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Avatar m tn I was debating between Ortho Cyclen, Ortho Tri Cyclen or Othro Tri Cyclen Lo.. I am currently on Ortho Cyclen but I was thinking why am I pumping all this hormones into my body each month. Me and my partner also use condoms as backup. I am even willing to try other brands if 1 is better? I guess I just dont under the difference between them all and the effect on your body good/bad. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hey ive been on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for 2 months now and i was supposed to get my period on the still hasnt come yet ): has anyone had this issue with this pill? i did miss a day on the 22nd, but took it with my next day dose. Then i missed it again on the 24th and took that pill with my next day dose as well...was that wrong? I was on Lo estrin and got pregnant on it after 3 months.
Avatar f tn What kind of birth control pill are you on? I have been on both Tri-Spintec (generic Ortho Tri-Cyclen) + Ortho Try-Cyclen Lo, and I know that if you miss 2 or 3 days of the pills, it will give you an early period. Were you taking it consistently before those days that you missed? And did you have sex after those missed pills? Either way, I think that it is probably because you missed those two pills, but if you want to know for sure go pick up a pregnancy test.
Avatar f tn Dear community or any gynecologist as well Hi my name is sami &This is my first time on yasmin well one will my periods be much shorter on yasmin & i was 8 days into my period to of the normal 10 days i have my period for & so it's been almost 3 years since the last time i was on any birth control pills but back then i was on ortho tri cyclen lo but about up to 4 year's on ortho tri cyclen until my obgyn at the time had asked me that if wanted to try ortho tri cylen lo but t
1699847 tn?1306967171 I have been on the pill for years now. I am currently on Ortho-tri-cyclen-lo and I am thinking about switching to Seasonique so I won't get 12 periods a year. I want to be on a pill that won't make me gain weight or give me major acne. Any tips/help.
Avatar f tn I have been on Ortho Tri Cylen Lo and it will regulate your cycle or should I say it did it for me.
Avatar n tn I have already posted a question, but I'm switching birth control's Friday, and I'm think about going on Ortho Tri-Cyclen because I heard it's almost the best birth control you can find. Any other suggestions??
Avatar n tn Hi Soniya, The first pill I took was ortho-cyclen. I tolerated it very well. Then they put me on kelnor and now I am on Lo-Ovral and still not having a period.
Avatar f tn I started taking ortho tri-cyclen birth control pills since august 4, 2013 to help regulate my periods. I started my cycle/bleeding august 14 to 24 which was very odd to me b/c my cycles r 5-6 days long but this time it wasn't and my period came august 14, 2013 but it would usually come At the end of the month or sometimes the beginning or not at all. So since my period came then and lasted that long, does that mean my period is trying to get back on track?
Avatar f tn got my period on the 11th of october after the ortho tri cyclen lo but the blood is bright red and after every time i go pee and wipe the toilet paper is soaked with blood. Is this normal after switching from depo to the bc pills?
2020005 tn?1628125976 I stopped taking my Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo on the 20th of this month, but before I even stopped taking it (the 19th) I was having some light spotting, it continued for 3 days, just light brown/pink spotting, I noticed it was EW like, just brownish, does that mean I ovulated this month, or is that just a side effect of stopping my BC, having EWCM??? Is it possible to ovulate straight off from birth control?!
737515 tn?1252552423 I went from ortho tri cyclen lo, to ortho cyclen, to ortho tri cyclen. All of which have made me have anxiety. I was on the depo shot for years and beside minor bone loss i had no issues. Is there anyone who has had this problem and actually found an answer?? I am sexually active and not ready for a child at all.
Avatar f tn Well, i know about 5 people that were on ortho tri cyclen lo and got pregnant and 3 of them were taking it correctly. I was on ortho tri cyclen lo for 7 months this year. I stopped my pills in Oct. and started taking prenatal pills because i ended up pregnant but it was a chemical pregnancy. I would suggest you get a stronger dose bcp if your doctor says its ok..... Im sure that if you talk to your doc.
Avatar n tn I just gave birth almost 2 months ago. My docotr put me on birth control. Ortho tri cyclen lo. I had my first period after giving birt on june 3rd it lasted until june 8th. Then I started agai on june 23rd. and I avebeen bleeding since. I wa wondering if it was normal? Is it the birth control causing it? Or is it because went 9 months without having a period and my body is confused?
Avatar n tn After 5 years on it, she switched from Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo to Ortho Tri Cyclen in May. (She had breakthrough bleeding, no serious side effects.) When she switched, she hasn't found me attractive and is severely questioning whether we're meant to be together. There are moments where she shows she's still interested, and she describes herself as having mixed emotions. (Mood swings maybe?
Avatar f tn I hust started a new pack of birth control pills this month. I used to take tri-lo-sprintec tablet generic for (ortho tri-cyclen LO) for the past 6 six years, but in Michigan we do not have it in generic form anymore. Therefore this month i started taking Eth estradi/norgestimate and I feel very lazy and sleepy all the time and I see that I have been gaining weight. My question is is what I am taking now the same as what I was taking before because that is what the pharmacy told me?
Avatar n tn I just started Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo on Thursday September 23rd, and i started my "sugar pills" today, Thursday November 13th. This is my first time ever using birth control, and I mainly started taking it just to regulate my periods. I'm supposed to start my 2nd pack next Thursday, the 20th....but I really do not want to have my period over Thanksgiving weekend.
Avatar f tn They switched me back to my old birth control, Ortho Tri Cyclen, and said it was probably a hormone thing. I started taking my new pill yesterday and I'm still spotting that reddish, pink color blood. I am getting so impatient lol!!! No one wants to bleed for this long !!!
Avatar n tn I had my lap surgery in August 09, and have been on continuous BC since October 09 and my period (or breakthrough bleeding) hasn't stopped since I switched over - now going on 7 months! Previously I was taking Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo and since October I've tried Ortho Cyclen, Necon 1/35 (Ortho-Novum), Apri (Desogen), and now Zovia (Demulen). Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone who has tried taking continuous BC to stop their period have any insights on how long it took?
Avatar f tn I just started taking ortho tri cyclen lo birth control pills august 4, 2013. I started my cycle august 14-24 which was odd cuz it was way to long for me and now its august 29, 2013 and im bleeding again. What does this mean? I was spotting a few days before today but now its getting a little heavier. Why wont my period stop?
Avatar f tn My friend was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and said that it made her depressed and suicidal. I have a history of being extremely sensitive to all kinds of medications. We'll see how it goes.