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Avatar f tn I am 35 & have been on a few differrent pills for about 12 years and was most satisfied with Alesse and then Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I switched to Yaz because the doc thought it would help with the extreme fatigue I experienced the week before my period. There was no other need for me to switch other than to combat that problem.
Avatar n tn I have just been prescribed with YAZ the birth control pill. My period came, so i took the first tablet, but then it stopped within hours. My periods normally last for 7 days. I don't think im pregnant, is this normal?
Avatar n tn but i need to know so that i can stop taking the birth control, because can that affect the baby? And what affects will the birth control pills have on the baby? Thank you for any help you can give me!
Avatar m tn hi i was on yaz birth control. when i stoped taking it i had hair loss aswell. it has slowed down now but took 9months to get back to normal. i eat really healthy take biotin, vit d, iron, im iron defiecent, zinc, silica, fish oil.
Avatar n tn My family and friends also noticed that my moods were very erratic -- worse than when I started taking the pill! I don't need it for birth control, so I just stopped. My last pill was on Saturday night. I already mentally and emotionally feel better, but the bleeding is still there. When can I expect it to stop?
Avatar n tn To help with the hormones and to get my PMS a little more on track, as well as for the birth control itself, I went on Yaz. I have to say I haven't felt happier emotionally for a long time. Birth control side effects are a touchy subject... no matter how many bad things you read about something, you won't know until you try. The Aviane was a nightmare for me... but maybe it works for somebody else. Yaz works for me... but it won't work for everyone.
Avatar n tn The doctors now say ANY birth control that shortens your period can cause this. Just trying to let people know!
Avatar f tn But it is not present in all cases. Since you have started the new birth control pills skipping the inactive pills, hence you should take it as advised by your doctor and not stop them midway. You may get breakthrough bleeding in between. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
17396631 tn?1456319415 My gynecologist put me on Ventura birth control pills (generic form of Yaz) with the intent to stop my periods because they caused me extremely painful cramps and depression. I've been taking them exactly as directed for the past three months. Every morning between 7am and 7:30am, never skipping a day, and starting a new pack instead of taking the placebo pills. For some reason I had two full-length, excruciatingly painful periods that were only two days apart.
Avatar n tn This month, my period started and it has been 3 weeks and I still have my period. I am a big woman, so I don't want to get on birth control just to gain more weight. Is there anyone who has maybe experienced this as well or has some kind of advise. I don't like having a period at all, and today when facing public I came home to find a period spot on the back of my pants. This is driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn I am 31 was on some for of the birth control pill (BCP) from age 17 to 29. At 29 I went on YAZ for about a year. Had leg cramping and diziness so doctor took me off BCP entirely. Of course, my periods got heavier and heavier while I was off the bill. Started Trinessa (generic for Ortho) in February. In May, I started to notice chills coupled with feverishness and hypersensitivity of the skin (even my clothes hurt when they brushed my skin a certain way) the day my period stated.
Avatar n tn I would get my period every 2 or 3 months but my period would last a month or a month and a couple weeks. I've taken birth control off and on for 4 years and when I go off it, my period goes back to normal, not getting my period for a long time. In 2007 I got my period only 3 times!!! I'm terrified that I'm going to have fertility problems or not be able to conceive. The wierd thing is that when I do get my period I loose weight is that normal for anyone?
Avatar f tn I am expecting my period over New Years this year and am on Yaz Birth Control Pills. Obviously this is a big problem because I'm going out and do not want to deal with it. I know that it is possible to skip my period by not taking the 4 sugar pills at the end of the pack and go straight into my new pack, however, I do not like the idea of skipping my period all together. Is it possible to just push my period back a week?
Avatar n tn i think i could use some help and information.. im 18 and am not on birth control but not had unprotected sex... I was with my bf on the 3rd this month.. I had my period on the 9th but it was very light and lasted ONE day. umm.. then i had a little bit of spotting after.. teeny teeny bit... i've been nauteous and a little slow w/ understanding ppl.. worse than usual.. lol.. also have had some serious heartburn, really bad.. i really hate that part.. um..
Avatar n tn Hi, I don't have reguar periods anymore due to birth control use, but I have since stop using all birth control methods. My last period was April 26, 2005. I just started getting periods every month in Dec of 2004. June 22, 2005 my period was light and reddish brown at about 3:30 am. Then later on it started to get heavy like a period but didn't stay that way because when I went to put on a super tampon it hadn't made it to the pad and it was only enough for a panty liner.
