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Avatar n tn my period is still going on for 18 days now. the first week it was light now it is so heavy with blood clogs. Is this normal or is this the start of menopause. I will be 46 this June. Please help!!
Avatar f tn This was the first time I missed my period for more than a month. 4days ago, I started to have spotting until today. But not as heavy as my previous menstrual flow. I was wondering so I had my BP checked. Its 90/60. Most of the time I easily get light-headed when I'm working. I also have bruises on one of my leg. Could this be anemia? And is this the cause of having spotting and little/irregular period?
Avatar f tn ve never worried lately because my boobs are swollen, lots of headaches, and then I was due for my period and was 5 days late and had very light slow pink and light red discharge.I normally am very heavy and this was no tampon needed, just very light spotting. I also took 2 tests the past 2 weeks and they were negative but that was before the spotting. Sign of pregnancy or am I over thinking?
Avatar f tn So basically I have been bleeding almost non stop since my last period until now when my next period has begun. I am now feeling extremely light headed and dizzy and have had a headache for about 3 days. Im just curious if this is serious and if I need to go to a doctor.
Avatar n tn For the past four years I have had what I thought was simple low blood sugar. I was light headed, nauseous, and headachey in the mornings, more directly after I had slept or after I hadn't eaten for a while. It's was really bad after a nap. This started exactly the beginning of my senior year of high school and I thought I was just inheriting it from my mom. Now its progressed to being the sole reason I eat at all.
Avatar n tn Both of my pregnancies so far, when i knew I was pregnant was because I was light headed... closer to my period I started peeing alot and had sore boobs! Also my dreams become very lucid and detailed!
Avatar f tn I had a period on may 8th it was normal 7 days long I usually bhave a 30 day cycle. Well on may 30th I had another "period" it only lasted 3 days. This isn't normal for me. The first day was a little heavy and the last 2 days were light now I'm having "morning sickness I feel light headed and weak? Is there something wrong with me or am I prego?
Avatar f tn The second 'period' was very light. The second day was very heavy with some blood clots and the last day it was very light to almost any blood. I have been having back pain and fatigue. Some days I'm very light headed as well. The blood was very light in color.
Avatar n tn The past few months when I've had my period I get extremely light headed, dizzy, and nauseas during the first few days of my period. I've never fainted and I am on birth control so my periods aren't that heavy but the dizziness is the worst part. Would anyone know what might be causing this?
Avatar f tn my last period was only 2 days but that’s normal sometimes i usually get it for 3 days, i have had unprecedented sex, i tracked my last period and i’m 5 days early, it was light for the first few hours/day on and off kinda rusty colour but yesterday became heavy with a clots, it’s a light red pinkish colour and i had runny watery/ milky discharge few days before hand. i’ve had an unusual horrible cause of dermatitis breaking out on on my face and now my body which i’ve never had!
Avatar f tn Definitely call and ask. You could develop anemia pretty quickly at that rate. Are you feeling tired and light-headed? Keep up on your fluids (not coffee or sodas) and take a multivitamin to help out a bit. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn If you start getting light headed, extremely tired, craving ice etc then call your doc. My first period after birth is so bad that I have to take medicine to build my blood back up. It makes me anemic basically.
Avatar f tn it is one week before my next period is due and i am experiencing light cramping...light headed...and light pink spotting..normally when i wipe i see it..ive had it for 1 day now...wondering if i could be pregnant? last period was on april 13th.
Avatar m tn Having a heavy period is normal, drink lots of water, try walking for 30 min everyday and just remember to change when you need to
Avatar f tn How far along are you? I know low iron can cause you to get light headed. Also I think maybe low blood pressure can have that result too but not positive.
Avatar f tn Im 9 weeks and I have a new symptom that puts the cherry on top of my constant nausea. I'm always light headed and dizzy. Sitting down, walking around and standing up is worse. I've been drinking water. Is there a cure?
Avatar f tn Sometimes I get light headed with a mild pulsation headache after bending my head to far back. But only for a few seconds. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I've been feeling light headed the past 3 days, to the point I need to sit down if I'm standing. My stomach also feels "off" like I'm going to be nauseous bit I'm not... Although I did have diarrhea today. Any thoughts on why this is happening?
Avatar n tn I have been having light headed(dizzy spells) through out the day I am functional but I am wondering could this be from medication that I am taking called angeliq (estrogin/Depoestrogin) or my sinuses which have been god awfully since christmas.
581954 tn?1223391496 I have been getting dizzy before I would fall asleep at night. That would happen once a month at best for the last 4 years, thought nothing of it. Since then I have been to the ER 3 times do to waking up in the middle of the night feeling dizzy and anxious? My doctor had me go and get a scope done of my esophigous and found I had GERD(Esophigitis). They gave me a steroid called Flovent to take for 6 weeks, and also my MD had proscribed me Prilosec 20mg 2x a day.
Avatar f tn How come i get dizzy/light headed all the time? im 18 and its been this way for years usually it's when im outside or the room lights are weird. I've also been very tired sleeping 12 hours a day and get chills all the time for no reason whatsoever. i know this is not normal.
Avatar m tn I am a 23 year old female who has been experiencing a strange problem for several years now. I become incredibly tired, weak, and light headed after I blow dry my hair. Sometimes I faint. It does not matter whether I have eaten or drunk anything, whether I have gotten enough sleep, or whether I have worked out; this still happens to me. I have been experiencing this more and more frequently.
Avatar m tn Beginning last week, I have been super light headed if I go too long without eating. I have even had a car wreck due to this. Thank goodness. I believe this is due to me finally being cleared to run. I think just eating more I should be ok. It still is scary. Anyone else have this symptom?
Avatar f tn Idk.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced being light headed after standing in one spot for so long, im 15w4d and the past two nights while at work when im standing charting computers I get real light headed/dizzy almost a feeling like im going to faint.