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Avatar n tn I have just been prescribed with YAZ the birth control pill. My period came, so i took the first tablet, but then it stopped within hours. My periods normally last for 7 days. I don't think im pregnant, is this normal?
Avatar f tn I am 35 & have been on a few differrent pills for about 12 years and was most satisfied with Alesse and then Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I switched to Yaz because the doc thought it would help with the extreme fatigue I experienced the week before my period. There was no other need for me to switch other than to combat that problem.
17396631 tn?1456315815 My gynecologist put me on Ventura birth control pills (generic form of Yaz) with the intent to stop my periods because they caused me extremely painful cramps and depression. I've been taking them exactly as directed for the past three months. Every morning between 7am and 7:30am, never skipping a day, and starting a new pack instead of taking the placebo pills. For some reason I had two full-length, excruciatingly painful periods that were only two days apart.
Avatar f tn I have been reading a lot of really horrible things about birth control and I am trying to find out how safe it really is. I am not taking it for the birth control aspect, but for pmdd and acne. I am curious about the effect of decreased sex drive- it's important to me and my relationship, and wondering if EVERYONE has this side effect because of the effects on testosterone and is this a lasting effect even if I were to stop taking it.
Avatar n tn but i need to know so that i can stop taking the birth control, because can that affect the baby? And what affects will the birth control pills have on the baby? Thank you for any help you can give me!
1541697 tn?1302581951 Okay so I am on birth control (YAZ) so my period is suppose to be more regular and yadi ya but lately the past few months I havent even been having my period. Like occasional mini periods (Minimal bleeding) but thats about it. They aren't when they are suppose to be either it just happens at the most random times.
Avatar f tn I am on Yaz and have been on it for almost 2 months before I started taking Yaz I was on the Depo shot. On my second pack of Yaz I missed two pills one on Monday and one on Wednesday I took them right when I remembered to but I'm afraid maybe I could get pregnant ..what are the chances??
Avatar f tn [quote="anonymous"] When I was a senior in high school I went on Yasmin because I had heard so much about it and my gyno gave me a few samples to try. Well I did try it and LOVED it and stayed on it for about 2 years until my gyno's nurse suggested I try Yaz. She said it was about the same thing and I get shorter periods.
Avatar n tn Hi have been on the combined birth pill since I was 13.5 years old due to irregular and heavy periods. I came off 3 times to fall pregnant, which I did the month straight after eg off pill period then fell. Each time the mini pill wasn't strong enough to control the bleeding. A year a ago I was on a pill and I thought that my anxiety and weight was an issue so I changed to the Yaz combined pill. My anxiety and weight haven't changed.
Avatar f tn Im actually on the same birth control but Ive only been on it for a week and a few days I noticed im getting head acks too and its been a little over week since Ive had my period as well and just recently started getting a weird discharge, Also I feel nausiated some times too specially when I try to go eat. Sorry I couldnt help you but Ive been looking forever to find out about whats going on with me lately, your post just sort of helped a little.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking mine mid cycle cause I thought I might have gotten pregnant, and I started bleeding a few days later. When you are on birth control you will have a withdrawal bleed instead of a period. The first time you bleed will probably be the withdrawal bleed and then it could take a while to get your period. I didn't get mine until more than four weeks later.
Avatar f tn I have been on Yaz for almost a year now.. and last month I finished my entire pack including the white pills without any "withdrawal period." I start each pack on a Sunday, and on my second pill on the new pack (Monday) I got some spotting like how it is when you are about to start your period. However, it ended there. My full "period" never came. Yesterday, i finished that pack and still my period hasn't come.
Avatar n tn I started taking Yaz on the first day of my period, it's been two and a half weeks now and my period hasn't stopped at all. Usually it only lasts about 3-4 days for me. This is the first time I've been on ANY birth control and I know my body's going to have to adjust, but how long should I expect this to go on?
Avatar n tn So i am looking to switch birth controls, i do not want the pill in fear of not remembering on a daily basis. I was looking online about the patch but i have also heard of skin problems from it. Can someone please recommend me a good type of birth control?
Avatar f tn I got pregnant on Yazmin Lo....and I took it like clockwork.
Avatar f tn NOOO dont listen to that lady tryingfor6years on the yasmin birth control im in the process of sueing yasmin to see if i can get any kind of money from it!! after i stoped taken yasmin my stomach issues have gone away! i was in the hospital with ivs in me and cat scans etc... dont get yasmin there are reports of it on the internet etc. that product is going to be no longer sold as a birth control product.
Avatar f tn Hi! I am on YAZ birth control, but haven't had sex for 7 weeks since me and my ex broke up. So I missed three days in a row of my pill on the third week, and I read you are supposed to restart a whole new pack if you miss that many on that week. But between that time I got my period, so I started taking a new pack like the instructions said. The weird thing is, is that I'm still on my period and today is day 9. My periods are usually short, probably 4 days.
Avatar n tn I went out of town for a couple of days and forgot to pack my birth control pills (YAZ). I missed two pills in week three. I followed the directions and continued to take active pills through the following Sunday and then started a new pack. I did not get my period however, the pill directions say this is to be expected. Can anybody explain what causes the missed period?
Avatar f tn So, I am on YAZ Birth Control and have been for over 9 months now. I always take my pill on time, the latest I have ever been is about 2 hours. I forgot to take one, and I took it at 12 the next day, and then took the normal one at the right time. Now, I had sex with my boyfriend about a week before this happened and he pulled out. I had not had sex with him since my last period. Now, my period is late. Is there any possibility I'm pregnant? Please help. Thanks!
Avatar f tn birth control does make you gain weight. i hear it's as much as 5- 15 lbs!
11195379 tn?1427921527 So I had my baby 2wks ago and don't know what kind of birth control I wanna be on. Which would u ladies recommend or which ones are u planning to be on?
Avatar f tn My doctor has recently has recently started me skipping my placebo pills and continuing to my next pack due to mood swings on anxiety on my period. Today should of been the first day of my period and I feel completely "off". I feel dizzy and light headed, along with anxious, has any one had these feelings before? I have to continue this until November. if you could let me know your thoughts that would be great!
Avatar f tn m on Yaz and i went to Hawaii june 2nd through june 10th and i was supposed to be on my period during that week but i double up on my birth control so i wouldnt have a period during vacation but before that i was sexually active with out protection and i had not taken my birth control at the same time those days. but i guess i was just wondering could you get pregnant during that time? are you fertile if you do that?
Avatar n tn Anyone who takes Yaz, or birth control in general if they are all the same; could you tell me when my period is supposed to start? Once I start taking the white pills, or after i take the 4 white pills? (the white pills are the last pills for the month.) If I am pregnant, I dont know it. but i need to know so that i can stop taking the birth control, because can that affect the baby? And what affects will the birth control pills have on the baby?
Avatar n tn Your not really suppose to skip your period that long on Yasmin. If you wanted to have your period less times a year, then I would suggest seeing your doctor about switching your pill then. There are pills out there that will limit your period to 4 times a year. I think Seasonel and Sesanique (sp?) are the two kinds.
Avatar f tn I am planning to get rid of this IUD. Please help me if any one else having this kind of issues. Any other suggations for birth control.