No period not pregnant but spotting

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Avatar f tn I have been experiancing clumpy brown discharge for 2weeks in may with no period. In june, i had my period but it was a lighter amount of blood than im used too. Same in july. In august i had red and brown spooting but no period. Now its semptember and im spotting but seriosly hoping for my period. I have been stressing so much with the possiblity of being pregnant but all the tests i have taken, including the blood test have indicated negative results. I have been calm and not as anxious.
Avatar m tn Well, I am now to almost day 40 of my cycle with no period in sight! I get a negative pregnancy test, so I'm guessing that I am not pregnant? But if that spotting was really due to ovulation, how can a person ovulate and not get a period, unless they are pregnant?! If I ovulated and an egg was released and not fertilized, then doesn't the lining HAVE to come out as a period? Is it possible that the nurse was wrong, and that was not ovulation spotting that I was having?
Avatar f tn I went to a doctor last week and she prescribed me Duphaston 10mg. I took it 3 times for 5 days, but I've still not got my period. I have no signs of irritation or any sort of health problem otherwise (no cramping, no spotting). Have a white discharge occasionally. Please tell me what is the reason I've not yet gotten my period.
Avatar n tn My LDPI was April 2002, and I haven't had a period yet. The spotting was the first thing I've seen in a while (6 years).
Avatar n tn I too was taking Clomid 50mg for 3 months - got my period the first 2 but the third month I ovulated but still no period. Took HPTs but they all came back negative. I am now in day 40 of my cycle. My breasts are extremely tender... and I had very light bleeding a few days before my period was due (implantation bleeding?). My question is - have any of you experienced "pregnancy" symptoms while not getting your period on Clomid? I am also peeing a lot.
Avatar f tn I had spotting when I was pregnant ( didn't know) I thought it was my period but turned out not to be lol. You probably are pregnant, try a free clinic in your area that's what I did to confirm the hpts I took. Hopefully this helps!
Avatar f tn you can spot while your pregnant. I spotted when i was pregnant and thought it was my period but then i went to the doctors and i was 7weeks pregnant so yes you can.
Avatar f tn It seemed odd but I assumed it was just a light period (no pain or anything unusual like that). This month, my period is late--only by 2 days, but in light of the weird period from last month I took more notice. I have had unprotected sex using the withdrawal method (reliable... I know...) along with birth control pills with fairly consistent use--I wouldn't describe it as "perfect" use, but it's rare that I miss. I recently switched from Yaz to Gianvi, maybe around 3 months ago.
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Avatar f tn took pregnancy test, blood test, went to dr - not pregnant april- period comes, END of april spotting may no period... took a few pregnancy test, negative. im so confused? i dont know what to do. we have been trying to have another baby but now im worried something is wrong with me. i do occasionally get really sharp pains, feel very nauseated, and tired. has anyone else had this happen?
Avatar n tn of course you can have spotting and be pregnant, or not have spotting and be pregnant, or have spotting and not be pregnant. So take a test and find out for sure! or am I somehow missing the point of this post? if it went over my head someone tell me and i'm sorry!
Avatar f tn But experiencing dark brown also beige brown wen I wipe not a lot at all. I had spotting before I miscarried last time but my thyroid was 30 the still not below 4.5. Scared Its gonna happen again.
Avatar f tn i had anal sex about 2 months ago and i know that it's not that possible to get pregnant through that but i'm worried. i took a pregnancy test a week ago and it was negative. sometimes i feel sick after i eat and i'm always really tired now. i haven't gained or lost any weight. does anyone know what's going on?? please help!?
Avatar f tn Hi I Don't know if anyone here can help me, but here it goes. This month I was supposed to get my period between August 26th & 27th. But something weird happened. On the 25th I spotted lightly, than on the 26th no spotting,than on the 27th I spotted again. I took about 15th home urine pregnancy test, all the tests were negative. I went to the doctor they did a blood and urine pregnancy tests, but they were also negative.
Avatar n tn January and February I spotted for a few days, then it stopped, then I started my period. This month I spotted on the 4th and it's now the 19th and no period. Could I be pregnant or is my period just late?
436469 tn?1248977445 C. But, it has been almost 8 weeks and still no period. The doctor said it would take 4-6 weeks. My biggest concern is that I had one day of period like cramps 2 1/2 weeks ago, that my body was attempting the period then, and nothing came out. No spotting or anything. Now I think I could have Asherman's syndrome, which would be scaring built up in the uterus that would prevent my period from coming. Any help?? My doctor is not available till Friday and I am confused and worried.
Avatar m tn I haven't had a cycle since the end of November but I am experiencing cramping and breast tenderness, but not bleeding, not even spotting. What are the chances of me being pregnant if my husband and I have only had sex 7 times since December?
Avatar f tn Now here recently I have been very moody, hungry, tired, dizzy on and off, and sometimes nauseaded. I am due to have my period today but no period, no spotting or usual brown discharge I usually get the day before or the day of. Normally I have sore breasts a week to two weeks before I start my period and I haven't had the first sign of that until yesterday. I had taken a pregnancy test (cheapo one) the day before yesterday and it was negative.
Avatar n tn last month my period came on around the 17th my period usually last a week but this month im expecting it around the 15-19... but still no period my cycle is about 30-31 days long.... and now its 7-9 days late.. i'm crampin like my period is about to come but every morning i wake up and still no sign of my period. I had entercourse wit my partner about 2 weeks ago with no protection but i was not ovulating.. He supposedly nutted in me 6 times but i dont know..
Avatar f tn I had my period February 1st -6th . like a Norman period. Then march came no period. The doctor said I was a month & 3 days. Is it possible to start your period if your pregnant? I'm due Nov 8th I'm now 13 weeks. I think I conceived February 12-19 .