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Avatar m tn While blood clots are a normal part of a heavier period, that size blood clots and that frequent passing of them is not normal nor is the length of your period. A period should only last up to 7 days, not longer. Your doctor will probably put you on birth control to regulate your periods, and that should make them lighter and a lot shorter (mine went from 7 days heavy with clots to 2-3 days medium flow and sometimes light).
Avatar n tn I have blood clots since my period started,(23 years ago) and I always thought it is normal for every one, but once I was chatting with my friends and discovered that I am the only one who suffer this. I have a 7 days period with blood clots on each and every day, and severe blood clots on the second and third day of my period. Is this normal? and does this affect if I want to be pregnant.
Avatar n tn What you may be referring to are pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in respiratory system). To test for that can be pulmonary angiography with a catheter device . It's not available at all hospitals, and a trained specialist must perform the test. Pulmonary angiography is a test used to diagnose pulmonary embolism. The procedure involves a flexible tube called a catheter that is threaded through the groin (upper thigh) or arm to the blood vessels in the lungs.
Avatar n tn bleeding is normal but am having medium size blood clots.. i know blood clots are normal and every time i have blood clots.. but from thepast 3 monthsi am using krimson 35 for regular periods and stopped them last month.. and this month clots didnt stopped.. am not able to bear it and i have no pain and nothing.. just clots.. i want to stop it immedieatly because we are trying for children and so i dont want to use again contraceptive like krimson 35..
Avatar n tn I went the the bathroom to change my pad and there was a weird light tissue with blood clot looking thing it was about 1 inch in length and width. I usually get blood clots during my period but this was TOTALLY different. Could I have possibly had a miscarriage and not have know I was pregnant?
Avatar f tn i have my tubes tied and every month i have my period, i have large size blood clots passing thru. Is this normal and what are my chances of becoming pregnant?
Avatar n tn I just found out I was in my first weeks of pregnancy yesterday, this morning I been bleeding not super heavy but period heavy and I had blood clots... what does that mean? I'm not miscarring right? Do I have to wait until the bleeding stops to take another pregnancy test to verify?
4351887 tn?1366655244 Through your entire period they say you bleed 1 TBSP of blood. UMM that never was the case for me. If you are having these big blood clots and lots of bleeding I would see your doctor or ask him/her to send you to a gynecologist. Are you saying this is your first period EVER and this is how much you have bled with the clots?
Avatar f tn Hey all, so this morning I woke up and I had brown blood clots, I dunno if its normal or not.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I'm a bit embarrassed about asking this question as I have no idea why it is happening to me but I'll do my best to explain... Probably for the past year or so I've been getting blood clots during my period that are reasonable size and regular but I've never really worried about them before. Thismorning however, was a different story! I woke up today and thought I had wet the bed, I was drenched but when I got up I realised it was all blood.
498948 tn?1253055841 Last night I started developing pain in my intestines as if I was constipated. While in the bathroom I suddenly got all sweaty and felt faint and then I was sick to my stomach. I know its not food poisoning because I've had that before. I had a normal bowel movement this morning but still the pain remained. This afternoon, I passed a couple of bright red blood clots. I don't remember seeing anything about bleeding like this in this forum. Has anyone else had this problem?
Avatar f tn What can cause server menstral pain, thick blood clots, and majority of pms symptoms? Other than endometriosis.
688915 tn?1227320560 i've been having blood clots in my period i've been on for 2wks n 4 days now and sometimes my period does'nt come for two months straight i'm scared i dont no what to do i need help and sometimes i bleed very heavy while im on can someone help me wat should i do im a 19 yr old lookin for some answers
Avatar f tn does anyone know what it means to have large blood clots that are half tissue and half blood.... i am not prego...i amjust on my period and this is the first time that it has happen to me and right now i am scared.....
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever bled like a period during 1st trimester..ive been bleeding for 5 days..dr said its too early to determine supposed to have blood work done but the weather has interfered...soo im just waiting and worrying..could I be having a miscarriage..I told the dr how bad I was bleeding and that I was passing some clots but he said that it could be normal and didnt mean neccessarily that I was miscarrying..only my blood work would give the answers...
Avatar n tn i had my period for five days and it came back a day after with thick large bloobclotting
1069666 tn?1255243515 I'm 21 years old and I've been having blood clots with my period. When I was 13 I started out with a normal period but the next couple of years I started not having any that lasted till I was about 16, then it started with huge blood clots. Over the next couple of years I went to the doctors and they seem not to be able to help.
Avatar n tn I am 19 and have very bad blood clots when I have my period, sometimes the size of quaters. they cause really bad cramps to the point where its hard to go to work or even walk. should I go to the Dr or is this normal???
Avatar f tn Abnormal periods are cause enough to go to a gynecologist. There are several causes to this, like hormonal imbalances and things like polycystic ovary syndrome. The blood clots are probably not something that would cause too much concern, but I'd bring it up with your doctor either way. That said, be aware that in your period, you're not only shedding blood, but also the endometrium, which isn't so much the lining of your ovaries as it is the lining of your uterus.
Avatar f tn Hi.I'm 15 and I'm a virgin. I've been having regular periods through all these years but at the last week of this november i had my period and after a week I've been i having blood clots for almost a week.Should I concern?