Large blood clots during period miscarriage

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Avatar n tn Hey I'm 18 years old and sexually active.. I get blood clots also, long fleshy clots ( gross).. I have been having my period almost every other month for about 3 years now. I only recently got my period in 9th grade, and when I do get it it's mean, CRAMPS KILL ME..Could the sex be the cause of my delays?! and could my irregularity affect my fertility!?
1004597 tn?1250279449 I always have a fairly heavy period and blood clots during, but this month I'm having an extremely heavy period and literally had a blood clot the size of 2 50 cent pieces (which i know isn't normal), but could i have had a miscarriage (my period wasn't a day late) or have something seriously wrong that i should go see my Doc about?
Avatar f tn After going back on it i was expecting my period but it came two weeks late and i have really bad cramps and had a bad stomach ache for the two days before i got it. Also large blood clots are coming out. Could i have been pregnant and now i had a miscarriage? Or could it be from me stopping the pill for month that screwed everything up? please help!
Avatar f tn Question . When having a miscarriage do u have to have few blood clots being released or even a large amount of blood as in it fills a pad up?
1703313 tn?1322582195 When I had my m/c the doctor told me that because I was almost 6 weeks and they couldn't find the fetal pole and because my numbers only went from 2032 to 4900 during a 6 day period that I was going to lose my baby. Unfortunately he was right. Unfortunately it does sound like you are or did lose your baby. I am very sorry.
117004 tn?1218648744 Then, heavy flow with bright red blood and lots of clots...about the size of peanut, and long, stingy ones, too. Another u/s done - no baby, no heartbeat, just lots of internal bleeding. Rushed to the operating room for a d/c due to an incomplete m/c. I never had cramping.
Avatar n tn I passed several large blood clots. Had blood rush out of me at work so quickly I did not have time to even reach the bathroom. I thought for sure that I had a Miscarriage. I called the doctor again and they had me come in right away for a sonagram. I was suprised to see that I had NOT lost the baby. I was in fact 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. They said my baby was heathy and had a good heart beat. I was able to see my baby on the screen and it was the best feeling I have had in years.
Avatar n tn My spotting only lasted 2 days beyond that. If you have passed a large amoujnt of clots and blood already, that would have been the actual m/c. If the spotting is continuing much beyond that, gt into the OB so they can make sure it is a complete m/c.
Avatar f tn i also have a watery discharge during my period. it is clear and odorless. even if there is very little blood on my tampon, it soaks through and leaks through my pad and clothing as well. recently, i have been having less liquid blood and more clots, with a lot of the watery discharge. i have three solid days of going through both a tampon and pad within an hour. i also have severe backache and cramping, and just generally feel ill, which i realize could be just normal period stuff.
Avatar n tn I recently had blood work done to check my immune system and the only thing that showed up is that I have an allergy to who knows what, but my symptoms only surface during my period. Last month my doctor prescribed me claritin to take 2days before my period and throughout it and no cold. This month I didn't take anything and sure enough, I have awful cold symptoms again.
Avatar n tn what was the texture (hard,soft?) i have not heard of it being white. it is normal to pass clots during your period and anything larger than a quarter may be a concern. i have passed clots before during my period when its heavy on the toilet and it does have that "feeling" when it comes out. but i would give the gyno. a call and ask about it.let us know if you get any answer.
Avatar n tn 6 weeks ago our first pregnancy. My period is really kicking my ***. I feel like it is the miscarriage all over again, clots, pain, extremely heavy flow. This first period almost feels like closure for us. The waiting truly is the hardest part. I feel all your pain, and send all my love and good thoughts for strong recovery. Bless you all!
Avatar n tn My doctor said she has never had a patient go from a miscarriage to a period with no break in between but since my blood test came back with normal non-pregnancy hormone levels on 1/30/08 she's certain the miscarriage was complete. I've had some cramping off and on and a very heavy blood flow...more than I've had in previous periods. Has anyone ever heard about someone not having a break between a miscarriage and their next period?
Avatar n tn On July 8th, I started to bleed again and its been constant, very heavy and there are a lot of large blood clots. I have also been having really bad abdominal cramps like you would experience with a heavy period as well as stomach pains. Since I have started bleeding I have had a pretty severe headache that just won't go away. Yesterday I started to get really, really bad stomach pains as well as increased bleeding. I was vomiting yesterday as well.
