Blood clots during period while on the pill

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Avatar f tn i have had my period since i was 11 and at 13 my mom put me on the pill...the dr recommended it.. researches have found that a woman who is on the pill and isnt bleeding as much AND has shorter periods as well as less a year, shows to minimize drastically chances of cancer within the reproductive organs. since being on the pill my periods would last about 7-9 days less cramping and less clots... and i just had a baby in sept 07 and my period has totally changed..
Avatar f tn i been having blood clots on my 1st day of my period of this month and i shake is that bad??
Avatar m tn While blood clots are a normal part of a heavier period, that size blood clots and that frequent passing of them is not normal nor is the length of your period. A period should only last up to 7 days, not longer. Your doctor will probably put you on birth control to regulate your periods, and that should make them lighter and a lot shorter (mine went from 7 days heavy with clots to 2-3 days medium flow and sometimes light).
Avatar f tn You took a morning-after pill not on the morning after, but once you noticed that your periods didn't come? That is not the kind of timing that would suggest it worked to prevent a pregnancy, but it certainly could have upset your uterine lining. A woman's periods are often kind of unusual after having had the massive hormone dose involved in a morning-after pill. This should have been clearly stated in the package insert. Don't be surprised by an unusual period after taking it.
Avatar f tn t researched it, but I almost remember something about smoking while taking the pill increases your risk of blood clots. (The pill increases your risk of clots some anyway, and the smoking makes it a higher least, I think that's what I remember.) But it wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor.
4351887 tn?1366655244 Through your entire period they say you bleed 1 TBSP of blood. UMM that never was the case for me. If you are having these big blood clots and lots of bleeding I would see your doctor or ask him/her to send you to a gynecologist. Are you saying this is your first period EVER and this is how much you have bled with the clots?
1069666 tn?1255243515 When I was 13 I started out with a normal period but the next couple of years I started not having any that lasted till I was about 16, then it started with huge blood clots. Over the next couple of years I went to the doctors and they seem not to be able to help.
Avatar f tn Yeah keep an I on it.
364288 tn?1300144506 It seems like since I got off the pill my periods are sometimes bad with clots. Not all the time but when I do get them they are small but I have bad cramps with them. Ugh! So anyone have this or heard if it's a bad sign when trying to have a baby? Thanks girls!!
Avatar n tn I am 19 and have very bad blood clots when I have my period, sometimes the size of quaters. they cause really bad cramps to the point where its hard to go to work or even walk. should I go to the Dr or is this normal???
Avatar f tn Then it turned bright red and was pretty normal, though slightly lighter then ususal and it lastest a pretty normal amount of days. Also had some dark red, blood clots amongst the blood. Plus when I uriniated (sorry for excess info) I had some either clots or the lining of my uterus in the toilet which was quite a bit if it was blood clots. I've heard lots of stories of women getting their period even when pregnant and I'm so confused.
Avatar n tn I have blood clots since my period started,(23 years ago) and I always thought it is normal for every one, but once I was chatting with my friends and discovered that I am the only one who suffer this. I have a 7 days period with blood clots on each and every day, and severe blood clots on the second and third day of my period. Is this normal? and does this affect if I want to be pregnant.
478225 tn?1208441156 I am the same age as u and my periods are irregular and i get bad stomach cramps a few days before period and whilst on my period and every period i pass blood clots quite big not as bad as yours and yes u can feel them passing and coming out! i wuldnt say its normal to pass blood clots the size u have described. and also weight gain can affect ur periods a lot and disrupt them as well it culd aslo be a sign of some other health problem, and takin the pill can change ur periods.
Avatar n tn I had a bath while I'm on my period, and almost like blood clots came out where floating. Is this something to be conserned about ?I'm really scared as I've never dealt with anything like this, they were round and circular with dark red blood. Is this normal? Please don't ignore it scaring.
Avatar n tn My pads only absorb blood about one day out of my period when the fluid is thin enough. Otherwise the clots just come out when I use the toilet. Is this normal? Anyone with experience with this?
Avatar f tn t usually get blood clots in my period at all, and as I was surprised to get my period as iv been on depo- provera I decided maybe I was unlucky enough to get it even though you usually don't (and I didn't the first time on this contraception). And it was such a heavy painful period so I sat down on the toilet for a while and passed a quite large blood clot, it was about 2cm wide and about 5cm long in a sort of c looking shape. I'm feeling a little worried, what could this mean?
284738 tn?1283106819 ” There is a third effect of the contraceptive pill. This effect is on the lining of the womb. What this does is to harden the lining of the womb—we say, make it hostile to implantation to this one-week-old embryo. If this is the function that prevents “pregnancy” that month, then it is implantation that is prevented. And this implantation, if prevented, kills a tiny one-week-old baby.
Avatar m tn i remember one month i took a bath and my period stopped for that month(and it was the first day or 2) so i was in pain all month and when it started again on the new cycle it was all in clots or something and it relieved so much pain so id be careful...
Avatar m tn Hello there, I've heard from more than one source that the bc pill Yaz also sold as Yasmin, same stuff, is dangerous. If Yaz is causing you to be depressed, with panic attacks and anxiety, I would suggest getting of Yaz altogether, with the help of your family doctor. Wouldn't even finish the end of the package of Yaz. I've heard it can cause blood clots. Seeing as you had unprotected sex with your boyfriend, this would be a good time for a doctor's visit. Good luck.
505857 tn?1329681517 Well, you do shed tissue when you have your period. And, you are on the pill now, so your body is adjusting. To be honest with you, I don't think that you had a miscarriage. A pregnancy test would have showed a positive, and for there to be "tissue" you would have had to be at least 6 weeks into the pregnancy. I miscarried during my 6th week, and trust me... it was not a comfortable thing. You would have known if you miscarried.
Avatar m tn ve heard that you can actually stop having your period the longer you stay on the pill. Is this true? I am on my period right now. Should I take a pregnancy test? Will the results be different? I do not want a kid right now! I have an appointment with my gyno next month but I'm not sure what I need to tell her. Maybe someone can help me or offer some advice. Please and thank you.
Avatar f tn Am I going to get period on the date that I normally would or will the taking the BC pill before my period slow it down? I don't have 21 day pills but 28, no placebo. Will I still get my period ?
Avatar f tn a period, that you get from the withdrawal of the hormones in the pill. Directions for what to do with a light or missed period while on the pill (from the Univ of Iowa OB/GYN website "IF YOU HAVE TAKEN ALL PILLS CORRECTLY and have a very light or miss a period, keep taking your pills. IF YOU MISS TWO PERIODS, in a row, call the clinic. IF YOU MISS ANY PILLS AND MISS A PERIOD, call the clinic.
1913857 tn?1322259956 He says that his second round inside me will get me pregnant even while on the pill. He said this had happened with his other girlfriend who he lived with years ago. The following week I got my period when I took the placebo pills and got my period although lighter then usual. So now end of the second week of the new pack I'm spotting bright red blood. I've bin more tired lately and a little nauseous. Little freaked out we are getting married in August.
Avatar n tn i went five days one month and five days the other month.... and i had blood clots in my period blood, and then the third month of it i didn't go..... until the 6'st month...... and then now im on my third period.... and theres still blood clots in my period blood.... is this normal? I want to know because, if it isn't, i want to know how to get rid of the blood clots...... But if anyone knows if this is normal or not let me know as soon as you can...... My email.....