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Avatar n tn my period is still going on for 18 days now. the first week it was light now it is so heavy with blood clogs. Is this normal or is this the start of menopause. I will be 46 this June. Please help!!
Avatar n tn -Tightness or restrictive pressure feeling in the middle of chest -feeling sensation of a strap across my forehead sometimes -constant Dizzy light headed feeling very light headaches 33yrs-Male, non-drinking -non smoker- No known family history of heart problems, Mother and father with hi-blood and hypertension. 10 yrs of migraine headaches with avg of 2-4 attacks a year usually between the months of July and Nov, I used to have problems with my sinus.
Avatar f tn I was wondering so I had my BP checked. Its 90/60. Most of the time I easily get light-headed when I'm working. I also have bruises on one of my leg. Could this be anemia? And is this the cause of having spotting and little/irregular period?
Avatar f tn I have always had heavy periods, but this month I have been passing large amounts if blood, huge clots, and have felt overall fatigued and a little light headed. I am cramping up pretty bad and have a lower back ache. I have used the softcup and when taking it out today I thought I hurt my cervix and that is why I am bleeding so much. Any advice? I'm not pregnant and have been on the same birth control pill for 4 years.
Avatar n tn It's been about a month and I got my period a week ago. The first few days it was light. Now on day 6 it is really heavy. I feel like I have been bleeding for a month and feel so drained. I'm cranky and very short with my husband to the point where we are barely speaking because I have been so "mean" as he says. Is this normal? Is or was anyone else like this. I'm totally okay with the miscarriage. I know there was just something wrong and that it's normal. So is it just my hormones?
Avatar f tn Then this morning i had a light purpleish brown period with a lil bit of tissue and that was it. ive been feeling really light headed and nautious for the past week too. This is really weird for me because i NEVER miss periods i usually have one every two weeks and they are real heavy. I do go out and get drunk once or twice a week but ive always done that so i dont think it has anything to do with it.
Avatar f tn So basically I have been bleeding almost non stop since my last period until now when my next period has begun. I am now feeling extremely light headed and dizzy and have had a headache for about 3 days. Im just curious if this is serious and if I need to go to a doctor.
Avatar n tn when i woke it was everywhere i mean everywhere and it seems to be constantly flowing just like im weeing when i sit on the toilet it just floods out i feel so grose in the tummy and a litle light headed i spoke to my boss about it and she said that sometimes in early pregnancy you can bleed alot so i did another test and again it came up negative. i have never had a heavy period so its unusual for me. Could i still be pregnant? thankyou..
Avatar n tn These included feeling very weak, shaking all over, light headed/dizzy,numbness/tingling on fingertips and toes, slight shortness of breath and chill. I felt like passing out, flushed. I figured it was from not eating so I grabbed a burger and it seemed to alleviate the problems. Well, it happened again around the same time of day a few days later. But this time, eating didn't help as much. Eventually the symptoms went away. My colleagues observed that I looked very pale.
543791 tn?1216385377 Last time I had one heavy day of bleeding and I passed some clots and then it turned into a normal period. This time I've been bleeding really bad and I'm passing many many big clots. THis is the 2nd day and I'm a little freaked out. I'm waiting on my doctor to call me now but I thought you all could help in the mean time. Is this normal? I've probably passed 15 big clots today, some of them were palm sized. I've been feeling light headed and overall weak.
Avatar n tn I was on the pill, and decided to change to Loestrin at the end of July 2009. I had a normal period in June, July and August. The August period was light, but i assumed this was because of the change of birth control. I also spotted all of August and September, but the doctor assured me this was because my body was getting used to the birth control. So I had a very very light period at the end of September.
Avatar m tn When I started today, the blood was thinner and heavier then normal, my abdominal bloated more then normal, alot of pressure and along and light contractions all which was frequent , my ribs became sore from front to back, lower back pain, light numb feeling in back and abdominal, light headed and feelings of passing out, i have not slept for two days due to drug with efedrin, movement throughout abdominal compared to fetal movement or gas, some minor hallutionations just started, all theses s
Avatar n tn Honestly there could be a million different reasons for your period to not be that heavy and to feel light headed. If you are worried about pregnancy then take a test but even if your period is abnormal if you got your period you are most likely not pregnant.
