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Avatar n tn That's a hard one because you don't know if it was your period. Do you mean ONLY pink spotting and no flow? Spotting doesn't count as your period so maybe you should give your doc a call and tell him/her and make sure you explain whether it is just spotting or a flow. You could also spot from ovulation and have slight cramps but it shouldn't be a lot. You say you've been infertile for 2 years, so I hope you are doing a BBT chart or OPK's, especially since you say you're irregular.
Avatar f tn As i said last friday I took my last pill and before I went to bed i found some spotting, it was light pink, with no pain, no itching and no odor, I have never experience that, but all I know is that is abnormal to me and it does not look like when you get your period. I am a little concerned because this light spotting is been happening since Friday night and its just a couple days before my period.
967190 tn?1257860076 I had the same thing too the pink spotting in the place of my period, but no period still im 8 days late took a test and it was negative. So should i do?
Avatar f tn Well about an hour ago I started having very light pink spotting when I wipe. Am I starting my period or can I still be pregnant but spotting??? Usually when I start my period I have bad cramps before I start bleeding or right as I start bleeding. I'm going to take another home pregnancy test tomorrow morning.
Avatar n tn Im now late for my period and i have light pink and very light brown discharge for about 5 days now and still no period..Slight cramping, mild headaches, very tired and having to go potty more..I am regular with my cycles as ive been diagnosed with painful periods so i know when its coming and still not here..Not sure what to think,,Ive taken tests and a couple double lines a couple negatives. Anyone have any thoughts????
1593644 tn?1327880162 So my doctor said that my light faint spotting was normal because i just missed my period and my body was adjusting to the pregnancy. I just want the spotting to stop. I know no 2 pregnancies are alike but goodness. I dont want to go through what i went through in janurary.
Avatar n tn Light pink spotting earlier than when your typical period would arrive could be implantation bleeding. Or, I have heard of some people that spot a little with ovulation, and you typically ovulate (on a 28 day cycle) 2 weeks after your period. For me, fatigue and the hightened sense of smell were the first signs I was pregnant. I just found out I was pregnant again yesterday and I don't yet have tender breasts or some of the other signs. I would say I am probably only in my 3rd week right now.
558787 tn?1327788888 I went to the loo last night and there was some very very light pink on the toilet paper. The next time i went it was gone. Im really worried as ive had 4 m/c already. I also feel as if my symptoms are going. I have a scan booked for tuesday. What do you guys think.
1722811 tn?1335307163 Good morning all, earlier this month bout 2 weeks ago I went to the restroom and urinated when i wiped myself i saw light pink i thought that my cycle was about coe. so i put on a pad later on i went to rest room nothing on pad but still when i wipped myself light pink on tissue. so i went from pad to panty linner still no red blood there either just when i wipped this lasted about 2 days then nothing. wut could this be sill no cycle and (-) preg test.
Avatar m tn its been like three to four days sense the period n I am still getting very pink color when I wipe. no red no brown like PINK!!!! my boobs usually hurt before my period....I felt nothing... my areola's looked puffy one day. I will say the cramps on this period were so painful one day tht I felt like dying.... idk what is with me... I've had sex sense the last fling with my ex but it was protected sex. I just want to know if I might be preggers with my ex's baby...
Avatar f tn I'm not on the pill and my husband did not use a condom. For about 7-8 days I have been experiencing light pink bleeding but not every day. I am exhausted, feel dizzy and my nipples have been sore! Sorry TMI.. I have taken 2 tests (Clear Blue) and one had a faint line but I think this showed up after the 10 minute allowed time frame! The second later on was negative. Any advise or thoughts will be much appreciated.
1560049 tn?1294853287 It was light pink spotting and it last for I think 1 or 2 days. At the time I was 17 and living at home so my mom was there for me. I laid on the couch and she catered to me the whole entire day. Everything turned out to be ok. Call your Dr and see what they say but just know it happened to me and my daughter is now 15yrs old. Im sure its nothing Jas. Hang in there. Many blessings!
1907302 tn?1321897249 At this stage it can be a different period this month which starts from spotting and then converts in normal bleeding of period or it could be due to implantation of egg.So now all you can do is to wait till you actually miss your period and do HPT with FMU.i know this waiting is very difficult but thats all can be done.I hope you get BFP.
Avatar n tn in my first pregnacy i thought i was starting a period (3 days of brownish spotting) but never actually came on properly. it was infact implantation bleeding.
Avatar f tn I had a dr app may 2 I took a prenatal vitamin and that day I started spotting brown blood for three days the four day it was a light pink. I am a week & a half late for my period I took a pregnancy test and it said no. What is going on ?
Avatar n tn About a week ago I finally got my period and thought all the confusion was over. WRONG!!! I have had light pink spotting a couple of more times following the end of my period... no irritation or foul odors....just light pink discharges........any suggestions as to what this could be. Took a pt and its if I am not pregnant then what????????????
Avatar n tn This morning I have had some pink spotting. It only appears on the toilet paper when I wipe and it is very light pink. It has happened three times this moring. HPT is still negative. Any ideas???
Avatar n tn At 10 to 11 DPO I had two bouts of light pink spotting when I wiped myself. It's gone today. I never had implantation bleeding with my other two is this what it is. I've taken two pregnancy tests as my period is suppose to start tomorrow but both were negative. Last one I took was less than 24hrs after the bleeding. Wondering if it was negative because it was implantation bleeding and no HCG levels were high enough with in that 16 hour period. Thanks for the help.
Avatar f tn I had really light bleeding 5 days before my period was due and that was really unusual for me.. it was implantation bleeding i took a test the day i was supposed to get ny period and it came out positive! i hope you test positive good luck!
Avatar f tn I went again about 20 minutes later because I was freaking and it was pink again when I wiped. I have had zero cramping and no spotting yet this morning. Any suggestions as to if it is implantation bleeding or not? I am too early to take a test.....I will have to see if the dang spotting continues. Argh! Help!
Avatar f tn Then today I went to the bathroom again and had some brown spotting. Now I feel kinda icky and woozy almost light headed. Not sure what could be going on here. Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.