Large blood clots during period miscarriage

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Avatar f tn m 6 weeks pregnant and i was spotting brown blood for 3 weeks and all of a sudden i can feel a large blood clot and heavy bleeding, every 15 minutes about 3 large blood clots come out, i didn't have no pain until the next day i startd pulling really bad cramps and bleeding heavy and i was having little blood clots and some of it looked like a string, i want to know what's going on with me?
Avatar n tn ( if you are in fact having a miscarriage and take a pregnancy test after the bleeding stops it may still come out positive for a few weeks after that even though you miscarried..
Avatar n tn that were just intense cramps so the point i couldnt move. well, i started my period and i took my tampon out and a large piece of tissue came out...and i could feel something in my i got was another large like 3x2in sheet of tissue..not clot. but sheet. it was white with like purple/maroon/red vein looking things in it. ive had clots before and this was def not clots. what is this? there were like 2 or 3 sheets of this very tissue looking. anybody?
Avatar f tn Question . When having a miscarriage do u have to have few blood clots being released or even a large amount of blood as in it fills a pad up?
Avatar f tn i have my tubes tied and every month i have my period, i have large size blood clots passing thru. Is this normal and what are my chances of becoming pregnant?
Avatar n tn I think this is just part of your period unless you are passing large (dollar coin size or more) clots. Speaking as someone who had a miscarriage in my 6th week, I passed large clots and suffered extreme abdominal pain the first two weeks of the miscarriage. I bled for two weeks straight and soaked through pads every 1-2 hours. If you are having a miscarriage after 3 weeks it would not be a fetus, it would barely be an embryo with no characteristics (eyes or head) yet.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever bled like a period during 1st trimester..ive been bleeding for 5 days..dr said its too early to determine supposed to have blood work done but the weather has interfered...soo im just waiting and worrying..could I be having a miscarriage..I told the dr how bad I was bleeding and that I was passing some clots but he said that it could be normal and didnt mean neccessarily that I was miscarrying..only my blood work would give the answers...
Avatar n tn Before I got on birth control, I had heavy periods with blood clots. Blood clots are a perfectly normal part of having a period. The lining of your uterus needs to be shed!
Avatar f tn Hi i am sorry for your lost I had a miscarriage in December Christmas Day was the worst day ever I passed to large clots and loads of clots after was a heavy period...
Avatar f tn Hey all, so this morning I woke up and I had brown blood clots, I dunno if its normal or not.
Avatar f tn I have vaginal discharges of brown color and after 2 days I suddenly feel pain around my pelvic and I noticed that there is blood coming out and small clots. I did not yet informed the doctor until because I don't have yet my health card. Kindly please somebody help me what to do? Now I still have blood coming out from me it's like a normal menstrual cycle now, but I did not feel anything now no backpain or cramps. Only one time that I feel the pain.
Avatar f tn m 7 weeks pregnant and yesterday The brown discharge turned into heavy bleeding with large clots and slight cramps. That lasted 5 hours. Now the bleeding is lighter but still there.
Avatar f tn The clear signs I know of are hard painful cramps, and you blood in clots not just regular period dependin. On how far along you are. Some women dont even know they had one. Many years ago I had a miscarriage and I was cery early and I didnt even know, the only thing off was large clots (tmi sorry). How far along are you ?
Avatar f tn Well mine is slowing down now, cause on monday I thought I was gonna have to go to the er because I changed pads 15 times, with large blood clots every time I was goin to the bathroom, but now is slowing down
Avatar f tn That was me at the beginning of my pregnancy. I bled til i was about 20wks and the told me i was at risk of a miscarriage. But as long as you don't pass blood clots or to were your gushing blood, you'll be fine.
Avatar f tn t anyway to prevent a miscarriage since they are usually do to chromosomal defects and 1 out of like 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage (most of them happening before the women even knew she was pregnant). During a miscarriage you usually have extreme cramping, bleeding and clots. But sometimes that can also just be a heavy period as well. Unless you knew prior that you are pregnant its hard to determine a miscarriage from a period.
1703313 tn?1322578595 t find the fetal pole and because my numbers only went from 2032 to 4900 during a 6 day period that I was going to lose my baby. Unfortunately he was right. Unfortunately it does sound like you are or did lose your baby. I am very sorry.
Avatar n tn Around july 3rd , i had light bleeding, on the 4th i had heavy bleeding followed by cramping. I was also passing blood clots, with one being almost the size of my palm. I continue to bleed for a few days later. It is now July 23rd and i think i might be spotting, because when i wipe , the blood is a very light pink. did i have a miscarriage? or am i still pregnant?
Avatar n tn i had my period for five days and it came back a day after with thick large bloobclotting
Avatar m tn When you mention it would only come out when you pee, were they large blood clots/clumps, that could be the actual lining and egg material, then the after would be light bleeding like you mentioned with it being pink. I am unsure but it sounds like you had maybe a miscarriage or just a abnormal cycle, and if it is that is could be just a normal change your body is going through or it could be something more serious you would want to consult with a doctor.
Avatar f tn It is normal to pass some small clots during your period, but the clots you describe in your question were not normal for you. Abnormal clots can indicate a few different things such as fibroids, hormone fluctuation, miscarriage. It might be best to speak with your doctor and make sure that everything is OK. The pain that you describe when removing your tampon, may be because it was a lighter day and the tampon was too large for the blood flow.