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Avatar f tn I started it two Sundays after my period because I had forgotten. My period was regulate from it. But this time I got my period while I was still taking the pill, and it was almost over. Then I finished the pack and my period became heavy again. So I've had my period for 8 days. Would this have to do with starting the pack late?
Avatar f tn Day one of your period is the first day of your cycle and then you begin having sex on cycle day 10 every other day for the next 10 days. good luck and hope you are pregnant soon.
Avatar f tn Does birth control pills affect your menstruation cycle and does it affect your health and physical appearance?
1123945 tn?1259615216 I just went through IVF, they put you on the pill to regulate you so you are on a cycle they can least that is what I gathered from it - I was on it for five weeks (with no period between doses) - they want all your eggs compressed as much as possible.
Avatar f tn I believe you should have one cycle before starting birth control. And I would suggest depo first because you shouldn't be on that for a long time. I would go with the pill. There are some risks with depo, like you gain 15 pound, your bones can become weak over time. My doctor told me this, im not making it up lol. I tried depo once, I didn't like it. I did gain 15 pounds, and my right hip bone seemed to hurt when I layed on it. (side my shot was given).
Avatar f tn I've been on birth control for awhile now but recently I've forgotten to take them I have unprotected sex with my husband my last period was in Dec 14 I'm regular my cycle keeps saying one more day ti period since the 12 of Jan I have not spotted or anything should I worry... I've also drank alcohol I don't know if that has something to do with it.
1043130 tn?1253209694 i stopped taking my birth control about 2 or 3 weeks ago. is it normal to start my period 2 weeks earlier? and will it last longer than usual?
Avatar f tn And i bleed for 2 weeks every period. The first week its just a brown mild red spotting because im still on birth control and then the second week when im on the brown pill is when i actually get the full on effect of my period. Today i got my period again and im still not done with my normal birth control so i decided to skip to the brown pills this week and start a new pack once my brown pills are done. I decided to do this seeing as it wont adjust to me might as well try to adjust to it.
1738081 tn?1310787790 Every woman reacts to b/c differently. What I would suggest is wait to have unprotected sex. Have a normal period cycle (u can have protected sex) then you'll know your b/c is in effect. Then you can have unprotected sex all you want BUT b/c alone is not 100% effective against pregnancy.
1663595 tn?1303411887 Also, since you're not having a period it's usually safe to assume you're not ovulating which means you won't get pregnant. Ovulation comes before a menstrual cycle and is what causes a female to get a period each month.
Avatar n tn I am on birth control, but I missed two pills in the middle of my cycle (of course at my most fertile time) and had unprotected sex each on those days before I realized I had forgotten to take them. I've missed pills before, but not at such an important time. How likely is this to result in a pregnancy. We love kids, but not ready yet! Any insight is helpful!
Avatar f tn I used emergency birth control pills Contraceptive HD (OVOCEPT - HD). I used 2 pills within 24 hours after sex and 12 hours later used 2 pills again. I wanted to know when I will become period? and in emergency way that is just this 2 times? I am really worried please answer me.
Avatar f tn It's also normal because liquids are naturally present that are secreted by the vaginal walls in the course of the day. Their purpose is to naturally cleanse the vagina. It doesn't necessarily mean you were aroused, it's just like your mouth naturally being moist.
Avatar f tn there was one month that my cycle was 45 days when I finally got my period. Your cycle may not go back to the way it used to be so wait a couple months and track everything and go by that to try and conceive. Use the ovulation's really great.
Avatar n tn I know with birth control you have to take it for 3 weeks and then on the 4th week you stop taking it and that is with that you get your period so I wanted to know if my period I take my birth control next week for 3 weeks will my period start on the week of the 14th or what I still get it the week of the 9th
Avatar f tn Mirena Is A Hormonal Birth Control So It's Supposed To Lighten Our Stop Your Period And It's Good For 5 Years. There's Another IUD, Paraguard, It's Non Hormonal So it Doesn't Mess With Your Cycle And It's Good For 10 Years. I Had it For Nearly 4 Years Without Any Issues Or ScaresAnd Had It Taken Out In November Then Got Pregnant With This Baby In December.
Avatar f tn I was taking birth control pills for about three weeks, I had unprotected sex the day after i quit taking the pill. I got my period 3 days later. I know you get your period 2-3 days after you quit the pill. Can I still be pregnant?
Avatar m tn My girlfriend has been on birth control for about a month now. We had sex on 11-17-12 and She was expecting her period to be on 11-20-12! She says she feels the usual symptoms as if she would be starting her period but yet it hasn't started yet. Could this be the birth control altering her cycle? Or does this mean she's pregnant? I need some information on what to expect and I need answers pleeeeassseee!!!
733930 tn?1286571409 So this is my first month off of birth control and i thought my period would be heavier, or different then my cycle on the birth control. But everything seemed to have stay pretty consistant just with lighter bleeding. when i was on the pill i had a "medium" flow for 5-7 days. is it normal to have just a light period for 4 or 5 days when you go off of it? or does everyones body react differently?
1111468 tn?1265721993 The Depo Shot, in my opinon is the worst birth control out there. So many side affects, such as long term bleeding, weight gain plus it stays in your system for up to 1 full year after stopping it. I do not reconmend the depo shot to anybody. If you don't want to take pills, then I sugest an IUD and if you dont want hormones, switch to a Copper IUD.
Avatar f tn Can I get birth control without having an exam? I want birth control to regulate my period. I have never been sexually active but my period can go for 5-9 days not heavy or light flowing. It also has a range of 21-30 days in between periods. I do NOT like to be touched and have never had a successful relationship because of it.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a question concerning the side effects I am experiencing on birth control and how likely it is that i could be pregnant. I began Yaz Birth Control Sunday January 4th (i'm a sunday starter). My period began the week before, Sunday Dec 28th. I had unprotected sex Thursday January 1st late in the evening. I am normally very regular, about a 28-30 day cycle. I see my fertile days are thursday 8th-monday 12th.
Avatar f tn Mommies what's the best birth control would u recommend? It will be my first time on birth control.I'm about to have my 2nd child and don't want anymore for awhile. I am 23 yes old .
Avatar n tn Are you having unprotected sex? Are you on some form of birth control? If you're having unprotected sex or even on birth control you know that you still have a chance on getting pregnant so the real question here is why is there no period right? what kind of preggo tests are you taking the ones with the lines? maybe it may be too soon to tell. If you concieved just before your period was due it is possible that it's just too soon to tell.
Avatar n tn I have just stopped taking my birth control for about 5 days to become pregnant, but all of the sudden i started bleeding.. I just got off of my period about 2 weeks prior to stopping the pill.. So can you tell me why this may be.?