Avatar n tn It helps with the panic attacks, but I have this heavy headed feeling that just won't go away. It makes me feel like I can't do anything and need to stay in bed all day. I've had CT Scans, X-rays, EKGs, Blood work every test possible and I am medically fine. I've been trying to cope with this the best way possible. I do feel alot better then I did 6 months ago. I have noticed that my anxiety and panic only comes in late October and stays until early February.
Avatar f tn ok i had my period last month but it was light and my periods are NEVER light had it for 8 days and i stopped on the 7th day but when i got to work the next morning i started bleeding heavy and it was dark red. have been having bad headaches and i eat alot now. so.... could i be pregnant even though 2 pregnancy test said negative last month?? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!! by the way been having cramps and im bloated. also get very light headed in the morning with a little nausea.
Avatar n tn I was curious if my thyroid could have anything to do with it, b/c I have also been feeling light headed for the past week, also, my chest has been more sore this time around than in the past. Thankyou for your input, I want to gather as much info as possible before my appointment so I can ask more informed questions.
Avatar n tn Then throughout the day i was feeling slight cramps. the bleeding was not as heavy as my regular period but it wasnt that light either. Could i be pregant. And the bleeding is occuring the same time i am expecting my cycle to come.
901991 tn?1281613225 Untill now I have just had a panty liner in, (but I wear them daily anyway just to feel fresh and clean) and not alot has transfered to them, but then I'm not working so am not exactly on the go all day, Im sitting down alot.... The bleeding today is more like a light period than spotting but I am not due for my next period for another 7 days on the 18th May as I have a 28 day cycle...
Avatar n tn When I looked it up most of what I found described that as being brownish red and almost like a light period. This was a small ammount and light pink. I have been very much on emotional extremes so if I am not pg I know that my horomones are riding a roller coaster anyway. what do your other accronyms mean? I am new to this...
Avatar n tn I wanted to clarify a little more. The shinny faces are very bright. And I feel more light headed than dizzy.
Avatar n tn Hello Everyone, I m/c on July 8th. On Aug. 6-9th I had a very light period. I'm not for sure, but isn't your first period supposed to be fairly heavy after a m/c? I know everyone is different, but that seems a bit odd. We have been ttc and again, I have all the symptoms including a protruding tummy (I show way early and have with my previous pg's.) I'm hoping all the symptoms are not in my head...
Avatar f tn Definitely call and ask. You could develop anemia pretty quickly at that rate. Are you feeling tired and light-headed? Keep up on your fluids (not coffee or sodas) and take a multivitamin to help out a bit. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn Anyway me and my have unprotected sex and I am not on any birth controll so we had sex on the 19th, 20th and early morning of the 21st after we finished I noticed I was spotting. So that whole day I bleed heavy then that night I started bleeding very light my blood was pink. So for the next couple of days i was bleeding very like it was still a pink color I was bleeding for about 2 1/2 days and I usually stay on for 4 days.
Avatar n tn Hi Taylor, I am 20 study Biology and I have experienced almost exactly the same thing as you descirbed. I used to have it whilst asleep, and wake up as if from a nightmare, but the fear was something different, much greater. I couldn't describe it to anybody as I couldnt find the words that would be appropriate. Just now I was lying on the sofa watching Topgear, and it was a scene showing a car driving on a country road, with very peacefull music.
Avatar n tn My Baby Is 3 Month Old And Iam Experiencing What Seems to Be the first period since birth....
Avatar f tn If you are pregnant, you wouldn't get your period. Some women think they get their period while they're pregnany, but its not actually a period. That being said, you're probably not pregnant. Have you taken a pregnancy test? That would definitely clear things up for you. Are you ttc?
1432824 tn?1283386688 I am a young (25) female that was diagnosed with Social Anxiety disorder years ago. I have been on Paxil and Risperdal for years and both have worked well for me. In the past few months I have been experiencing other health issues..I have a hypothyroid and my period came and then never went away. I have been working closely with my OB/GYN to fix this problem. Last monday I had a DNC and they administered a Depo-Provera shot to get the bleeding under control.
Avatar n tn -Tightness or restrictive pressure feeling in the middle of chest -feeling sensation of a strap across my forehead sometimes -constant Dizzy light headed feeling -very light headaches -my energy level fluctuates from day to day. some days feeling really bad and other days feeling not so bad (I never feel good!). -I always feel fatigued / tired. -my arms and legs feel numb/tingly (this is not major *apparently* as I have had a check up with my Doctor).