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Avatar n tn I need some clarification on birth control pills. If I take my pill the same time each night and never miss a pill what is the likelyhood of pregnancy occuring? Also, me and my husband only had sex a couple times last month :( and he never ejaculated inside me either time. Intercourse occured right after my last period and a week before this one was schedule to arrive. I am now currently late with this month's period.
Avatar f tn You already know it's possible If you miss your pill on a regular basis ,then it prob is not the contraception for you. Have a look at what other birth control to take.
Avatar f tn Question, sorry not pregnancy related really.. Can birth control delay your period?
Avatar n tn im on yaz birth control and im supposed to start my period on wednesday. i didnt start my period until saturday night and it was only a little spotting. i don't have any cramps. now its sunday and i woke up this morning and there wasn't much blood on the pad. i changed the pad and went to cleaning. i wasn't even 30 minutes later that i felt that my pad was over flowing. i went the the bathroom and my blood was black and looked like discharge. what could this mean??
473246 tn?1293837273 To all you ladies who have dealt with ovarian cysts, have you experienced a delayed period due to the cysts? I had one round of IUI with a BFN. When I went to the clinic to start the second round, I was told I had multiple cysts and would need to wait a month. So I have been waiting and just want this cycle to end! So now I am on cd27 with no sign of AF. I'm anxious to start my next cycle (and pray the cysts are gone) but was wondering if I can expect delays due to the cysts?
Avatar f tn What would anyone recommend to delay or induce period before then? Any particular BC brands? I am currently not on any pills...
5047208 tn?1366041774 Well im not sure but when i was on birth control it never did it to me..but since we all have different bodies it can delay it, come early, or sometimes not come.
Avatar n tn I tried to delay my period with birth control after I had already been on it for a couple months. Didn't work at all - I ended up having my period for the entire month including the time I wanted it to be gone. Don't take birth control if you're pregnant!!
Avatar n tn Hi all, I stopped taking birth control last month do to high blood pressure. After stopping, I spotbled for 2 weeks. Since then, I haven`t had a normal period. I`ve taken 2 home pregnancy tests that were negative. We arn`t ready for another baby!! Our current baby is only 9 mos.! Has anyone else had spotbleeding and a delay in period after stopping Orth Tri-Cyclen?? Thanks....
Avatar m tn I started birth control pills in May to delay my period for a vacation at the end of June. When I was supposed to get my period (June 26), I started a new pack of pills just for a couple of days to delay my period while on vacation. I took the new pills June 26, 27, and 28. Then, June 29, I didn't take a pill and got my period until July 4. I stopped taking pills altogether at this point. I ovulated July 15.
1103038 tn?1449653920 Hello, If you wish to get pregnant after 1 year, then birth control pills should be fine with you. Avoid any depo shots which delay your periods by 12- 18 months. You can also opt for condoms because apart from being contraceptive they protect from STD’s also. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar m tn If anything, it will help with your cramps. Unfortunately, the only way to delay/skip a period is if your doctor has you on birth control for that purpose.
Avatar m tn Hi there, It is recommended to have at least one normal period prior to conceiving in order to estimate your ovulation cycle after cessation of birth control pills. After stopping pills a short delay may occur before ovulation resumes. Depending on the type of birth control pill you are on, your ovulation cycle may resume quickly or delay for some time .It is possible for your period to be delayed after stopping the pill, which may impact your ovulation and ability to conceive.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Brown vaginal discharge is often associated with old endometrial tissues. If a woman has late periods she may get a brown discharge. Other conditions causing brown discharge are infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, genital warts, gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Cervical cancer is another serious but rare cause of brown prolonged vaginal discharge. Routine pelvic exams will help to identify these infections .
Avatar n tn She tried in the past and could not get them to feel comfortable. She used birth control pills to delay her period last summer for a special vacation celebration, but she developed elevated blood pressure while using them, so that is not an option. Do you have any other suggestions, so that we can all enjoy swimming on vacation? Thanks very much.
Avatar n tn you run the risk of getting your period for a long time and even during your "plans" messing with birth control to skip a period is not always going to work the way you plan. i "skiped" some when i was going on vacation and was going to be in the poll and out tanning.
Avatar f tn I used emergency birth control pills Contraceptive HD (OVOCEPT - HD). I used 2 pills within 24 hours after sex and 12 hours later used 2 pills again. I wanted to know when I will become period? and in emergency way that is just this 2 times? I am really worried please answer me.
Avatar f tn There is a chance you can be pregnant while using birth control but it's very, very slim as long as it didn't break, there were no holes, and it was used properly. I'm sure you'll be just fine! Don't stress over it, because that can delay your period. Maybe think about going to a free clinic and getting some pills or a different back up method of birth control as well as condoms so you don't have to worry, good luck!
Avatar f tn I want to try a different form of birth control, not Mirena, it did the same thing to me. I would like something that increases my sex drive and has low side effects. Can someone please recomend a birth control that I would fall in love with. Even websites would be helpful. Thank You.
Avatar n tn I think the delay of period/bloating has to do with the swapping of birth control prescriptions. However, I am not entirely sure as to why she hasn't gotten her period yet. What do you think?
Avatar n tn Is it normal to miss your period even when you are on Birth Control? I lost pill number 17, but didn't have sex that day. I took pill number 18 and had sex about 10 hours later and took pill number 19 at the same time as the day before(1pm) and had sex afterwards. Does losing a pill interfere with the WHOLE month cycle?
Avatar n tn First of all, is she on birth control? Second, if you're having unprotected sex even if you're not coming inside her, her chances of being pregnant are still great. Pre-*** and all. Ask her if she'd be comfortable taking a pregnancy test, or if she starts feeling extremely sick, that would be a key sign.
Avatar f tn Would starting birth control for one month be enough to skip my period? I have also heard of people using Aygestin to delay periods. Is effective? If so, what is the typical dosage?
Avatar n tn The only way is with the pill but I would think that you would have to start taking it now.
Avatar f tn Just say "Hey mom, I heard birth control regulates periods. I'd like to get on it because my period is always irregular." But her being mommy dearest will probably believe you're having sex and she'll probably appreciate you're trying to be safe so she'll probably go through with it.
Avatar n tn I have posted about this problem of mine a week ago, but I really didn't get many great answers because the post ended up starting a fight on there between other people, so here I go again... I am almost 2 weeks late for my period. I have been on birth control pills since June of last year and they have never caused any problems or anything. I also make sure I take them on time.