiting for 2 cycles we are going to try as soon as I have had my 1st cycle as I know I will only be happy again once I am pregnant.
60890 tn?1366361719 After I passed the tissue, the cramping stopped and I just had heavy bleeding (like a heavy period). Two days after I began to bleed they checked my hcg levels again and I was at 299. I bled for 8 days. 2 weeks after the miscarriage I had my hcg levels checked again and I was back down to 0. I was told by my doctor to wait for 2 periods before trying to conceive again. I am still waiting for my first period (its been almost 4 weeks since my miscarriage) and I cannot wait to try again.
1407098 tn?1287115366 I do tend to have more in the way of back pain vs cramps in my normal period. There's been back aches off and on since about 6 weeks or so (when they first told me the baby wasn't growing properly). Some days they're worse, some days nothing. Emotionally, this has been more difficult than the last one. For 2 reasons I think, the first being that this is potentially my 3rd miscarriage definitely the 2nd, so the chances of having a successful pregnancy have dropped.
Avatar n tn Not sure if everyone has heard of it, but it has helped us get pregnant both times, and now I am going to start using it again tonight because my period finally came after this miscarriage. The watch really works and I highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble getting pregnant. You wear it at night when you sleep and then it tells you the 2 days before you ovulate and the 2 days after. Good luck to all!
Avatar n tn I stop taking it for 7 days hoping that it will regulate my cycle. unfortunetly i am only regular for one month and then its back to a heavy period. i am fed up with my doctor and the gyncologist as they never have an explanation for this. I have had all the tests done laparoscpy and a DNC. After reading everyone's messages i do not feel like an alien there are other females in the same boat as me. I hope oneday someone can solve this difficult problem.
Avatar f tn hi yes the lines were both dark at first the first line was slighlt fainter than the other but then both went dark but its not like my normal period its more like blood clots and a light red not a heavy flow like i used to get.
1679574 tn?1316040296 here's your period (and a super heavy one at that) and here's a + HPT that I'm sure you are wishing was a true positive, but it's not. Ugh! My doctor did say that I could get my period even with a + HPT, but I can't imagine that I'm ovulating. Hopefully my levels are coming down and that + will turn into a - soon so we can start trying again. But today is definately not starting off great. Hate that these constant reminders of what was and no longer is are always around.
Avatar f tn Last month I had my period for 2 days which was really short, and this month I did not get my period at all. At first i noticed heavy white creamy miky odorless discharge, and then i started feeling nauseaous during the day unless I would eat something and now i am 28 days past my missed period and am sleeping alot more than i ever would. Today I felt a little crampy around my left ovary. I am not sure what to think- I have taken 5 tests and all were negative.