Purposely skipping period on birth control side effects

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Avatar f tn If I take my birth control pill close to the date of when my next period supposed to start will it delay my period ?
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with someone on April 17th and again on April 23rd and April 24th. The last day of my birth control (before my placebo pills) was on April 24th. I was supposed to start my period on April 27th (I always start on Wednesdays during my placebo pills). I skipped my period by starting another pack of birth control because it was my graduation weekend and I didn't want to have any accidents in my white dress.
Avatar f tn I have a 18mth old and im 29 weeks pregnant. So after this one i want to go on birth control cus i have no intentions of having another anytime soon.
511985 tn?1227778153 I was just switched birth control. First off I hate being on BC cuzit makes me gain weight. Well I wason ortho tri cylen (reg and lo) for a year and it made my period very heavy. I ran out of pills and decided to stop taking them. I started to lose some weight :).
730826 tn?1317943334 If you have stopped taking the birth control that was making you sick, and are not taking any other kind of birth control, then i would say there is another reason for the nausea. Side effects do not last for a month. I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor. However, if you are nauseated and are taking a different birth control, then it may be that.
Avatar f tn My doctor has recently has recently started me skipping my placebo pills and continuing to my next pack due to mood swings on anxiety on my period. Today should of been the first day of my period and I feel completely "off". I feel dizzy and light headed, along with anxious, has any one had these feelings before? I have to continue this until November. if you could let me know your thoughts that would be great!
565474 tn?1217988442 well i started on a sunday after my period, which my mom and sister told me to do, i took a test and it came out negetive, and on the first month i got my period on normal timing, so can you miss periods, even if you take your pill everyday?
739988 tn?1386672969 I am on the birth control seasonale, where you have a period every three months. Could the topomax be causing this?
Avatar m tn When I started taking this recently, I was put on antibiotics a week later. I know that effects your birth control effectiveness so I took it all regularly. I was also put on Loratabs for the pain. I started my period a week before my green pills which is when my period was SUPPOSE to start before I started the birth control. I have now been on my period for 10 days and even skipped my green pills from my last pack in hopes my period would end. It hasn't and has showed no signs of stopping.
Avatar f tn I was on the birth control pill I wasn't doing so good skipping them or taking them too late so I just stop taking it all together my February period was two weeks long n I had sex march 11th but I didn't get a march period could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn What is your favorite birth control ? Least favorite ? Ugly side effects ? Ill be 26 weeks in a few days and wanna start thinking about if i want to take BC and whst kind i want.
Avatar f tn Anybody getting on birth control after their baby? What kind are you choosing?
Avatar f tn she means not taking the placebo birth control pills ...in effect skipping your periods by going straight back to the b.c. pills with the hormones. You can apparently do the same with the patch as well ...just keep putting one on every week instead of going 'off' for that fourth week. As for it affecting conception, I don't know how it affects that. There are millions of women out there who already have problems getting a period each month and knowing when they're ovulating .
Avatar f tn I had no side effects other than no period. I've been on several different birth controls bc of cysts and endometriosis. Depo was one of my favorites other than the bar in my arm. Which is what I had most recently. Everyone's body reacts different to birth controls though.
7019649 tn?1396792517 t end up pregnant again until I quit using it, I believe I gained weight on it though, its one of the side effects but I seem to be prone to gaining weight every time I'm on birth control.
Avatar f tn m having it removed monday. Google mirena side effects and make a decision on whether or not you want to keep it but do it quick before you gain more weight that will be hard to lose! Also they cant find my strings anymore so I will have to have a special procedure to remove it! If you decide you want it out, don't let them tell you mirena is not the cause because it is.
Avatar f tn re not planning to be sexually active . Before you decide to go on birth control pills, you might consider googling possible side effects of birth control pills. You will find that birth control pills are associated with some pretty dangerous conditions. I used to take birth control pills myself when I was younger. Then my dad had a stroke. This actually opened up my eyes. This is when I decided to read the information pamphlet that comes with each pack of birth control pills very carefully.
Avatar f tn The bar gave me terrible side effects. Depo made me gain weight and was on my period 3weeks out of every month . i suck at taking pills. Nuvaring worked but sucked during sex. So i will be getting iud.
11195379 tn?1427921527 So I had my baby 2wks ago and don't know what kind of birth control I wanna be on. Which would u ladies recommend or which ones are u planning to be on?
Avatar f tn Furthermore I been having symptoms of fatigue, nausea every now and then, loss of appetite, and weight gain, but I notice this when I started to take the birth control and I thought they were just the side effects of taking it. But now I have missed two periods and I'm starting to worry. So do I need to take a pregnancy test ASAP? HELP ME PLEASE!
Avatar n tn Has anyone gotten the birth control implant on their arm ? If so did it make you gain weight or is your weight steady? Did it hurt? What side effects did you feel/having? Does your period come down at all ? Or does it stop it ? I know I can search this online but I want someone's perspective on it . If not what birth control are you ladies on ? I'm 36 weeks and want to make sure I'm deciding on a good birth control plan.
Avatar n tn No worries about taking a pill at the same time everyday and I also found that I have no side effects from it as I have bad side effects from all the other pill forms if birtcontol. For me it has been the best. Everyone is different though.
902536 tn?1326914250 thanks for all the advise ladies. now home normal is it to get ur period while on depo?
Avatar f tn I have been on birth control for a year now and I decided I was going to skip my period, because my boyfriend was coming in town for the weekend. Everything went fine and I did not have my period, but now I am feeling the consequences. I am now on the second week of my new pack and I am spotting like crazy and my breast are very sore and larger than normal. Also, I am breaking out pretty bad and just feel very tired. I was wondering if there is any way I could be pregnant?