Avatar f tn NOOO dont listen to that lady tryingfor6years on the yasmin birth control im in the process of sueing yasmin to see if i can get any kind of money from it!! after i stoped taken yasmin my stomach issues have gone away! i was in the hospital with ivs in me and cat scans etc... dont get yasmin there are reports of it on the internet etc. that product is going to be no longer sold as a birth control product.
519035 tn?1348279373 How many of you have been successful at this time for your blood work. What birth control pills if any are you guys taking???? I am on yaz. but so far not helped with pms. I started pms'ing about three days ago blaming it on synthroid lol! i have extreme hot flashes, depression, mood swings, I feel like my body is out of control, which we already know it is! Thanks!
Avatar n tn This is a painful process best to stock up on a good pain killer and consider birth control pills I suggest yaz or vallet but these r non PBS medicines and are not covered by Medicare (I am from Australia). Best of luck and of ur not happy ask for a second opinion.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I have not gotten my period in the past while on this birth control, or have skipped it intentionally (by starting a new pack and skipping sugar pills) and I am wondering if the spotting is due to a build up of lining or whatever in my uterus? I went to the doctors and she said that my blood pressure was abnormally high and that I should discontinue the use of YAZ.
Avatar n tn Me and my ex (He wasn't my ex at the time) were messing around and he wanted to have sex and I didn't so long story short, he had sex with me for like 30 seconds and I pushed him away. I'm on birth control, but I'm still worried that there may be a chance I could have gotten pregnant. I haven't missed a period, but I've gained about 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks and I really feel weird.
521037 tn?1212279053 I vowed that i was going to get myself a good education and a job prior to getting pregnant so i got on birth control at 16 and stayed on it til last year when i graduated college and me and my boyfriend/current fiance of 8 years decided that we were ready. we came off birth control and got pregnant right away although we had 2 miscarriages and are trying again now for a healthy pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I too have had my copper IUD for almost 2 years and I have no sex drive either, I have also experienced depression, I have gained about 10 lbs and my period never comes on time, I usually get every 35 days or so. I was someone who always had my period on time, didn't gain weight easily, and generally loved myself. It has been 37 days since my last period ....... I get the bloating ..
Avatar n tn ok, I'm still breastfeeding my 5 month old son and started my periods regular as clockwork after the birth. My last period started on the 28th august and was normal. My partner and I had unprotected sex three days after I finished and so when my period was approaching this time I decided to take an early pregnancy test which was negative. On the day that my period was due (24th sept) I started some light spotting, brownish/pinky when I wipe.
Avatar n tn i got iud in apirl 2008 about 3 1/2 months ago i felt i was pragnet again so a i took 3 pregnacy and they all negative and i haven't had normal period and i've been have bad craps i talk to my doctor i told her that i've have bad craps even when im not period so she give pian pills will my nurse that comes to my house 4 my baby girl told me that it sound like i mite be pragnet and the iud should be tooken out just in case so i'm going to my ob on monday
Avatar n tn I have been off birth control since 1998. I have taken both pills and had Depo Provera.
Avatar n tn It's been 8 weeks since my last period and on yesterday it made 4 weeks that my period is late that was suppose to come on last month. This Saturday will be my second period missed. Now you know these doctors need to be telling me something by now, especially with all of the negative urine tests I've had over the past few weeks. The last blood test I took a few weeks ago was negative too, they claim it probably was too early to detect then. He wants me to come back in a couple weeks.
Avatar n tn We've only been trying to get pregnant for 5 months but the concern laid in the fact that I don't get periods normally unless I'm on birth control. I have never been diagnosed with PCOS nor do I have diabetes but I am considered "overweight"/"obese" by medical standards. I put those words in italics because I personally believe that height/weight charts are laughable and it's no way to actually judge whether or not a person is at a healthy weight.
Avatar n tn I've been on 225-300 mg of Effexor XR for the past 2 months. Before that, I was taking 150 mg for about six months. On 300 mg, my mood was good. I noticed a big improvement in my depression but I've gained between 8 and 12 pounds in that time period. So we all know about this weight gain side effect being real, even if the doctors want to deny it.
280700 tn?1210287416 I'm on CD12 and just finished my first round of Clomid 50mg on CD 5-9. We started BD last night and I we will continue every other night for the next two weeks. I'm not a very good charter or temperature taker and if we are not successful this round I will defiantly look into doing that.
318181 tn?1336447096 At least that's what I've heard. Will you be on any birth control before starting the cycle? I can't wait to hear how things go for you! I hope you get your BFP on the first try! :-) bfromthed: Thank you ;-) The reason I was asking about your lining was that if it was thin last month, then that might have something to do with bleeding less...but 12.5 is a nice, thick lining. You could always ask your doctor about it when you go in on Saturday, but you're being monitored, so I'm sure it's fine.