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Avatar n tn From Wednesday to early morning Friday my spotting, a pinkish/light brown color, was so light that I didn't even have to use a tampon and my liners would only have a spot or two on them. From Friday until Sunday I had nothing, but on Sunday I started spotting again, the same way. Today, I stopped spotting but was having discharge heavier than normal. I haven't been using any protection and Ive been off birth control for over a year.
Avatar f tn If you started your period on the 14th i would say your probably not pregnant and your period just came a couple days early. If your spotting and the bleeding is very light and not like a normal period, it could be implantation bleeding which happens around the time of your normal period. Id start by taking a pregnancy test. If it comes up negative and your still unsure, wait a week and take another one. If its negative again and your still concerned, call your doctor and request a blood test.
Avatar f tn THe bleeding could have been a very light period.. Usually implantation bleed lasts a couple hours to a day but 3 days is a bit long.. It doesnt mean that is the case with everyone.. Though Implantation bleed is more rare... I would take a test if you are really questioning it.. because you wont get any peace of mind another way....
Avatar f tn I guess im just wanting to know is it possible to have menstrual symptoms 3 weeks before my period or coul I possibly be pregnant i ve had these symptoms all month my period is due in 1 day.
Avatar n tn Hello-my first time to this wonderful site! My husband and I just started trying this month for our 2nd child. I was gone for 2 wks, but had unprotected sex both before and after I returned. I totally expected to have my period since I was gone for so long. I had just gotten off the pill before having my last period. So, I started having very bad menstrual cramps and "shocks" in my breasts 3 days ago. I kept running to the bathroom thinking I was going to start. Nothing.
Avatar f tn My menstrual period is delay for 8 days, I had already three negative pregnancy test and my doctor recommended a blood test, which was negative also. My doctor wants me to wait another 2 weeks and if I don't get my menstrual period, do another round of blood test. I thought the blood test was definetively, if it was negative is because I'm not pregnant. Does anybody have any comments?
Avatar f tn I remembered I had unprotected sex but it was on the second day of my period. I took pregnancy tests this month but all were negative. And I do not have symptoms of pregnancy. I also felt a lump on my left lower abdomen just along my pelvic bone. Could this be my ovary? And could this be a cyst? And recently I am having increased clear and watery discharge especially when I bend over. It feels like a pee.
Avatar f tn And this month i got my periods on 18th, two days delayed(the due date was on 16th). But the period is very light and lasted only for some 2 days and the bleeding was not as usual! Any chances that i am still pregnant? Can anyone explain me the difference between menstrual cycle and implant bleeding?
Avatar n tn My period started a week early,is very lighter then usual, my menstrual blood smelled weird the first day and went away, and also my nipples burn and itch. Is this a sign of pregnancy?
1344131 tn?1276296785 today i thought i had come on my period but it was light pink and a bit thick. i read up on the internet and it said implantation bleeding. now what i wanted to know is, does this necessarily mean i am pregnant?
Avatar f tn So my menstrual cycle was suppose to come on the 28th of this month it never came yesterday i used the restroom and it was light spotting after that the spotting stopped and still Know period I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative was that to soon???....still today theres no period and im not stressed or taking any meds that will cause this afraid because i had a abortion about 5 months ago and but ive had two period since then ....
Avatar f tn This Pregnancy or Me Changing to Menopause?? Period came late but 1 day Heavy and the Rest was Medium/to light...Never happend to me before. Breeast tender and getting headaches. and some Nausea. Havent been feeling the same since the 16th of Feb.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I'm not sure if anyone can really give me any input on this but here goes. I had my last period on June 13th and it lasted for 5 days (as usual). Now, a couple days ago I started feeling a cramping feeling very similar to menstrual cramps, but was a little confused since my period had just ended on the 17th.
Avatar f tn My last period was oct 24. my cycle is normally a 26 day cycle and my periods usually last 3 days and its lighter in color and medium to heavy flow. Last month i was 2 days early and it was very dark in color almost looked like backed up blood looked like a rusty color and it was very light flow and lasted only a day and a half before it went to spotting and completely stopped by day 2.
Avatar f tn My last period was oct 24. my cycle is normally a 26 day cycle and my periods usually last 3 days and its lighter in color and medium to heavy flow. Last month i was 2 days early and it was very dark in color almost looked like backed up blood looked like a rusty color and it was very light flow and lasted only a day and a half before it went to spotting and completely stopped by day 2.
Avatar n tn I had a period sep 11- sep 17 then started spotting the 24th and the 25th. Since sep 26 I've had a light period that I'm still on and it's Oct. 15.Since I've had a period that has never happened. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex... could it be because I'm pregnant?
Avatar f tn My last cycle was July 6 2012.
Avatar n tn wait to see if you miss your next menstrual cycle and then take a pregnancy test. anytime you have unexplained bleeding that is not your regular menstrual cycle there is a chance of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn ) In the last three years, my menses have been like well-tuned clockwork. A week ago, I began to spot. Normal. But then it stopped after only a very, very light period. Several days later, notably after masturbating, again there was a little pink, then absolutely nothing. Yesterday? Same thing. It stops. Anyone had this happen?
Avatar f tn I am at my 3rd placebo pill as of today the 21st at 9pm. I noticed that on early Sunday I woke up with severe cramps. I thought my period had come down. I went to check and nothing. The cramps kept going and going. I was curious to see if I was going to be on my prd so I used a tampon. I pulled it out right away and noticed that were was blood clots(just like last month) Nothing was still coming down when I would urinate or wipe myself clean. Through out the day, my pain level was probably 8.
Avatar n tn Dizziness that comes almost a full week before the period, lasts through the period and is almost constant every day during that time? I'm not totally sure it's menstrual related, but looking back over the last few months it seems to be - I have 2 good weeks at a time followed by 2 bad weeks at a time, and usually the bad weeks are around my period.
Avatar f tn I freaked out because IMPLANTATION BLEEDING, but the first pregnancy test was negative... So I waited about 9 days and took the 2nd pregnancy test... Also negative. The day I took the 2nd test, I began what I HOPE is my period... Usually my periods are very heavy with extreme cramping & other physical symptoms, but this time it is a VERY light flow and is almost all a brown color (sometimes dark red) with no cramping or other menstrual symptoms... What do you all think??
632991 tn?1222697140 then the next month we didn't have sex,and got my period on December 25th also.. it was a light flow. Then this january 7 we had sex and again used condom.. But Im still not having my period, and i feel bloated.. and i know that the condom did not broke or tear, because before he ejaculated, he withdraw it..what is happening? anyone have the same experience? I am not having pregnancy test..
Avatar f tn my last menstrual was the 17 of june two later i had light spotting but just for one day my breast r very tender they hurt and cramping a lot but no menstrual what does the mean
Avatar f tn I know it can be a scary thought but its vital that you take a test especially since you missed your period for two months and then had a very unusual light period. Once you take the test you can go from there on what you'll need to do. If you aren't pregnant then it might've been from stress but I would probably go to the doctor and ask what it could've been from.
Avatar n tn it can be anything from light implantation bleeding to a full on period. no having a period isn't normal but having it doesn't necessarily mean anythings wrong. you'd just need to go to your ob and have him/her make sure everythings fine. or if you're asking if you can get pregnant while on your's rare but yes it can happen. there have been women who've gotten pregnant while on their periods.
Avatar f tn i didnt say that....