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Avatar n tn So you are 3 weeks meaning you are only overdue for your period by 1 week? Is that right? When was your last period? Or are you 3 weeks from when your period was due?
Avatar f tn there is a great differnce betweent spotting/bleeding and a full blown period! ones a period with the cramps. lenght. flow....everything that happens when you have period and when you spot/bleed. (its mostly spotting if even that) its in no way similar to a period. its a few drops of blood here and there. not filling a pad or tampon. etc theres a differnce and you would know yes if your so worried your pregnant than simply take a test.
Avatar f tn I normally have 29 day cycles and started bleeding this morning at 46 days. I took a dollar store pregnancy test over a week ago and it had come back negative. I'm not sure if the test was accurate or not. Last night I had sex with my boyfriend again and afterwards got very light cramping, but didn't think much of it. I woke up early this morning with light spotting and cramps. I went back to sleep and then woke up again with heavy bleeding and strong cramps.
Avatar n tn My miscarriage was a "missed" miscarriage. I never had any symptoms at all, I went in for an ultrasound and found out that the baby had died about a week sooner. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.
Avatar n tn From what I have read from the posts, it sounds rather normal to have a heavy period. I had a miscarriage on April 23, 2009, naturally. I had a period in June but it was rather light. I just got my period again and like you said it has been as if I am miscarrying all over again. A tampon was only lasting every 2 hours if that. I probably soaked through my clothes two days in a row because it was just so heavy. You are definitely right, it is disturbing.
Avatar f tn Emotionally I cant do another miscarriage so I am trying (even know that may seem tough) all odds of a miscarriage as the fear worries me.. WHat do you think I should do Shots of Just Femara anyone had a suceess on either or as I am using donar sperm due to my husband is not fertile.. Thanks so much and its good to be back as I am much more aware of myself and I hope all is doing well.
898392 tn?1267153945 hello ladies, Well I started clomid in Nov/08 and got a BFP in January/09 but it was not sticky and I had a miscarriage early in the pregnancy. I had to let my cycles level out and went with out clomid for a few months. I have been back on clomid since end of march/09. Although it is great and helpful with ovulation.
Avatar n tn I had horrible cramps the night i got my period. then i had my period for one full day, normally. the second full day i had awful cramps again in the morning and a full day of normal period. The next day i passed what i thought was a clot. it was larger than normal (i typically clot) and so i pulled it out of the toilet. it consisted of a red blob looking like a piece of liver, a little bit bigger than a nickel, and attached was a white vein type of tissue that was about and inch long.
1884694 tn?1320988055 Ok so I do have this app o have my DROID with a calendar where I track my period, intimacy, and other notes and it calculates my fertile days and my ovulation day for me. So my question is, it shows me fertile 5days before and after my ovulation if we have sex within any of those days we've got a good change of getting pregnant?? I apologize for this being kinda silly..
Avatar f tn IM so sorry for your loss. As for the bathroom issue, im not sure but as for the blood that is completely normal. when I miscarried it was the dark brown which is "old blood, from miscarriage" and then the fresh blood would come and then darken back to the dark reddish brown as period is starting to end.
Avatar n tn We had another miscarriage a couple of monthes ago (very early, much like a period). I finally bought the expensive ovulation predictor machine and used it this month. It recently said that I ovulated on day 20 of my cycle. I am worried because even if I were to achieve pregnancy this month, my luteal phase is too short that the embryo would be shed. Should I ask my doctor for some progesterone just in case??
Avatar n tn We've gone through several variations of one of them preferring one of us for a period of time. I think it is completely normal. I think extreme separation anxiety, i.e. if you leave for a short period of time and the child is inconsolable in your absence, may merit more attention, though. I am sure it depends on the child, but I've always found with my children that if I tell them I'm going out, and when I'll be back (I've even given them clocks, timers etc.
Avatar f tn Although, I've never experienced a miscarriage, which I'm very sorry for you loss, but nonetheless, TTC is a full-time, mind consuming, and at impersonal JOB!!! I was literally grabbing my husband by his neck tie when he would walk in the door after work and say "OK, take your pants off let's get going!!!" How romantic is that? Let me say it's like pouring ice cold water over someone...they freeze right up!
Avatar f tn A collection of your urine over a 24-hour period can also give important information. The antibodies your body makes against its own normal cells and tissues play a large role in lupus. Many of these antibodies are found in a panel, or group, of tests that are ordered at the same time. The test you will hear most about is called the ANA test. This is not a specific test for lupus, however.
Avatar f tn (I'm the one who is 46 and who just had a second miscarriage.) My RE said that ivf is far preferable to iui because they can control so many factors. In iui, they hope the egg and sperm will meet up, but really there's no way of knowing. I think you said you have had some high FSH levels. My impression is that REs have certain criteria you have to meet to be eligible for ivf (e.g., age 43 or less, certain FSH and estradiol levels, etc.
Avatar n tn My period was coming later and later and then finally stopped. I was put on Provera to get my period started and them clomid to help ovulate. Did 50mg and no ovulation. Did 100mg and no ovulation. I didn't want to do a 3rd round. I wanted a new option. She referred me to FCI in Oakbrook. Has anyone been there before? Since I have a history of no ovualtion, would it be better to do IVF instead of IUI? Is there certain questions I should ask the doctor there?
Avatar f tn i also, stated menopause around the age of 43. i haven't had a period in about 5 years...both my mom and my sisters started early as well so i didn't think anything of it.and talk about stress...mine started around 15 yrs
Avatar f tn I hate going to the ER for adenosine even though I've just done it once, I just hate having SVT period. I need to learn to accept it, even though I rarely have it. I also am trying to do calmer things. I'm reading, listening to soft/slow music, doing yoga/pilates, and meditation. I hope these will work for me over time. I will take a look at the books you recommended, thank you :) Glad to hear you're doing better. I also quit my job too. We gotta take care of ourselves.
599170 tn?1300977493 Oh, ok, I guess I read your answer the wrong way. Sorry about that. It's is a controversial subject as it should be.
1450948 tn?1304729327 So I had a miscarriage Sept 21st 2010 and I bleed for two days..I wasn't that far the question I am asking is it's October 18 2010 and we have been trying to get pregnant..When is the earliest I can take a pregnancy test...after I miscarried I took a pregnancy test to make sure I fully miscarried and the test said should I take one like October 22nd that way it's been four weeks since my miscarriage. Any suggestions on what I should do???
Avatar n tn Then, I waited one cycle after the 2nd miscarriage thinking maybe I should have waited but I didn't before. Throughtout all this, my cycle has been regular -28 days with ovulation midcycle, but this month after having waiting thru one cycle before, I ovulated late - around day 25 and I still have not gotten my period yet, though it was expected now based on when I last got my period.