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Avatar f tn Also, if I took a pregnancy test, is it true that because I'm on birth control the results would be skewed because of that?
1594373 tn?1297225786 s very common for the depo shot to cause you to miss your period and you may not have a period at all while on the shot. Though if you are really worried, take a home pregnancy test to find out. You can take a home pregnancy test 2 weeks after having sex and get an accurate result. And if you have any questions about your birth control(the shot), don't be afraid to call your doctor and ask questions.
Avatar n tn I got my period a week early while I was still in my month of pills. I stopped taking my bc pull still the following Sunday of the next week. I started a new pack and finished it. It's been a week since I finish my most recent pack and I still haven't had my period. I had sex but we have used a condom. I want to take a pregnancy test but I cramp like I'm going to get my period. Is this normal of not getting a period??
Avatar n tn I am on birth control, but I missed two pills in the middle of my cycle (of course at my most fertile time) and had unprotected sex each on those days before I realized I had forgotten to take them. I've missed pills before, but not at such an important time. How likely is this to result in a pregnancy. We love kids, but not ready yet! Any insight is helpful!
Avatar f tn Here's the risk factor statistics from Planned Parenthood for different birth control methods: Have you ever been late for your period before? Most women get their period during the placebo week. Are you taking the 21 or 28 day pack?
Avatar m tn My girlfriend has been on birth control for about a month now. We had sex on 11-17-12 and She was expecting her period to be on 11-20-12! She says she feels the usual symptoms as if she would be starting her period but yet it hasn't started yet. Could this be the birth control altering her cycle? Or does this mean she's pregnant? I need some information on what to expect and I need answers pleeeeassseee!!!
Avatar f tn I've been on birth control for awhile now but recently I've forgotten to take them I have unprotected sex with my husband my last period was in Dec 14 I'm regular my cycle keeps saying one more day ti period since the 12 of Jan I have not spotted or anything should I worry... I've also drank alcohol I don't know if that has something to do with it.
1396128 tn?1280363671 and as ling as you havent missed any pills in the last 7 days you should be ok to have intercourse. sometimes you wont get a period in the 1st month of birth control. what were you using before the pill?
Avatar f tn Hormones can shift for any reason at all which is why, if you want to avoid pregnancy you need to use birth control such as the pill, patch, shot, or IUD and for added protection use a condom also because that will also protect against STDs. Other than that is just guessing and for most people who want to avoid pregnancy that's not good enough.
Avatar f tn I had it for about two years and loved it everyone always bashes it but my experience was great no pregnancy scared no period didn't gain weight I loved it and will probably get it after this pregnancy
Avatar f tn hey everyone, i have a question i just switched from the depo shot to the pill. i received the shot the day after i had my daughter april 1 2013, and three months later i switched to the pill. i took the pill on a tuesday three or four days before i had too. so that i wouldnt have a break in birth control. im on the placebo part of the pack i actually have four days left and haven't received my period. meaning i have four days til i take a new pack. im a tuesday start, if that makes sense.
Avatar f tn Take a pregnancy test. It's always best to know. Then you can decide on your options. You already know it's possible If you miss your pill on a regular basis ,then it prob is not the contraception for you. Have a look at what other birth control to take.
Avatar f tn anytime that you have unprotected sex you risk the chance of pregnancy, even being on birth control. I have plenty of friends who were on their bc religiously and still got pregnant.
Avatar f tn After I had my daughter I got the IUD it worked great plus I didn't have a period while on it.
457438 tn?1302068407 My wife is do breast feeding by an intervel of 2 hours on day time and 4 hours interval in night time fr our three months baby. Period is not been started yet .Is it an effective Birth Control Method. Any experienced person..?
1801864 tn?1318097993 I know that birth control can make you feel pregnant. But do you guys think I should get a pregnancy test? Me and my boyfriend have been having sex almost everyday and his been cumming inside me. and I was taking my birth control on time for a while but my life is getting stressed and I've been taking my birth control when ever I remember I have to take it. My tummy has cramp like feelings and my nipples are tender BUT I know that birth control can make that happen. SO what should I do.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I are trying to get pregnant but heres my situation .. I wasnt getting my period for 7-8 months at a time so I went to the doctor & they put me on birth control. The doctor told me to take the 3 packs and then try to get pregnant. But as sad as it is im getting impatient. But not only that, I dont like the way they make me feel. So If I stop taking them in the middle of my 3rd pack, what are my chances of getting pregnant? Email me at ***@**** with a response please.
Avatar n tn The first birth control pill I was on, my periods were regular at the same time every month. I never missed a period. My doctor switched my pill and I didn't have a period for 3 months. When I went back to the doctor they said that maybe the new pill was too strong for me, and they switched it again. I had a period for the first two months on this third pill and now I have stopped getting my period again. I took three pregnancy tests and they have all came up negative.
Avatar f tn d be wise to use a back up method of birth control along with it if pregnancy is out of the question. You had unprotected sex how long ago? We'll start there. But usually you can get an accurate pregnancy test at 2.5 weeks after the sexual encounter. If it has been that long and you haven't gotten your period, you can take a test.
Avatar f tn Can birth control make your breast sore randomly? I had my period 2 weeks ago so it can't be that I'm pregnant?
Avatar f tn I wanted to know what type of birth control you ladies planned on using after you delivered your babies....i pretty torn i dont know if i want to do the pills or the depo shot...