Heavy period with large blood clots

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Avatar n tn Before I got on birth control, I had heavy periods with blood clots. Blood clots are a perfectly normal part of having a period. The lining of your uterus needs to be shed!
Avatar n tn i had my period for five days and it came back a day after with thick large bloobclotting
Avatar f tn does anyone know what it means to have large blood clots that are half tissue and half blood.... i am not prego...i amjust on my period and this is the first time that it has happen to me and right now i am scared.....
Avatar f tn Tuesday night, I started bleeding really heavy and passing large clots. These clots were a quarter size or larger, and this lasted all night Tuesday night. Wed. I stopped the heavy bleeding and begain to have the clear discharge mixed with a little blood again. I am now also having a lot of breast leakage!!! ??? I took a pregnancy test today to be on the safe side, and it was negative.
Avatar f tn Anyway, for as long as I can remember, my period blood has always been clumpy and clotted. The clots or whatever get rather large and it kind of freaks me out. Why is it like this? Is there something wrong with me?
Avatar f tn They have been very heavy to and i used to never have clots well today i thought my period was over because the bleeding was gone since yesterday but to my surprise i sat down to use the restroom and blood poured out of me and i passed a clot the size of the palm of your hand! This same thing happend to me not last month but the month before i thought it stopped than i passed one the size of an egg, what is going on can anyone tell me a friend of mine says its premenepause?
Avatar f tn t usually get blood clots in my period at all, and as I was surprised to get my period as iv been on depo- provera I decided maybe I was unlucky enough to get it even though you usually don't (and I didn't the first time on this contraception). And it was such a heavy painful period so I sat down on the toilet for a while and passed a quite large blood clot, it was about 2cm wide and about 5cm long in a sort of c looking shape. I'm feeling a little worried, what could this mean?
Avatar n tn Well I started my period 2 days ago and noticed it was heavy..I have since then seen 5-6 blood clots come out ... One the size of a loonie..Im starting to worrie again but I cant see my doc for another 2 months b/c they are soo full.. Does anyone know what is going on with me?..Am I just becoming a hypercondracte? Sorry about the spelling guys Im writing fast...
1941515 tn?1323894594 I have been on my period for 2 days now blood is running down my leg like every 20 mins I am changing my pad. I am bleeding really heavy and lots of cramps with back pain and large blood clots bigger than a half dollar do you know what is causing this?
Avatar f tn t stand them and I bleed a ton with really big blood clots!! Its scares me is this normal?! I get night sweats and get extremely bloated and exuasted to no end everyday.,.
Avatar n tn I have never had a regular period. I can easily go months without having one. My problem now is that I'm having a period that is ongoing. I'm about 15 days in with extremely heavy bleeding. I have to use an overnight pads so that I won't have to change every two hours. Along with the heavy bleeding I'm experiencing large clots. I do not know what to do. What could possibly be wrong?? Do I need to see a doctor? I have had periods like this before but not to this extreme.
Avatar f tn Well mine is slowing down now, cause on monday I thought I was gonna have to go to the er because I changed pads 15 times, with large blood clots every time I was goin to the bathroom, but now is slowing down
Avatar f tn I am a 44 year old woman who has never had a full pregnancy and I am now having horrible periods with very heavy bleeding for about 2 days with large heavy clots of blood and very sharp cramps, I have started taking birth control pills to help the bleeding but about two days into my period the heavy bleeding and sharp pains happen. what does it mean?
Avatar f tn m worried is since it coming back for the past 2 days, it been very heavy, I am passing huge black color blood clots (large one, very large). I do have blood clots but never I see this large before during my cycles in the past. Should I just wait couple more days and see? I really don't want to go to hospital, since I don't have health insurance to afford. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm just worried seeing the large blood clots.
688915 tn?1227320560 i've been having blood clots in my period i've been on for 2wks n 4 days now and sometimes my period does'nt come for two months straight i'm scared i dont no what to do i need help and sometimes i bleed very heavy while im on can someone help me wat should i do im a 19 yr old lookin for some answers
Avatar f tn i have my tubes tied and every month i have my period, i have large size blood clots passing thru. Is this normal and what are my chances of becoming pregnant?
Avatar m tn While blood clots are a normal part of a heavier period, that size blood clots and that frequent passing of them is not normal nor is the length of your period. A period should only last up to 7 days, not longer. Your doctor will probably put you on birth control to regulate your periods, and that should make them lighter and a lot shorter (mine went from 7 days heavy with clots to 2-3 days medium flow and sometimes light).
Avatar n tn I had large blood clots with my period as did my mother and as does my sister. Of course, with them came the horrible cramps, nausea, and other things for all seven days. I went to my doctor, and she put me on birth control. Things are definitely a lot better now, though I did eventually have to begin taking the pill so that I only have a period every four months. I'd recommend talking to your doctor because you shouldn't have to endure that.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 and for the past few years, I've had very heavy cycles with large blood clots. Sometimes I have to change my pads multiple times in an hour because the blood simply gushes. It's uncomfortable and makes it very difficult to leave the house since I do bleed through the pads and thus bleed through clothing very, very easily. The blood clots vary in size as well. Some are small, some are quite large. I'm not quite sure what I should do or what it could be?
Avatar f tn i understand that passing blood clots during menstruation is relatively normal however i passed a clot so large it woke me from a sound sleep. It was great than 2 inches in size. Is this normal? Please advise.
Avatar n tn I am 25 years old, with no kids. I have always had super super long periods. weeks. And now I am having another super heavy with giant blood clots period. (I've had my period for several months now, I can't remember when I didn't have it. It fluctuates in flow but I usually have to wear a tampon and an overnight pad.) What's wrong with me?
Avatar n tn I just found out I was in my first weeks of pregnancy yesterday, this morning I been bleeding not super heavy but period heavy and I had blood clots... what does that mean? I'm not miscarring right? Do I have to wait until the bleeding stops to take another pregnancy test to verify?
Avatar f tn Many women have clots in their menstrual blood from time to time. The clots may be bright red or dark in color. Often, these clots are shed on the heaviest days of bleeding. The presence of multiple clots in your flow may make your menstrual blood seem thick or denser than usual. Your body typically releases anticoagulants to keep menstrual blood from clotting as it's being released.