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Avatar f tn Im in the same boat as you. My last period was the 27th of April but I know for a fact I had sex May 11 which was my ovulation date. So I believe I'm two weeks. I'm 2 days late for my period and I'm always on time so I think im.going to go with my ovulation date until I see my doctor.
Avatar f tn Seeing that video and seeing those poor sperms die, i thought ohh wow, i wonder how many survived, did the ones that went in on the end part of ovulation make it in time, so much was going threw my mind watching that video, that video brought my spirits down for this cycle lol.
1150573 tn?1261964987 Wanted to thank you for the info and went to a site on Natural fertility shop.com and watched a kewl video about ovulation. I intend to order the tribulus & vitex. Probably the Vitex first then the triblus. The guy who is helping me get pregnant is also willing to take the Tribulus for a couple of months before we try again... I am also ordering OPKs & early preg tests..
Avatar n tn Its too soon after your period for it to be implantation.
Avatar f tn I thought I was trying for 8 months and nothing was happening timing is everything I got my ovulation down to the day once I learned that the first week we were pregnant so just know ur body and your cycles hope that helps!
Avatar f tn In a typical 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs at day 14. MedHelp also has an ovulation tracker application that can be helpful. You should discuss with your OB/GYN your desire to conceive and he/she can help you get started on the right foot. Good luck.
Avatar n tn ) Having regular periods can help you get pregnant so obviously without a regular period, the chances of ovulation are slim. However what you need to look into is that if your periods are very irregular like mine were then you may have what is called 'PCOS' which affects ovulation and periods.
2105544 tn?1362541961 If you have A smart phone download the app ”my days” its the best! I used it only one month and I got pregnant!
Avatar m tn Hi, about four weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. Well, kinda. He had on a condom, and was only halfway in for about two minutes. He didn't ejaculate or anything. Two days after that, I had my usual period and I thought I was okay. As of late (I've been kind of stressing too) I've been experiencing some weird symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hey I had the Merina removed in January of 2015 an my husband an I are both healthy . I downloaded a Period tracker app on my phone that tells me when I ovulate an keeps track of my cycle which is every 48days. We have tried every day an 3X on my ovulation days but still have had no luck an a bunch of negative text. I'm 31 so my clock is ticking , so does anyone know of anything I can try or do to help get pregnant ?
1317612 tn?1321103964 How am I to know when are Luteal Phase or my fertile days or my ovulation days? My period on a normal last 4 days but it has gone up to 2 weeks that's the most I let it run before taking the pill. Have painful periods most of the time when I haven't seen it for awhile. And pass clot blood at times.
Avatar f tn Your next ovulation is not affected by the absence of a period, and could happen as normal. Ovulation starts the ball rolling, the period ends it. Then a new ovulation either does or could happen, and if so, a period would follow it (unless you were pregnant).
Avatar f tn I guess its possible to ovulate at any time but I would start using the ovulation test strips the day after your period ends and then you should be able to determine when you get your LH surge. That's how I do it and the period and ovulation apps help track it too.
Avatar f tn Ovulation occurs between periods. So, if you had a period last month and your period is overdue this month, you should have ovulated between that last period and now. If you have never had a period in your life, you will not be ovulating. If you have irregular cycles, your ovulation time is fairly unpredictable.
Avatar f tn I have 2 girls and both of them were concieved in the first month of trying so I assume im iam very fertile. I am just wondering when I should start testing ovulation after my period finally gets here.
Avatar f tn s why. My last period was 9/3 and I believe ovulation was week of the 16? I had sex 3 days on that week and after. But I haven't symptoms of my cycle being on it's way. I've never used a calendar To get pregnant, it just happened. But now since I'm trying it seems tricky.
1421899 tn?1300250325 have you takin a test yet? when i was pregnant all i got was brown discharge around the time my period was due.
Avatar f tn No. A period results about 10-14 days after ovulation.
Avatar n tn Last period was the 12 of December
Avatar f tn Exactly 9 days after my period I had intercourse and according to my period/ovulation app I Ovulated the next day which is day 10 after my period and I had sex day 9. But still have discharge but am having cramps my breast aren't sore and I have no period symptoms like usually every month I do.
Avatar m tn Can you ovulate during your period? I was supposed to get my period the 23rd but I got it the 18th it started out light and today its been medium. I have been having this mucous discharge though its clear and stretchy. Is this normal?