Skipping period on birth control spotting

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Avatar f tn I have been on birth control for a year now and I decided I was going to skip my period, because my boyfriend was coming in town for the weekend. Everything went fine and I did not have my period, but now I am feeling the consequences. I am now on the second week of my new pack and I am spotting like crazy and my breast are very sore and larger than normal. Also, I am breaking out pretty bad and just feel very tired. I was wondering if there is any way I could be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I’m currently on sprintec for birth control and i like to skip the last week in the pack to prevent bleeding. When i do this i do not have enough pills to keep taking the next pack. My pharmacy will not refill until it’s time. What can i do?
Avatar m tn I am currently on TriNessa birth control and this is my 2nd month of being on the pill. I have a vacation planned in about 2 weeks and the timing lines up perfectly with when I am supposed to be on the 7 sugar pills. This means I will have my period during my vacation. I REALLY want to avoid this. Is it okay for me to skip the 7 sugar pills and go straight to taking a new pack of birth control, therefore skipping my period?
Avatar f tn can you get implantation bleeding while you've been on the birth control for 6 month? or is this brownish light pink bleeding some sort of break through bleeding caused from the pill?
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with someone on April 17th and again on April 23rd and April 24th. The last day of my birth control (before my placebo pills) was on April 24th. I was supposed to start my period on April 27th (I always start on Wednesdays during my placebo pills). I skipped my period by starting another pack of birth control because it was my graduation weekend and I didn't want to have any accidents in my white dress.
Avatar f tn My doctor has recently has recently started me skipping my placebo pills and continuing to my next pack due to mood swings on anxiety on my period. Today should of been the first day of my period and I feel completely "off". I feel dizzy and light headed, along with anxious, has any one had these feelings before? I have to continue this until November. if you could let me know your thoughts that would be great!
Avatar f tn Hi there, I have been on Alysena21 birth control for 5 months now, Wednesday start date. Due to circumstances, I want to change my start date to Saturday's. I am currently on my no pill week, and am not sure if I should start the new pack next Saturday (4 days late) or start the new pack on Wednesday and jump right into the new pack the following month, therefore skipping a few at the end to ensure the start day of my choosing. Any insight would be appricated!
Avatar f tn I was on the birth control pill I wasn't doing so good skipping them or taking them too late so I just stop taking it all together my February period was two weeks long n I had sex march 11th but I didn't get a march period could I be pregnant?
948110 tn?1245870602 I am on the birth control pill called Sprintec! I have three weeks of blue pills and one week of white pills. Earlier I was in my third week of blue pills when I accidentally didn't see that I had one blue pill left so I took a white pill and then the next day I spotted the blue pill and took it!
Avatar f tn she means not taking the placebo birth control pills effect skipping your periods by going straight back to the b.c. pills with the hormones. You can apparently do the same with the patch as well ...just keep putting one on every week instead of going 'off' for that fourth week. As for it affecting conception, I don't know how it affects that. There are millions of women out there who already have problems getting a period each month and knowing when they're ovulating .
565474 tn?1217988442 well i started on a sunday after my period, which my mom and sister told me to do, i took a test and it came out negetive, and on the first month i got my period on normal timing, so can you miss periods, even if you take your pill everyday?
Avatar f tn I'm on neplaxonon for about half a year. My periods are so unsual. Sometimes I can have 2 month or 3 month with no period then I'll have 10 of spotting 5 days or so of period and another 10 days of spotting. Is it normal with birth control or I should get this checked ?
Avatar f tn im an 18 year old woman. i have been on the same birth control for the last 1 and a half years. its neuva ring. i took out my ring last month to have my period. but it never came. i put in my ring and thought the reason why it wasn't coming is because i was stressed. so again i took out my ring again this month and im spotting. what could be wrong?
Avatar n tn well, i took three period pills, got my period, so i started back on my regular pills skipping four of my period pills. well, ive taken six regular pills already and im STILL on my period. its the brown "after" blood thats coming out. but im wondering why after six days im still getting it? is it just ALOT of it because i skipped it for two months? is it something else? help please?!
Avatar m tn Also, I had spotting last week, but was not due for my period until today.
Avatar f tn If I take my birth control pill close to the date of when my next period supposed to start will it delay my period ?
Avatar n tn I had my son 4 months. And I'm on my birth control called's hormones insteasd of the regular birth control so it wont effect my milk supply I've been on it for 3 months now. The first month my period was normal. The second month I spotted enough to feel up one tampon. And havent had any signs of it so far. Everytime I bf my son I get extremely nauseated. And sometimes I don't have to even be breastfeeding to feel sick. I'm scared I could be pregnant.
Avatar n tn If you miss a pill it's not your period that you start, it's your body thinking it's supposed to begin your period. If you stopped taking the pills you will probably have what a withdrawal bleed, which is not a period, and then a few weeks later have your normal period again. Look up withdrawal bleed online and it will give you more details.
902536 tn?1326914250 thanks for all the advise ladies. now home normal is it to get ur period while on depo?
717440 tn?1292743742 m on Alesse = birth control; 3. I skipped my period by not taking the placebo pills and starting a new pack right away; 4. last month was my FIRST "skip"... next week is my second skip, then I have to skip next month (and maybe the month after that) I had the pap biopsy done Feb 9th and they said 4-6 weeks for the results, so I'm calling them on Monday (I guess Tuesday, forgot about the Holiday)...
400740 tn?1202066035 45, my boyfriends condom broke. We did NOT realize that it broke, and he came inside of me. I very recently started birth control (on the 20th of January). How likely do you think it is that I'm pregnant? Its been a week, and I've been cramping slightly. I am thinking this might have something to do with implantation bleeding. What does the spotting look like? I have a feeling I'm just psyching myself out. I'm scared. Help, please?
Avatar f tn I continued to have unprotected sex with my boyfriend, as my doctor had told me that skipping my period would not affect the accuracy of my birth control. For the past few days I have been experiencing an upset stomach, having to make frequent trips to the bathroom. Often times I also feel like I'm going to vomit, however I have not yet. I still have about two weeks until my next period. Is there any possibility I could be pregnant??
654887 tn?1224560342 Hi i have a serious question...i've been on birth control for a month and a half now and i had an event comming up this weekend (my birthday) so i continued the next pack instead of taking the sugar pills and starting my period...and last night me and my bf decided to have sex without a condom and he finished in me...will i be pregnant?...i have never missed a pill only a few time took them a little late.