Blood clots during period on birth control

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Avatar f tn besides why do you not want to put your 15 year old daughter on birth control... go look on the maternal forum and the pregnancy under 18.. you will see MANY 16 year olds it would be safer IF ever she were to engage in intercourse-if she hasnt already!
Avatar f tn I had the same problem at 13 and my mother took me to the doctor and ended up being put on birth control pills to help control my periods. Definitely call the doctor and have the problem examined. Best of luck honey!
Avatar m tn While blood clots are a normal part of a heavier period, that size blood clots and that frequent passing of them is not normal nor is the length of your period. A period should only last up to 7 days, not longer. Your doctor will probably put you on birth control to regulate your periods, and that should make them lighter and a lot shorter (mine went from 7 days heavy with clots to 2-3 days medium flow and sometimes light).
Avatar n tn But the big scare I have is when I take out my tampon, which I change about every hour to 2 hours, there are blood clots on it. Then when I am sitting on the toilet, more blood clots come out, and also when I wipe with toilet paper. They aren't HUGE like everyone else is saying, but they are bigger than a quarter, and it's never happened before & I started my period for the first time when I was 14. What should I do? Or is this all normal?
Avatar n tn I was just about to get out of the shower and looked down and saw something dark that looked like it might have been a blood clot, but I am not on my period. I don't start my period unitl January 1st. I have had one child and on birth control. Has this happened to anyone before?? I'm kind of worried!
Avatar n tn She has a blood clot in her upper arm/shoulder area, and a blood clot in each lung. The ONLY risk factor she has towards blood clots is that she is on birth control. She has been on Yasmin for around 4-5 months now (she was previously on orthotricyclin). My wife is 25 and a non-smoker. The doctors have told us that getting blood clots for someone my wife's age, with no other factors, is very rare. Has anyone else ever had this problem, or even heard of it?
Avatar f tn Is blood clots normal during a period? They are about the size of a sunflower seed or smaller, but a have quite a few of them. I usually will also have a list one the size of raisin.
Avatar n tn bleeding is normal but am having medium size blood clots.. i know blood clots are normal and every time i have blood clots.. but from thepast 3 monthsi am using krimson 35 for regular periods and stopped them last month.. and this month clots didnt stopped.. am not able to bear it and i have no pain and nothing.. just clots.. i want to stop it immedieatly because we are trying for children and so i dont want to use again contraceptive like krimson 35..
Avatar n tn My periods last 1 day with bleeding and then spotting for about 2 days. During the first day I pass blood clots about the quarter to a fifty cent piece. I have never had sex so I know it is nothing from that. I am 27 yrs old and that has been going on as long as I can remember. But am starting to have health problems. Everyone thinks I am stupid and the doctors look at me like I am crazy. I want to know is this something normal and could this effect my chances of having kids.
Avatar f tn and have caused women in my family to have to get total histerecamies(sp?) and two women in my family have died from a form or reproductive cancer. i was on birth control till recently. i first started taking birth control when i was 13 and my shool nurse told my mom to put me on it for my periods cuz i was constantly going home in severe pain so bad i was litterally crippled and couldnt mover and security had to lift me up and carry my to the nurses office many times.
Avatar f tn i had a twoonie sized white blood clot on the second day of my period. i am not breastfeeding. i am taking birth control and skipped my period three times in a row . should i be worried about the blood clot? is it a bad sign?
Avatar n tn I had them every month from when I started my period until I got on the pill. I don't have clots since being on the pill. They must be normal though 'cause I had them for about 8 years and everything is fine.
Avatar f tn I got my period this morning and i noticed that i have a lot of really big blood clots. The first few were just on my tampon when i took it out but then i had several large ones that when i took my tampon out the fell into the toilet. Ive never had this before. My medical history that has to do with my mentrual cycle is i have a history of ovarian cysts. None of them have been severe but have been painful to the point where they have landed me in the hospital.
6078091 tn?1379021260 The goal was to have a period every 3 months to avoid month migraines with my period. And during these three months I have experienced continuous bleeding. About two weeks ago I started taking Tri-Nessa and i still am bleeding. Although now I have unbearable cramping that I have never experienced, heavier bleeding than with the last 2 pills and twice now in the last 2 days these skin-like pieces are coming out of me. They're not blood clots. They're skin like and rubbery with blood on them.
