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Avatar f tn no judgments, no mother and daughter sex talks... LOL. Okay so last night, 02/18, I went to play video games with an ex and we ended up having unprotected sex. When we used to have sex he would pull out before he ejaculated and do on my stomach. While we were having sexy he stopped and said that he came in me but we both just chuckled it off. We had sex for maybe 2 hours and he "SAID" he never came but when we finished I felt so sticky down there and it was a lot of liquid.
Avatar n tn I get palpitations at ovulation (2 weeks before my period) and again around 3 days before. It's a guarantee. I hate it. The evaluation you had two years ago might need a re-check, but if your symptoms haven't changed in two years it may not yield anything new. Chest pain should be looked at, particularly if it is happening when you are exercising. It could be something as simple as a stretched muscle...but you never know.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if someone can tell me what's going on with me. I know that a missed period is normal. But im kinda worried because i get my period regularly and having pms symptoms is a bit confusing.
Avatar f tn My last period was the 27th of April but I know for a fact I had sex May 11 which was my ovulation date. So I believe I'm two weeks. I'm 2 days late for my period and I'm always on time so I think im.going to go with my ovulation date until I see my doctor.
Avatar f tn my last period was june 23rd. My fertile days were from July 3rd-8th. I had sex July 3rd. Is it possible that I could be pregnant??? How long does sperm live inside a woman body??? My next period should be this sunday July 21st. I took a home pregnancy test today and it was negative. Could it be too early/false negative??? Technically I would only be 3 weeks and few days pregnant if I am. I been having white discharge and tingling sensation on my nipples. Are these pregnancy symptoms???
Avatar m tn It looks, smells, and feels (gross, I know. But I'm desperate) like regular period blood. But I'm not due for my period for a couple of weeks. I took a pregnancy test a couple of days ago, and it said I wasn't pregnant. Could that be implantation bleeding? Ovulation bleeding? Or could it be from a cyst or hormonal imbalances? Please answer. Also, my boobs haven't been hurting and sometimes the pain is so sharp I can't eat.
1150573 tn?1261968587 Have tried a couple of times to respond to your post but kept getting kicked out... Wanted to thank you for the info and went to a site on Natural fertility shop.com and watched a kewl video about ovulation. I intend to order the tribulus & vitex. Probably the Vitex first then the triblus. The guy who is helping me get pregnant is also willing to take the Tribulus for a couple of months before we try again... I am also ordering OPKs & early preg tests..
Avatar m tn It looks, smells, and feels (gross, I know. But I'm desperate) like regular period blood. But I'm not due for my period for a couple of weeks. I took a pregnancy test a couple of days ago, and it said I wasn't pregnant. Could that be implantation bleeding? Ovulation bleeding? Or could it be from a cyst or hormonal imbalances? Please answer.
Avatar f tn I thought I was trying for 8 months and nothing was happening timing is everything I got my ovulation down to the day once I learned that the first week we were pregnant so just know ur body and your cycles hope that helps!
Avatar f tn To rephrase my question, when was ur last period?
Avatar f tn My last period was 9/3 and I believe ovulation was week of the 16? I had sex 3 days on that week and after. But I haven't symptoms of my cycle being on it's way. I've never used a calendar To get pregnant, it just happened. But now since I'm trying it seems tricky.
Avatar f tn Hey I had the Merina removed in January of 2015 an my husband an I are both healthy . I downloaded a Period tracker app on my phone that tells me when I ovulate an keeps track of my cycle which is every 48days. We have tried every day an 3X on my ovulation days but still have had no luck an a bunch of negative text. I'm 31 so my clock is ticking , so does anyone know of anything I can try or do to help get pregnant ?
Avatar f tn Clomid didn't affect me until after ovulation where I became super, super, super crabby (poor husband). But hope this works. My dingy doc office didn't mark down my first IUI!!! Very upsetting. They were all "oh this is your first with clomid only" I'm like noooooo it's my 2nd. I IUIed on the 15th and failed. Scary that it wasn't put in my chart.
2207953 tn?1338972741 Once the egg gets to the uterus, if it doesn't get fertilized (fertilization also often happens in the tube) by a sperm [from a guy], it stops being a viable egg in about 24 hours. A period will then start 2 weeks after ovulation. That would be day 1 of the next cycle. Ovulation happens for many women about halfway between day 1 of one period and day 1 of the next. When we talk about your cycle, we are talking about that time frame; 28 days for many women. But it varies.
