No period just brown spotting

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Avatar n tn I would wait another week, and is still no period then re test with first morning urine just to be double sure. If it;s negative then I would speak to your doctor. Have you been experiencing any strange coloured/odour discharge or anything? Sometimes brown discharge can be a sign of a bacterial infection which can delay a period. It can also be a sign of PCOS. But many other things delay a period so it could just be nothing.
Avatar f tn Ok so i haven't had any signs of my regular period just brown discharge in a small amount n now I'm spotting pinkish blood in discharge but its only there when i wipe. My Boobs are very sensitive now I'm gettin more frequent headaches n my veins are popping out a lot n are blue in color. I took a HPT last week n it came out negative, is there a possibility i can b pregnant but my hcg levels are just low still? I feel pregnant n also i woke up today sunday n my stomach is sore.
Avatar f tn On day 29 I had bright red spotting when I went to the bathroom and then light brown spotting 2 days following. I have been cramping since then. I have ahd some clear stretchy discharge since then and now today a little bit of brown mixed in (sorry tmi). I am waiting to take a test to see if I start because I hate seeing that negative sign on the stick. Any suggestions??
Avatar f tn In june, i had my period but it was a lighter amount of blood than im used too. Same in july. In august i had red and brown spooting but no period. Now its semptember and im spotting but seriosly hoping for my period. I have been stressing so much with the possiblity of being pregnant but all the tests i have taken, including the blood test have indicated negative results. I have been calm and not as anxious.
1752700 tn?1312213615 right now im just spotting like im gonna get my period but no signs of period what i would sore breast, period cramping..
Avatar f tn 3 days ago when I used the RR and wiped there was light brown/pink on the TP but nowhere else. That night I had mild period cramps and felt very nauseous so I just brushed it off and went to sleep. The next day I put on a pad because I thought forsure I'd start and while at work I rushed to the RR because I thought I did and there was only a little light brown/pink color blood in my pad. (Only like a streak) Also had lower back period cramps on and off that whole day.
Avatar m tn I've been spotting for almost two weeks but my period doesn't come. I started spotting light pink on Monday March 16 and only when I wiped. On Tuesday March 17 I started spotting brown and had to wear a pad but didn't fill it much the next two days after that I spotted brown on and off but only when I wiped. On Friday March 20th I had to wear a pad because I did start bleeding a deep red color but very light flow and mostly when I would go use the restroom.
Avatar n tn HI there, I have been on the pill for a year now and this month i am not starting my period, just spotting. I have just 3 pills left and i usually start by now. I had cramps today and i feel extreamly tired along with getting hot and then cold, hot and then cold. I have had extreamly light spotting today with cramps. very light pink and once a tiny bit of dark brown. not my normal period! could i be pregnat? i have also been stressed this month could that be why????
Avatar f tn Periods was due today didn't get nothing but I'm spotting brown and now I while myself and little pinkish tiny bit of red and when I get my period it usually comes down at once no spotting
649758 tn?1229841488 My period was due to start on the 7th... Saturday I started spotting light brown. It's not alot but occasionally there are tiny pieces of tissue. I have no cramps just the spotting. Is my period still coming or could I be pregnant? I took a test sunday because normally my period starts within hours of spotting. It was neg but still spotting all brown.
11292060 tn?1418858964 I've had brown spotting 2x with this pregnancy my first ended in a miscarriage. Well I called my ob both times and she wasn't concerned. The 1st most likely from sex and the 2nd I had a vaginal scan the day before. Brown is just old blood. As long as she's not cramping she should be fine.
889551 tn?1416184483 Lexi is nine months old now, and I quit birth control three or four months ago because I tried the NuvaRing and hated it (my cervix was really low when I put it in, and it made it uncomfortable). This month I had spotting at ovulation, and I didn't think anything of it until DH told me that the condom had broke two days before the spotting started. At 8 dpo I started spotting and have been spotting brown and red ever since.
1310773 tn?1317095445 -( I started vitex 2 months ago with hopes it would go away, now this month I had heavy brown spotting that filled a pad, I have been spotting for 7 days no (started 9dpo) was only heavy for 2 days and then only little brown... I also had a short luteal phase lasting max 11 days... I am now 15dpo with a negative pt :-( What is going on...........?
Avatar f tn My period was due on Wednesday and I did't start. Thursday I had a light brown spotting start and it continued til Sunday. I have felt some cramping and fatigue. I took an hpt yesterday and it was neg. Anyone have this happen to them?
Avatar f tn I'm about 8 weeks and have been feeling that way also. No spotting but cramping has not been fun. I read up on some info on a couple different websites and it said cramping is common and it's from your uterus expanding to make room for baby. If it gets too painful and all the time I would suggest to call a doctor and get their advice.
Avatar f tn But nothing happened just the odd brown spotting through the day. I don’t have period symptoms. Today I have the brown spotting again. It’s not visible when I wipe I just see it on my underwear. Is this my period? I am just so confused. I have no cramping or any period symptoms. I haven’t been ttc since miscarriage 6 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn to get it the 1st of august. im just 2 weeks away and last night and this morning i had brown spotting after wiping my V worried...everything says pregnancy as an early sign...i kept him away from my V .. but its been 6 weeks since we last fooled around...but its not pregnancy because we have never had sex. is it normal to have brown spotting 2 weeks before your scheduled period? also i have had stomach issues for the last few months..
Avatar f tn No the period wasnt normal. I was shocked that it stopped so soon. It started as spotting & picked up just a little bit for about 2 days, It was almost watery . And then spotted some brown following that. No where near as heavy or painful with cramps as it normally is. Also I am normally at a steady heavy flow for about 5-6 days before I start to spot before it ends. So Im not really sure.
Avatar f tn The brown discharge is old blood. Spotting is what that's called and not abnormal to have from time to time. I would doubt you are pregnant with the negative pregnancy test, however, your hormones seem out of whack. I would go to your ob/gyn and have your hormone levels checked. Too much progesterone can cause spotting and abnormal bleeding. And that you have such irregular periods overall, it might be time to address it to get your body back on track.
Avatar n tn women get brown spotting around then or wherever they are in their cycle...brown blood means old blood. its just the blood coming out left over from your last period. you said you boyfriend did not ejaculate near you..he does not have to ejaculate near you or even in you to get you pregnant if you have unprotected sex.
Avatar n tn I had bleeding and dark brown spotting around the time of my period, although I had no clotting. I'm 21 weeks now, so not all signs of bleeding/spotting are bad. It is always best to get checked as early as possible, yet despite us thinking it is extremely important some medical practitioners do not take bleeding etc as a priority as miscarriage is common enough before 12 weeks. If you can get to an early pregnancy clinic where they will hopefully give you a scan and put your mind at rest.
Avatar f tn Im no doctor but it sounds more like ovulation bleeding.
1148183 tn?1261646074 thank you for your responses, i appreciate them. i'm starting to wonder if the brown discharge was just my period, but it just doesn't seem normal to me, i know my body. and i'm still experiencing some abdominal pains and lower back pains, who knows. i just wish i could figure this out. i guess we'll see if i get my period next month hmm?
Avatar f tn my last AF was july 29, and then around sept 13-19 i had brown spotting but def. not a normal period, and all my test turned out neg. i dont know what was up to make a cycle like that, but i'm very doubtful i am pregnant, although i have a friend who didnt get a BFP until 3 weeks dpo. and i have no idea when i ovulated, so no help there lol i would wait a week and then test again. you may have just ovulated later in your cycle than normal, and this bleeding could be implantation bleeding.