Avatar n tn Hey...I was on yasmin birth control for almost 2 years, and smoked as well during that problems in that field, smoking can make anything worse but over a long period of time, not instantly.If you're over 35 it gets a bit tricky, but at 19 you shouldn't worry about it.I seriously have no idea, chemically speaking, if marihuana effects the pill, I would imagine not, otherwise we would have heard of it, wouldn't we?!?!
Avatar f tn I'm 19 years old and have been on birth control since I was 13 because of acne and heavy flow. I am sexually active with my boyfriend of 3 years, and even though I'm on birth control we use condoms most of the time. Two months ago I started a new birth control because I was low on funds and went to planned parenthood and got free birth control. The birth control that I was on before was Nortrel and the new birth control is Microgestin. My period is very regular and lasts between 4 and 6 days.
Avatar f tn I do have a small fibroid cyst on one of my ovaries. However, these past five months I have been on birth control and everything has been good. But I recently had my period and it was extremely painful and I passed a clot the size of a half dolloar that was comprised of very little bloody tissue and a lot of white tissue. I have never passed anything like this and I am not pregnant. Is it "normal" for white tissue to be passed during a period? Or should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I gave birth to my daughter seven weeks ago, so when I went for my check-up, I was discussing with my doctor the best method of birth control for myself. Because I am at risk for blood clots, the doctor was hesitant about putting me on the normal pill so she recommended a progestin-only form of birth control (normal birth control contains both progestin and estrogin).
Avatar f tn I am 35 & have been on a few differrent pills for about 12 years and was most satisfied with Alesse and then Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I switched to Yaz because the doc thought it would help with the extreme fatigue I experienced the week before my period. There was no other need for me to switch other than to combat that problem.
10484110 tn?1411180866 What are good methods of birth control? I dont want birth control pills because I am not good at taking daily medicine on time. Please help!
1454858 tn?1306787978 I'm getting mine tied there is birth control options but i get prego on all of them but when I'm not on them I struggle wow!
Avatar m tn I am 40 years old, and the week of Christmas found out i had two blood clots, one in my right lung, and one in my left leg. I am now on Coumadin. I have been on birth control since i was 20 and now, due to the clots, have been taken off. My husband and i do not have any children but now coming off the birth control for the rest of my life, i am wondering if i should try now and have a baby. I have heard alot of horror stories about being 40 and having a baby.
1182699 tn?1297578384 I know it's a heart forum, but my PCP has decided I need to be put on birth control to help regulate my hormones. I am completely against birth control and have not taken them in 18 years. I actually only took them between the birth of my first daughter and the pregnancy of my second. I am very concerned about the side effects which include blood clots, heart attack and stroke. With a skipping heart (PVC's, PAC's and tachy), I can't imagine this would be good to take.
Avatar f tn (size of a quarter) and this month i've been on my period for about 2 weeks. Now my blood clots are about the size of my palm. they are dark dark red and they come about every 2-3 hours.
Avatar f tn I had 7-day periods that were heavy with clots and debilitating cramps and lower back pains before getting on birth control. The birth control made my periods 2-3 days with light to moderate flow and few clots if any. I can now function rather than be forced to stay home from school or other activities due to my period.
Avatar n tn I would love to be back on pill if it was healthy but dr. has the usual concerns ( hormonal levels, blood clots etc...) I am thinkin about going back on cause I think it would be good for me, ANY THOUGHTS ????
Avatar f tn I got off of this pill because of side effects and went on Microgestin for 2 weeks and it made me so sick I had to stop it. I was off the pills from about December 9th-January 14th. I started my period on Jan 14th and decided to go back on Lo Loestrin Fe because it was better than Microgestin. My doctor gave me 4 sample months and I have never missed a pill. First pack I had a heavy period from Jan 14-20, then break through Jan 24-27 (2 days of heavy spotting, then light).
Avatar m tn Back in the late 1980s, my doctors gave me the go-ahead to go on birth control pills despite some earlier conflicting cardiac diagnoses. I was on them about 2 months when I had an episode. While standing, I lost vision, became very dizzy, nauseated, and sweaty, and almost fainted. Went to ER; they basically concluded that I may have had a TIA related to the BC and referred me to a cardiologist. The new cardiologist recommended I get off of BC pills and never go back on them.