Avatar n tn I filled up two super absorbancy pads in less than 2 hours and I had two more large clots come out during that time. I felt no pain and I wasn't weak. Two hours later the bleeding stopped. I called my doctor and was told to go to ER but nothing happened while I was there and I was sent home. Now it feels like I may have started my cycle again, but today I passed another huge clot. Has this happened to anyone else.
Avatar n tn Finally I went to urinate, and without straining, I passed a large mass, smaller one, and some clots. Hubby and I examined large one-looked like a matchbook sized peice of liver with purple veins and a white string attached-placenta? Within 20 minutes I was in major pain so I went to the hospital. Long story short: Urine and blood (told hgc levels high)comfirmed that I was still pregnant. Manual pelvic exam, regular and vaginal ultrasound could not detect pregnancy.
Avatar f tn (TUES) Started bleeding and passing large clots about 9:30pm filling super tampons every 20 mins. Largest clots 3in in diameter. Arrived at emergency room about 12 am and blood test showed hcg levels at 1300. Had an ultrasound that showed nothing but a cyst on my left ovary. No sack, no fetus. I would probably have conceived about a month ago. I bled pretty heavy on and off and passed clots until about 4 am. Talk of complete miscarriage w/a cyst or tubal pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Despite their prevalence, it is always devastating when a woman experiences a miscarriage. A large portion of women will experience at least one miscarriage during their reproductive years. If you have had a miscarriage, take the time to understand better why these occur and why it is not your fault. "When you conceive and a baby is created, it takes half its genes from the sperm and half from the egg that ovulated that month.
Avatar n tn I was having unprotected sex (he was withdrawing) for a couple weeks. During the 2nd day of my period and large what looked like blood clot came out when I wiped. It was way bigger then anything that had come out before and was more soild then a normal blood clot. It had some gray matter in it(sorry for being so graphic). I did not have much unusaual cramping. I could have only been 4-5 weeks along and had no idea i was pregant. Please respond if you know anything about miscarriages.
Avatar n tn I finally had my period 5 weeks later and had cramps for about 3 weeks before my period finally came. I really didn't have any large clots or cramping during the miscarriage though. I would say I have had some really strange things happening with my body since the miscarriage which was 7.5 weeks ago now. My HCG level was down to 5 two weeks after the miscarriage, but my hormones still felt like they were all messed up.
Avatar n tn The next morning, brown blood started, then it progressed throughout the day. It took about 2 days for everything to expel, including lots of large clots and bright red blood. Here it is mid-November and I am pregnant again. Did not have a cycle in between and was not trying to get pregnant but did. I am anywhere from 5-7 weeks pregnant. My hcg level dropped to 0 within one week of the m/c. My hcg level started at 3475 then jumped only to 5004 after 3 days.
Avatar f tn Though it also may just be a side-effect of the birth control patch, which gives large does of hormones and is more likely to cause blood clots and other issues than the birth control pill or other forms of birth control. There are a lot of possible reasons for what happened, but only your doctor can tell you what exactly is going on. Hope it all goes well.
Avatar f tn c the edd and things like that.. yes i had dark blood clots but today it was a blood clot but it looked whitish not dark red thats y i thought it was the placenta not sure.. i am thinking to wait til after first af comes b.c im just terrified and not sure you know.
Avatar n tn We turned around and went back and they did another blood test, and said that my levels were still high and to go home and rest and make an appt. with my dr. While in the hospital as I was peeing, a large blood clot came out, at first I was scared it was the baby but then realized that theres no way because the baby was so small it was hard to find on the ultrasound, and this clot was pretty big. Anyways I went to my Dr.
891774 tn?1241540193 Hey- I had was passing clots my 7th week (literally the whole week. I'm now at 9 weeks) with blood obviously. Mine started during the weekend as well and that Monday I went in to see my DR. She was pretty convinced that I was in the middle of a miscarriage. I requested a u/s that day and saw the little bean with a heartbeat! She said everything looks perfect, they just weren't sure what was causing the bleeding and the clots. I've sensed stopped the bleeding and the passing of the clots.
Avatar n tn I have read up on miscarriages, and everything says that I should be bleeding more than I would during a normal period, that I should be passing clots (big ones) and that I should have cramps. And 14 days into bleeding, I am experiencing none of that. I know everyone is different, but has anyone else experienced what I am experiencing, and what was your outcome? My fiance and I have pretty much accepted it as a miscarriage, but I just want to know what people here think.