972246 tn?1311092135 Maybe someone can answer this for me. My period is not due for a about two days. Do any of you know maybe what your cervix was when you found out you were pregnate. Mine is in the middle, and very very soft. My breast hurt, I had some cramps on and off since ovulation. But some say that can be implantion. And I have noticed my back in the middle hurts. I dont know. All this waiting game is killing me. Or can someone tell me what all the ttc, and all the other short letters mean.
Avatar f tn I don't even get my periods regularly to track ovulation. If I am on BCP to regulate my period than I am preventing pregnancy from taking it's course....:((((( I am in a puddle here.
Avatar f tn DO YOU THINK IT'S POSSIBLE I Oed SOONER? Last cycle my period was 2 weeks late and we all know that our LMP does not determine when we O next. I'm hoping I ovulated right after AF left because I feel different. But I can't put much stock into that! Ha! Since every month I swear I'm preggo.
287246 tn?1318573663 test if you miss your period. Don't stress yourself out or might miss the period. God gives babies when he deems fit (even out of wedlock or in scary situations like financial crisis). It'll all work out. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know when immplantaion bleeding would start??? Before you expect your period, after or is it so many days after conception? And if either I or my husband would have a problem conceiving what kind of drugs or processes would we probably need to go through?? I know that it is a very broad question, but I'm curious!! My only concern is that I have endometriosis and I've had the laporoscopy 3 times.
Avatar n tn I don't chart my ovulation so really don't know how many dpo I am, but I am on cd30. Got first faint line on Monday and then today with fmu it is still just as faint. I had a chemical pregnacy in February and it was faint line so I'm stressing. Question: are most of you BFPs out there getting immediate dark lines when testing early or 1st day of missed period?
Avatar f tn I didn't get told about that she just gave me 3 months supply and said as soon as I get pregnant I need a scan coz of my history, so many complications in pregnancy isn't there! Iv been tracking my ovulation since yesterday still low as expected,keepme informed as to when you get a positive opk, did your doc tell u whether u should expect your period earlier? I just wonder if u ovulate sooner then would you get your period earlier??
Avatar m tn I know her last cycle was on the 30th of August and the previous one I estimated around 28 days as well. so timing wise her ovulation should have been fairly close to my prediction of the 12-14th this month give or take a day. So that said, I've noticed her to be noticeably more fatigued, slightly more irritable, she said she felt like her period was coming a few days ago and I think she may have missed her period (assumed it was going to be Saturday.
Avatar f tn I definitely can say they are between 28-30 days in length.. I usually get really noticable cramps during the ovulation period though so hopefully that will help me not miss it.
Avatar n tn I quite taking the pill 4 weeks ago. I know thats not very long, but I haven't had my period yet and I am a regular cycle even when not on the pill. I have this horrible feeling that I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW! But I need to calm down so that I can not be stressed so that I can get pregnant. This is a vicous circle. I need to get pregnant so I can come home because its too stressful here. But I'm so stressed that I don't think I'll be able to get pregnant.
294817 tn?1263840438 I would also think that if you got a good test and it had a low hcg reading level it a positive should show up as you are 14 days past ovulation. Do you remember how late you were when your first pregnancy positive showed up?
Avatar f tn Then again this morning it happened again and keep in mind very light like faded pink in color. I should have started my regular very heavy period today or even n the middle of the night last night. I have had lower abdominal pains that r worse with movement and have been heavy-headed and dizzy with a slight headache, sore and itchy breasts, and just an overall feeling of, how do I put this, just blah. I have had intercourse only about 3 or 4 times since ovulation.
Avatar n tn Since my luteal phase has been very consistent (period no more than 10 days after last possible day of ovulation based on LH surge), took home pg test this morning and showed positive. Am going in to get blood confirmation test, but just thought I'd share that the symptoms seem really similar to me (which *****).
1339395 tn?1317267421 If the saliva looks like ferns then you are close to ovulation. both products are on the FairHaven Health website. There is also a video that shows you how the saliva thing works. CA25 good luck to you in your 2WW! SSBD!!
Avatar f tn Our daughter was conceived our first month as well and when we decided on trying for a 2nd i told him we are both older now it will take more then 1 time and he disagreed and said one time is all that it will take. After haxing sex at ovulation he said congrats youre pregnant and he was dead serious. He thinks he has super sperm =) Since then he has not said anything, has not asked if ive taken a test, is my period here nothing.
1235159 tn?1323012919 Have any of you ever heard of Tribulus? I bought some off of soap.com. It said it helps with ovulation. I dont think I have an ovulation issue although I do O late and my luteal phase is only 10 days. Tribulus is derived from a root and is also used by body builders.