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Avatar n tn I just start it taking birth control pills two weeks ago to regulated my period. When should I stop taking the pills? I want to have a baby soon. What can I do? Please help.
Avatar n tn I lost a birth control pill earlier this week but didn't do anything about it. The next day I just took my pill as scheduled and so on. Now it is Saturday (this happened on Monday or Tuesday) and i am on my last blue active pill of Sprintec 28 ( been on for 6 months now). What should I expect? I remember two years ago when I missed three active pills I got my period for entire month and earlier this year I took plan b and broke out in horrible acne for that week.
Avatar n tn Hi have been on the combined birth pill since I was 13.5 years old due to irregular and heavy periods. I came off 3 times to fall pregnant, which I did the month straight after eg off pill period then fell. Each time the mini pill wasn't strong enough to control the bleeding. A year a ago I was on a pill and I thought that my anxiety and weight was an issue so I changed to the Yaz combined pill. My anxiety and weight haven't changed.
Avatar n tn I have a question about the birth control pill. I am currently on Yaz and have been for about 6 months now. Last month, I missed a pill but made it up the next day when i remembered. I did this two times the entire month but on seperate weeks (both times making up the pill the next morning). I also was not able to take it at the exact same time each night due to busy schedule.
Avatar f tn Why are you going on birth control? It is not healthy be on birth control for long periods of time, so if you don't need it(are not sexually active and don't have problems with menstruation) then I would recommend holding off on getting the pill. Right now, you are 14 and your periods need some time to regulate themselves as your body gets used to all the hormone fluctuations. Try keeping track of your periods on a calendar to see when you begin and finish your period.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am Rekha 33yrs old, I have irregular periods and i was on birth control pills for some yrs and now TTC so i am on prometrium and clomid to ovulate. I have PCOS and Thyroid( Normal ) Clomid didnot work on me. and due to all these high doses of clomid and prometrium i was so depressed and no results of pregnancy. My hair is thining a lot. please help me. if anyone is going with same difficulty. The doctor said that i should go for injectables.
Avatar f tn Did u have irregular bleeding before starting birth control? Any bleeding in between periods?
Avatar n tn If you continue to have irregular bleeding on the pill you should see your gyn to discuss an alternative birth control option. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar f tn This can be somewhat corrected by regular use of birth control pills. It may take a few months for adjustment of the pills. If periods remain irregular then a re-evaluation will be necessary and you may have to switch over to another pill. Consult your Doctor. Hope this helps.
1123945 tn?1259618816 I have PCOS and have been irregular with my cycles since I started my period when I was 15. I have been taking Clomid since April 2009 and have not had any luck. I first saw the fertility specialist November 12, 2009 and called on the 1st day of my cycle (November 25th). I then went in on the 3rd day and was told my estrogen was too high and therefore they put me on the birthe control pill for this month and was advised to call when I get my next period.
Avatar n tn I have irregular period and a lot of people say that birth control help make it regular and I have never had sex but I am only 13 should I take it this young
Avatar n tn the first one lasted 6 days and the second one lasted 7 days and counting. I am on the birth control pill. I have heard that could be a sign of pregnancy. I'm wondering if that is possible. Could you please let me know what this could be and if I should see a Dr. right away?
Avatar n tn See I had my first child in May 2006 and was put on a birth control pill that was safe to use while breast feeding. Once I stopped breast feeding they put me on Ortho-Cyclean and I was having a normal period. Although it was my fault for stopping I stopped taking my birth control pills and I didn't have a period for over a month. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative.
Avatar f tn I wanted to know what type of birth control you ladies planned on using after you delivered your babies....i pretty torn i dont know if i want to do the pills or the depo shot...
Avatar f tn I have some info on my profile about breastfeeding as a form of birth control. It's in my 'journals'. My midwife told me that estrogen free birth control is the safest while nursing. Estrogen can dry up your milk and if it doesn't, might cause issues with baby. Estrogen free versions include the paragaurd iud, the depo shot, and the 'mini pill' (progesterone only daily pill). I'd definitely decide what you want to do before baby comes!
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Birth control pills and irregular periods go hand in hand. Many women suffer from nausea and dizziness too. This more true if the pills do not suit you. There are many different combinations of such pills available in the market. Talk to your gynecologist and start one that suits you best. Also taking the pill at bedtime after your dinner helps reduce the symptoms. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Avatar n tn Does the birth control make you gain weight? I heard you can get implanted birth control but I don't wanna get that!!!
7598004 tn?1396590188 So i definitely am getting on birth control after i have my baby girl im 37 weeks and im not sure what i want so im looking for opinions i am strongly leaning towards the implant that goes in your arm ive been doing a lot of research i just wanna know if its worked good for you or anyone you know...
Avatar f tn Can I get birth control without having an exam? I want birth control to regulate my period. I have never been sexually active but my period can go for 5-9 days not heavy or light flowing. It also has a range of 21-30 days in between periods. I do NOT like to be touched and have never had a successful relationship because of it.
Avatar n tn I start the beginning of every month. I am not on any form of birth control as of now but looking into getting on the pill asap. Can anyone help explain to me why this happened?
Avatar n tn Some pills can cause your cycle to stop, and if you are staying on your birth control continuelly then you would not have a period. Staying on a pill and not stopping for the one week a month has become the thing to do since many people have heavy bleeding and irregular cycles.
Avatar n tn If you're NOT sexually active, birth control can regulate hormones that cause bad period symptoms and intense flows, and hormones that cause bad acne and other symptoms of hormonal irregularity. Be advised, however, that irregular use of things like the pill can lead to ovarian cysts, which are very painful. Generally, that isn't even an issue. Google more about it or ask a doctor for more in-depth information!