Spotting between periods cramps

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11403762 tn?1417928078 Not taking a pill either.
Avatar f tn I am a 20-year-old female. About 7 months ago, I began spotting between periods. It would happen once or twice a month, in the middle of my menstrual cycle, and would last 2-3 days. The blood was light brown in color. After this happened a couple times, I went to see a gynecologist. When I described it to her, she said it was normal and that it was because I was ovulating, and that it may have been caused by stress.
Avatar f tn sometimes occurs days before ovulation, sometimes after). It is heavier than the light, brown spotting I have experienced between periods in the past, but not as heavy as a period. An ultrasound and a blood test showed no worrying results, I am not pregnant or on the pill, and the gynecologist I visited dismissed it as stress (I have in recent months moved to a new country with a different language).
Avatar f tn I am 28 years old and stopped taking bc pills in Feb 07 after being on them for over 10 years. I n april i started spotting(with minor cramps) in between periods mostly brown like. It doesnt happen every month but when it does it lasts anywhere from 1-3 days. I have been back to gyno numerous times with no diagnosis on what it could be. I was worked up for pelvic ultrasound, where they found a very small fibroid 1/8cm, but my doc does not feel it is from this.
Avatar n tn It can also be ovulation bleeding I've read that some women have ovulation spotting/bleeding and cramps for a few days. Or it could just be breakthrough bleeding. How long did your spotting occur? Good Luck !!!
Avatar n tn Hello, Intermenstrual spotting may be due to many causes. If it was after intercourse or masturbation then chances of genital infection or cervical polyps are there.They are tiny, harmless growths on the outer surface of the cervix and can bleed after intense sexual intercourse.Stress and anxiety can also cause intermenstrual bleeding. Other causes may be uterine fibroids,miscarriage after a pregnancy, fluctuation in hormone levels, use of anticoagulant drugs and hypothyroidism.
3233839 tn?1346539588 I have been wearing a pad just so my underwear is clean and I never get cramps with my periods at all and I have had bad abdominal pain the past few days. I am a little bit bloated. When I get my period I am really heavy like two pads. But I am being really light and it only lasted like twe/three days. My periods usually last between 5 and 7 days depending on if I am under stress or what not.
653388 tn?1227907736 Well, kinda embarassing, but i just went to the washroom n noticed that i have really light spotting. I'm at day 14 in my cycle, so i was just wondering if it could be associated with ovulating. I haven't had sex since june n as far as i no i had my last period, though it was lighter than normal, and i took a test the day after my period was due last time cause i was late, but then i thought i got it. sory if im rambling but i was just wondering if anyone has heard of bleeding wen ovulating...
Avatar m tn In addition, I have been spotting between periods. It is almost like the start or end of a period. It lasts a few days and goes away. Just a few disclaimers: I am not on any birth control, have not had any unprotected sex (only sex with one partner whom I have been with for years- we have both been tested), and I do not have an exuberant amount of stress in my life to cause a sudden change in my cycle.
Avatar n tn what is the deal with long times between periods? said i ovulated on 20 buut i should have o on 4 or 5 because my last af was dec. 17 - 23.
Avatar f tn I am supposed to start my period in a about four or five days, however I am not on my placebo pills yet, so I am concerned. Am I miscarrying? I have had spotting between periods before, however they have never lasted this long, or have I had cramps with them, so I am really concerned...
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing unusual periods and spotting in between periods for the last year and a half. I am currently bleeding and have been doing so for over a month now from very heavy to just a little. I've seen my doc about this many times and he recently put my on birth control. (3 weeks ago) This last week I had extreme cramping which on a scale of 1-10 for pain it was a 10!! So now my doc took me off of birth control and is sending me to a specialist (gynecologist).
53833 tn?1235000229 What you're describing is very similar to what I experienced just prior to my FINAL period three years ago. Yes, periods can come every two weeks. The intervals between periods can be long or short. Basically, the cycle becomes really unpredictable and irregular before it ends completely. Not fun, since it seems like you have to carry tampons or napkins/panty liners with you ALL THE TIME, not knowing when it could sneak up on you again.
Avatar f tn I'm a 39 year old woman with irregular periods who's about to contact a doctor about the issue but I would like to know what kinds of treatments are available before I go so I know what to expect. I have had irregular periods for several years. Issues like missed periods, spotting instead of regular menstrual flow, sometimes I get cramps but no blood, sometimes I get a slightly heavier discharge instead of blood, sometimes a small flow.
667409 tn?1309155783 Nothing until last night...then some more spotting. Now, today, I'm having VERY painful cramps (which is unusual for me) and my flow is normal. What to make of this? Or is it simply that I'm still fairly "postpartum". Sometimes I forget that even though I don't have my sweet baby anymore, my body doesn't know that, so it could just be that everything if going back to normal after having a baby.
Avatar n tn Hello, i'm very confused my last period was on the 16th Novemeber, very normal lasted 5 days. Now on the 26th i have been feeling cramps and spotting light blood. This happened last mouth also, period was on the 14th normal 4-5 days, then spotting about a week later. last had intercourse on the 20th. My brest are a little tendor, but normal for periods right.?
582963 tn?1483456120 Before my surgery I had 3-4day heavy periods with severe cramps....Since my surgery I have had about 3 day periods and in April I had about a 2day period and then in May I had a 1 day period.......with spotting........I guess I am just scared to admitt that I just may be preggo this go round although I have no other symptoms.......Although I really want to be preggo I just hate to take a test and it proves me wrong!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me the difference between spotting and your actual period. Im so confused I cant tell which is which??
117065 tn?1280878007 of 05 I had a very early m/c, and after that I started spotting from a day or so after 0 until my af arrived, would stop for about 7-10 days and than as soon as I O'd I would start spotting agian. I went through this for a few months, and had a SHG (sonohystogram) and HSG (hystosalpingogram) and both were normal. Well, I had my third miscarrige in June of this year, and have had the same problem.