No period just light spotting

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1722811 tn?1335307163 so i went from pad to panty linner still no red blood there either just when i wipped this lasted about 2 days then nothing. wut could this be sill no cycle and (-) preg test. Callin ob/gyn today bu tought i'd ask my friends here their opinion also.
Avatar f tn Me and my boyfriend had sex and the next 2 days I had light brown spotting. I am guessing I am around 6 weeks maybe further. I was worried sick because this is my second pregnancy and the first one didnt go well but I didnt have any spotting during that one. I feel great with only gas cramps. Am I over reacting or should I be worried? My first appointment is Feb. 10th and just pray the baby is healthy!
Avatar f tn I'm not regular with my periods at all, but I have the same cramps I get when I'm getting my period...everything except for the actual period. I've read about women spotting after the implantation...but that was usually a few days after. Is this 2 week later spotting normal? Am I pregnant, or just really unfortunately late? I appreciate everyone's answers/suggestions/etc. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Hello, last month instead of my period I experienced brownish spotting--it started a day before my period usually begins (though it has started a day early before), and only lasted 2-3 days at most. It only appeared when I wiped. It seemed odd but I assumed it was just a light period (no pain or anything unusual like that). This month, my period is late--only by 2 days, but in light of the weird period from last month I took more notice.
Avatar f tn Im 47 no period six months but have just had light bleeding again for 5 days, then a week later light like spotting now for 2 days, i read its common with per-menopause but i am going to check with the doc next time im there just to be sure, maybe you should:)..
Avatar n tn not during my pregnancy no actually most pregnant women dont spot they just miss their period
Avatar f tn No it doesn't happen that fast. Could just be a light period. Now if you don't use protection there is always a chance of becoming pregnant so if you don't get your next period take a test.
Avatar f tn No just when I wipe, had to put a thin panti liner on for work, just in case but very lit spotting like not period flow
Avatar f tn As i said last friday I took my last pill and before I went to bed i found some spotting, it was light pink, with no pain, no itching and no odor, I have never experience that, but all I know is that is abnormal to me and it does not look like when you get your period. I am a little concerned because this light spotting is been happening since Friday night and its just a couple days before my period.
967190 tn?1257860076 I had the same thing too the pink spotting in the place of my period, but no period still im 8 days late took a test and it was negative. So should i do?
Avatar f tn My period was due 2 days ago and never came...but now i have no spotting and my period hasnt came. Ive had bad heart burns and been very tired and getting lower back cramps and leg cramps and breast are somewhat tender! Any thoughts? Anybody else had this and actually been pregnant? I havent took a test yet!
Avatar f tn im about a month late on my period and 2 days ago i got a light pinkish discharge but with no cramping at all i thought i was going to start my period but the whole day after that discharge nothing came out. its now day 3 and still nothing just when i go to the bathroom and wipe i see brownishredish but thats about it no cramping at all or bloating if it was my period i would of had a heavy flow as thats what i get when i start my period by now.What could it be please help?
Avatar f tn I had my period two weeks ago and for the last couple of days I had light spotting its gone and there is no odor or crampin i'm just alittle tired now but anyways I have also had unprotected sex in between that time and I'm not on any kind of birth control either so what could be wrong because i never had a period every two weeks before?
Avatar f tn Well about an hour ago I started having very light pink spotting when I wipe. Am I starting my period or can I still be pregnant but spotting??? Usually when I start my period I have bad cramps before I start bleeding or right as I start bleeding. I'm going to take another home pregnancy test tomorrow morning.
Avatar f tn hi, just wanted to ask what u think may be happenning to me. the first day of last period was 30th july, last night after having sex i started spotting, thought maybe my boyfriend went in a bad angle.i didnt feel any pain, the spotting seemed to have stopped in the night. Got up this morning and bled some more.. Did an OPK n no surge was detected. Predicted ovulation is the 13th. Next period isnt due for another 2weeks.
Avatar m tn That would at least make sense. No ovulation should equal no period. I just can't see how I could have ovulated and not gotten a period, esp, with a negative preg test. I don't really feel pregnant, but I didn't with my son at first either. Thanks again for your advice!
Avatar f tn What is this very light pinkish spotting on the day AF is due? I have no other period signs, apart from quite bad constipation and the diarrhea this morning. Is it too much of a coincidence to hope for pregnancy but have light spotting on the same day period is due?
1961938 tn?1398721701 I am a week and a half late for my period now and I have been spotting light pink and brown off and on for about 4 days now. I have taken some pregnancy tests and they came back negative. I took them in the evening but idk if that really matters. I just don't know what is going on with my body. Is it normal to not have a period for a while after a miscarriage? Could I be pregnant again? Any advice would be wonderful. Oh and I will keep everyone updated on what the end results are. Thank you!
Avatar f tn So You Were Not Preg?.....It's Crazy Because I Came on but No Tissue Pass Just Blood & It's light I Still & Feel Pregnant! A Women/Mother Knows,Her Body & You Can Still bleed While Pregnant It's Normal In Some Cases! But I Go To The Doc On The 11 And Im Just Praying I Find Out What's Going On Because This Situation Is Scary Confusing and Making Me Go Bananas!